Space Land

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Space Land
Space Land Preview.png
Preview image for Space Land.
Stages -Future City
-Tube Town
-Mysterious UFO
-Stellar Way
-Meta Knight (boss)
-Moon Base (EX)
-Outer Rings (EX)
Boss Meta Knight
Previous Land Snow Land
Next Land Dream Land
Theme Music

Space Land Soundtrack

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Space Land is the seventh and final level in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn, accessible after defeating King Dedede in Snow Land. This level carries a heavy outer space theme, along with futuristic and alien structures. The boss of this level is Meta Knight, under the control of Yin-Yarn. Defeating him grants the final strand of Magic Yarn and then leads into the final level of the game, Dream Land.



  • Plug Patch
  • Radio Waves Patch
  • Twinkling Star Patch
  • Switch Patch
  • Satellite Patch
  • Shooting Star Patch
A wide view of the completed Space Land area.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペースランド
Supēsu Rando
Space Land
Regions in Patch Land
Quilty SquareSpace LandGrass LandHot LandTreat LandWater LandSnow LandKEYQuiltMap.png
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