Hot Land

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Hot Land
Hot Land Map.jpg
A wide view of the completed Hot Land area.
Stages -Pyramid Sands
-Lava Landing
-Cool Cave
-Dino Jungle
-Hot Wings (boss)
-Temper Temple (EX)
-Dusk Dunes (EX)
Boss Hot Wings
Previous Land Grass Land
Next Land Treat Land
Theme Music

Hot Land Soundtrack

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Hot Land is the third level of Patch Land in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn. The level is mostly desert-themed but features other environments as well; such as volcanoes, caves and jungles. The Boss of Hot Land is Hot Wings.


Area Patches

  • Magic Lamp Patch
  • Boxing Bell Patch
  • Torch Patch
  • Pepper Patch
  • Hourglass Patch
  • Candle Patch


  • The main motif of Hot Land's area select is that of an unfurling carpet.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホットランド
Hotto Rando
Hot Land
German Hitzland Heat Land

Regions in Patch Land
Quilty SquareSpace LandGrass LandHot LandTreat LandWater LandSnow LandKEYQuiltMap.png
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