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Space Land

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Space Land
KEY Space Land Preview screenshot.png
Preview image for Space Land.
Stages -Future City
-Tube Town
-Mysterious UFO
-Stellar Way
-Meta Knight (boss)
-Moon Base (EX)
-Outer Rings (EX)
Boss Meta Knight
Theme Music
Land order
Snow Land Dream Land
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Space Land is the seventh level in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, accessible after defeating King Dedede in Snow Land. This level carries a heavy outer space theme, along with futuristic and alien structures. The boss of this level is Meta Knight, under the control of Yin-Yarn. Defeating him grants the final strand of Magic Yarn and then leads into the final level of the game, Dream Land.


Stage Treasures How to unlock
KEY Future City Preview screenshot.png
Future City
Defeating King Dedede
KEY Tube Town Preview screenshot.png
Tube Town
Using the Plug Patch
KEY Mysterious UFO Preview screenshot.jpg
Mysterious UFO
Using the Radio Waves Patch
KEY Stellar Way Preview screenshot.png
Stellar Way
Using the Twinkling Star Patch
KEY Meta Knight Preview.png
Meta Knight (Boss)
Using the Switch Patch
KEY Moon Base Preview screenshot.png
Moon Base
Using the Satellite Patch
KEY Outer Rings Preview screenshot.png
Outer Rings
Using the Shooting Star Patch


Patch Found in Unlocks Unlock Requirements Animation
KEY Plug Patch.jpg
Plug Patch
Future City Tube Town Complete Future City. Tossing the patch causes the futuristic TV set to activate and start producing a pulsating wave platform. The door to the stage then opens.
KEY Radio Waves Patch.jpg
Radio Waves Patch
Tube Town Mysterious UFO Complete Tube Town. Tossing the patch causes the satellite TV to start emitting radio signals, which causes a UFO up above to fly down, pulling the fabric of space along with it. Two more UFOs join it as they start sending down tractor beams and the door on the main UFO opens.
KEY Twinkling Star Patch.jpg
Twinkling Star Patch
Mysterious UFO Stellar Way Complete Mysterious UFO. Tossing the patch causes a large star to appear which weaves a constellation above the UFOs. After this is done, the door above will open.
KEY Switch Patch.jpg
Switch Patch
Stellar Way Meta Knight Complete Stellar Way. Tossing the patch activates the fortress in the middle of the map, turning on the lights and causing the door to open.
KEY Satellite Patch.jpg
Satellite Patch
Meta Knight Moon Base Defeat Meta Knight with enough beads to obtain this patch. Tossing the patch causes a satellite to appear around the moon wrapped in yarn. The satellite then starts siphoning the yarn away from the moon and wrapping it around itself. Once this is finished, the satellite starts orbiting the moon as the door opens.
KEY Shooting Star Patch.jpg
Shooting Star Patch
Moon Base Outer Rings Complete Moon Base. Tossing the patch causes a shooting star to appear in the vicinity of a planet with an alien on top using a hula-hoop. The star flies at the alien, knocking it off-kilter and causing its hoop to fall and enlarge, becoming rings for the planet as the alien falls off of it. After this, the door opens.
A wide view of the completed Space Land area

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペースランド
Supēsu Rando
Space Land
Canadian French Coin cosmos Cosmos spot
European French Contrée spatiale Spatial land
German Kosmoland Cosmos Land
Italian Toppa Cosmica Cosmical Patch
Korean 스페이스 랜드
seupeiseu laendeu
Space Land
Latin American Spanish Cosmolandia Cosmos Land
European Spanish Cosmicia Cosmos Land
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