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Star Dash

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Artwork portraying Kirby using a Star Dash.

A Star Dash is a move that Kirby can perform in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It causes him to briefly grow in size, then propel forward at great speed, crashing through enemies and metal blocks in the way. The dash lasts for a few seconds, and can be steered using the Rainbow Rope. Star Dashes can be used to defeat certain enemies that are resistant to a regular Touch Dash, including Cotta Knight and Bronto Knight.

Using a Star Dash allows Kirby to deal even more damage to most bosses in the game, unlike with a Touch Dash. However, there are circumstances where the boss may protect itself with a metallic layer or shield, such as the rematch with Whispy Woods in Blue Sky Palace and both battles against Hooplagoon (as one of his shields is made of metal). Such cases require the usage of a Star Dash instead to damage the boss on those spots, as regular Touch Dashes do not work.

Waddle Dees are capable of performing a variation of the Star Dash as well during multiplayer. This visually powers up their spears when attacking, allowing the Waddle Dees to break metal blocks and pierce through enemies that may otherwise require use of this move to defeat.

To perform this move, 100 Point Stars must first be collected. Additionally, using a Kirby amiibo (including its corresponding Super Smash Bros. series counterpart) allows Kirby to perform infinite Star Dashes in a given stage, once per day.


The Star Dash takes on a few different variations when used under different Kirby transformations. Some of these variations can also be used by the Waddle Dees for as long as they are present with Kirby while in stages that utilize such. They are as follows:

Star Dash variations with transformations in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse  
Transformation Description
KatRC Mega Kirby Tank Artwork.png
Kirby Tank
Kirby Tank undergoes secondary transformations, giving it more cannons which can fire powerful shots capable of piercing through metal blocks. It is activated when holding the stylus at any given point on the touch screen of the Wii U GamePad.
  • There are three levels of charge, which allow Kirby to fire three, four, or eight cannonball shots depending on how long it is charged. The reticle transforms to indicate this, in addition to slightly changing the appearance of Kirby Tank per level.
  • Kirby Tank's appearance when using this move at the highest level of charge is known as the "Mega Kirby Tank", and even has its own Figurine.
  • Any Waddle Dees present can also use this move under similar circumstances during sections with the Kirby Tank transformation - the first Waddle Dee to use this move will have their own cannon transform into a gatling gun which fires a similar barrage of cannonballs.
Kirby Submarine.png
Kirby Submarine
Kirby Submarine launches a big torpedo, known as the "Star Torpedo". This Star Torpedo is able to defeat several enemies and puncture through metal blocks without exploding immediately. Naturally, it can be directed using Rainbow Ropes, and can even bounce off walls and linger for about 10 seconds before exploding.
  • Any Waddle Dees present in a Kirby Submarine section can also use this move, launching a Star Torpedo that corresponds to the color of the one that used said move.
Kirby Rocket.png
Kirby Rocket
Kirby Rocket's Star Dash is largely similar to its original counterpart, giving him a big speed boost that plows through enemies and metal blocks.
  • This is the only variation of this move that cannot be used by the Waddle Dees, as they are not physically present throughout sections with the Kirby Rocket transformation.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Sternspurt Star sprint
Polish Star Dash[1] -

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