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Gondola Ride

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Gondola Ride

KatRC Gondola Ride select.png

KatRC 5-2 Gondola Ride Stage Select JP.jpg

Gondola Ride stage selection screen
Host level Orange Woodland
Stage number 2
Treasures Mountain Stage Track
Treasure Found Figurine
Grab Hand Figurine
Coo's Theme Track
Gondola Bzztbulb Figurine
Theme music

Clips of both songs that play in Gondola Ride. The latter plays in the second half of the stage.

Level progression
Woodland Battle Deep-Divin' Kirby Submarine
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Gondola Ride, known as Gondola Journey in the British English version, is the second stage of the level Orange Woodland in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby makes use of Gondolas to ride through the various wooded areas, crossing several bottomless pits and avoiding enemies on and around the lines in the process.

Completing the stage unlocks Deep-Divin' Kirby Submarine.


The stage begins in a small set of interior rooms where the player is wordlessly instructed on how to operate Gondolas. Once basic competency is achieved, Kirby is ferried off to the next area.

The next area is a wider space out in the open, where the gondola lines start to get more complicated, and Gray Zones are thrown into the mix. Regardless, there is not much danger here, and gondola-driving skills can be honed further without too much anxiety. On the way to the right, a treasure chest can be picked up before leaving this area.

The following region is a vertical ascent up a hollow tree trunk that does not involve riding any gondolas. Kirby will need to deal with some Bzztbulbs in this area, and can also pick up another chest along the way if he can find it. The door forward is up at the top.

This next region is where things get a little more dangerous. Kirby now has to ride a gondola over a wide bottomless pit. As he does this, he will need to occasionally switch lines to avoid hazards like buzz saws and collect Point Stars. Ahead, some lasers will need to be blocked to allow Kirby safe passage. The way forward becomes more complicated still, with many parallel lines to jump between. Near the end, a separate line can be ridden to reach an optional area up above where a large Point Star on a balloon can be collected. Back down on the main path, the door forward is just ahead.

Kirby finds himself in a tight passageway, where he can ride another gondola after solving a marble switch puzzle. While riding this gondola, the third treasure chest can be obtained by solving a series of puzzles. After this, digging out some soft clay will reveal a door to a challenge room and a Launch Cannon that will take Kirby to the next zone.

Kirby lands in a deep passageway, where a giant buzz saw will start chasing him. Kirby needs to keep ahead by busting through the blocks in the way. From here, he can hop on another gondola and ride it to the end of the stage, passing by the last treasure chest as he does so. After this, the roulette wheel awaits.

Treasure guide[edit]

All five treasures in 5-2 Gondola Ride.
Treasure Chest locations in Gondola Ride  
Treasure How to reach
KatRC Gondola Ride Treasure 1.png
Treasure 1: Mountain Stage Track
In the second area of the stage, this chest can be found near the door forward, attached to a gondola line. When Kirby approaches it, it will ride the line upward and stay in a high niche behind a Gray Zone. Kirby can reach the chest using a Star Dash.
KatRC Gondola Ride Treasure 2.png
Treasure 2: Treasure Found Figurine
Just past the Gondola Bzztbulb, this chest can be found in a hidden chamber on the left behind some metal blocks. A Star Dash is needed to get in.
KatRC Gondola Ride Treasure 3.png
Treasure 3: Grab Hand Figurine
Obtaining this chest is a fairly complicated process, performed while Kirby is riding a gondola. First, a marble needs to be moved to hit a switch, allowing the chest to fall down until it hits another set of shutters. From there, two more marbles need to be guided to switches to open these shutters. Lastly, some soft clay needs to be dug out underneath the chest to allow it to fall the rest of the way down, to an area where Kirby can pick it up.
KatRC Gondola Ride Treasure 4.png
Treasure 4: Coo's Theme Track
Just after the third chest's pickup point, a door to a challenge room can be accessed by digging it out of some soft clay. In this room, Kirby has 15 seconds to launch himself up past a Gray Zone to get into a gondola, then ride it to the chest.
KatRC Gondola Ride Treasure 5.png
Treasure 5: Gondola Bzztbulb Figurine
In the last area, this chest can be obtained at the termination point of a gondola line. Kirby will have to swoop near the abyss below to get it.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Bzztbulb.png Bzztbulb
KatRC Gondola Bzztbulb.png Gondola Bzztbulb


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴンドラドライブ
Gondora Doraibu
Gondola Drive
Canadian French Voyage en gondole Trip in gondola
European French Voyage en nacelle Trip in gondola
German Fahrt in der Gondel Ride in the gondola
Italian A spasso in funivia A ride in the cable car
Spanish Viaje en barca oscilante Ride on a swinging boat