Whispy's Forest

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Whispy's Forest
Whispy's Forest Preview.png
The preview image for Whispy's Forest.
Treasures -Whispy Woods
-Apple Table
-Green Greens Soundtrack
Mid-boss(es) Whispy Woods
Metamortex Transformation(s) Tankbot
Devil(s) (Devilish Mode) Me-Devil
Previous Stage Outer Rings
Next Stage Tempest Towers
Theme Music

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This article is about the stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn. For the place in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, see Whispy Woods Forest.

Whispy's Forest is the first stage of Dream Land in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn, unlocked by defeating Meta Knight in Space Land and obtaining the final piece of Magic Yarn. This stage is a romp through a yarnified area similar in layout and look to Green Greens from Kirby's Dream Land, ending with a Tankbot fight against Whispy Woods. Completing this stage grants the Crank Handle Patch, used to unlock Tempest Towers.


This is one of the longer stages in the game, taking place across several wide areas separated by doorways, some of which act as warps. The stage begins out in an open grassy field, where Kirby will have to contend with the usual array of enemies, as well as destroying Star Blocks and Bomb Block formations. As Kirby cannot Inhale or shoot Air Bullets, he will need to break these blocks by throwing yarn balls at them or using the Weight transformation from above. After getting through the plains, Kirby then travels through an underground deep forest section, where the floor gets a little more perilous. After this, Kirby passes through some wooden tunnels, then accesses the interior of a log with decks leading upward. Near the end of this particular path, Kirby will need to make use of a couple Twiggy Woods as platforms.

Metamortex Stretch[edit]

Tankbot Kirby battles Whispy Woods

After passing through all of the previous areas, Kirby can grab a Metamortex and transform into the Tankbot. From here, he will need to progress to the right, firing at several Bronto Burts with missiles, Ookis with Apples, and rampaging Grizzos. At the end of this path, Kirby descends down some familiar log platforms and then encounters Whispy Woods. Kirby has to battle this stubborn tree in order to progress past the Reel Gate and complete the stage.

Medal Bead Scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 900 points
  • Silver - 1800 points
  • Gold - 2700 points


Enemies Mid-Bosses


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Canadian French Forêt de Whispy Whispy's Forest

Video Walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Whispy's Forest.