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Dream Land (Kirby's Epic Yarn)

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Dream Land
KEY Dream Land Preview screenshot.png
Preview image for Dream Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Stages -Whispy's Forest
-Tempest Towers
-Cloud Palace
-Castle Dedede
-Yin-Yarn (boss)
-Meta Melon Isle (EX)
-Battleship Halberd (EX)
Boss Yin-Yarn
Theme Music

Land order
Space Land Last Land
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Dream Land is the final level of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Kirby and Prince Fluff travel to Dream Land by means of the Magic Sock, which had its power restored to it after Patch Land was completely stitched back together again. Dream Land consists of seven stages, with one of those being the boss fight against Yin-Yarn, and two being extra stages unlocked after the main level is completed.


In Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn, Yin-Yarn turns Dream Land and its citizens into yarn. Once this level is available, Kirby can travel between Dream Land and Patch Land by means of the Magic Sock. The levels of Dream Land are very reminiscent of the original Kirby games, as many of them are familiar locales, only in yarn form. For example, Whispy's Forest resembles Green Greens, and Tempest Towers resembles Butter Building. The theme music in these levels are also covers of classic Kirby songs. These include the Gourmet Race music, the Ice Cream Island music, and the Halberd music.


Name Image How to unlock
Whispy's Forest KEY Whispy's Forest Preview screenshot.png Defeating Meta Knight
Tempest Towers KEY Tempest Towers Preview screenshot.png Using the Crank Handle Patch
Cloud Palace KEY Cloud Palace Preview screenshot.png Using the Pinwheel Patch
Castle Dedede KEY Castle Dedede Preview.png Using the Boxing Glove Patch
Yin-Yarn (Final Boss) KEY Yin-Yarn Preview screenshot.png Using the Bells of Joy Patch
Meta Melon Isle KEY Meta Melon Isle Preview screenshot.png Using the Baseball Bat Patch
Battleship Halberd KEY Battleship Halberd Preview.png Using the Galaxia Sword Patch


Name Image Found in Unlocks Unlock Requirements Animation
Crank Handle Patch KEY Crank Handle Patch.jpg Whispy's Forest Tempest Towers Complete Whispy's Forest. Upon throwing the patch, a Waddle Dee appears from behind the hill and inserts a crank handle into the wall. He cranks it, causing the hill to reupholster into a tower, and some steps to appear from the floor. This done, the Waddle Dee walks back behind the hill with the crank handle and the door opens.
Pinwheel Patch KEY Pinwheel Patch.jpg Tempest Towers Cloud Palace Complete Tempest Towers. Upon throwing the patch, a Waddle Dee appears floating in the air with a pinwheel. Suddenly, a huge windstorm occurs and blows the Waddle Dee away. The storm creates a cloud palace in the air and dissipates, then the door opens.
Boxing Glove Patch KEY Boxing Glove Patch.jpg Cloud Palace Castle Dedede Complete Cloud Palace. Upon throwing the patch, the castle gains huge arms with boxing gloves on them, which it uses to punch the ground twice, causing stars to fly upward. After striking a pose, the arms on the castle disintegrate, then weave into stars to turn into a red drape under the castle. At this point, the door opens.
Bells of Joy Patch KEY Bells of Joy Patch.jpg Castle Dedede Yin-Yarn Complete Castle Dedede. Upon throwing the patch, a large golden bell appears which starts ringing. At this, Yin-Yarn appears and destroys the bell, then enshrouds the land in darkness. He vanishes into the door to his fight, leaving behind a sickly-looking yarn aura around it.
Baseball Bat Patch KEY Baseball Bat Patch.jpg Yin-Yarn Meta Melon Isle Defeat Yin-Yarn with enough beads to earn this patch. Upon throwing the patch, a Waddle Dee appears with a giant baseball bat, and swipes it at the watermelon. This causes the watermelon to split in half, with the upper half turning into water. From here, the Waddle Dee jumps on the melon, then slides off, causing it to spin over so the water half aligns with the water in the background. At this point, some palm trees sprout on the melon and the door opens.
Galaxia Sword Patch KEY Galaxia Sword Patch.jpg Meta Melon Isle Battleship Halberd Complete Meta Melon Isle. Upon throwing the patch, a replica of the Galaxia appears and swipes several times through the clouds, then vanishes. This done, the clouds disperse and the Halberd flies into position. It then activates its wings and thrusters, prompting the door to open.
A wide view of the completed Dream Land area

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プププランド
Pupupu Land
French Dream Land -
German Dream Land -
Italian Dream Land -
Korean 푸푸푸랜드
Pupupu Land
Spanish Dream Land -