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Hot Land

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Hot Land
KEY Hot Land Preview screenshot.png
Preview image for Hot Land.
Stages -Pyramid Sands
-Lava Landing
-Cool Cave
-Dino Jungle
-Hot Wings (boss)
-Temper Temple (EX)
-Dusk Dunes (EX)
Boss Hot Wings
Theme Music

Land order
Grass Land Treat Land
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Hot Land is the third level of Patch Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Hot Land is most likely based on the continent of Africa; featuring mostly desert-themed levels with Egyptian-styled architecture, and features other diverse environments such as volcanoes, caves and jungles. The boss of Hot Land is Hot Wings.


Name Image How to unlock
Pyramid Sands KEY Pyramid Sands Preview screenshot.png Defeating Fangora
Lava Landing KEY Lava Landing Preview screenshot.png Using the Magic Lamp Patch
Cool Cave KEY Cool Cave Preview screenshot.png Using the Boxing Bell Patch
Dino Jungle KEY Dino Jungle Preview screenshot.png Using the Torch Patch
Hot Wings (Boss) KEY Hot Wings Preview screenshot.png Using the Pepper Patch
Temper Temple KEY Temper Temple Preview screenshot.jpg Using the Hourglass Patch
Dusk Dunes KEY Dusk Dunes Preview screenshot.png Using the Candle Patch


Name Image Found in Unlocks Unlock Requirements Animation
Magic Lamp Patch KEY Magic Lamp Patch.jpg Pyramid Sands Lava Landing Complete Pyramid Sands. Upon tossing the patch, a magic lamp appears, from which a large djinni emerges. The djinni draws in breath and blows toward the carpet, causing it to unfurl somewhat, then the djinni disappears. The door to Lava Landing opens after this point.
Boxing Bell Patch KEY Boxing Bell Patch.jpg Lava Landing Cool Cave Complete Lava Landing. Upon tossing the patch, a boxing bell appears, then rings, causing another djinni to appear, but this one has a stockier appearance and boxing gloves. It punches the carpet, causing it to unfurl the rest of the way before the boxing djinni disappears. In the newly revealed area, a door opens to Cool Cave.
Torch Patch KEY Torch Patch.jpg Cool Cave Dino Jungle Complete Cool Cave. Upon tossing the patch, a fire is started under a large bone-in chunk of meat to cook it. Once cooked, a dinosaur wakes up, smelling the meat. After eating the meat, the door is revealed on the leftover bone which opens to reveal Dino Jungle.
Pepper Patch KEY Pepper Patch.jpg Dino Jungle Hot Wings Complete Dino Jungle. Tossing this patch causes a pepper to appear inside the 'mouth' of an anthropomorphized volcano, which results in the volcano getting really hot and erupting. The eruption results on an ominous red glow in the shape of a bird to appear over the volcano, and the door to Hot Wings to be opened.
Hourglass Patch KEY Hourglass Patch.jpg Hot Wings Temper Temple Defeat Hot Wings with enough beads to unlock the patch. Throwing this patch causes a large hourglass to form, which then become filled with sand. When it turns over, the sand fills a pyramid in the background to give it color. After this, the hourglass disappears, and the door to Temper Temple opens.
Candle Patch KEY Candle Patch.jpg Temper Temple Dusk Dunes Complete Temper Temple. After throwing the patch, a candle appears which lights a fuse going into a box. Once the fuse burns out, fireworks shoot from the box, clearing the clouds above away. The clouds are then replaced by a gloomy haze as the door to Dusk Dunes opens.
A wide view of the completed Hot Land area


  • The main motif of Hot Land's area select is that of an unfurling carpet.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホットランド
Hotto Rando
Hot Land
Canadian French Coin chaleur Heat spot
European French Contrée du feu Fire land
German Hitzland Heat Land
Italian Toppa Ardente Blazing Patch
Korean 화염 랜드
hwayeom laendeu
Flame Land
Latin American Spanish Calorlandia Heat Land
European Spanish Aridia Arid Land
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