Purple Fortress

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Purple Fortress

KRC Level 7 Purple Fortress.jpg

Level Nr. 7
Stages Infiltrate the Junk Factory!
Kirby + Kirby
Wonder Space
The Final Battle
Boss Claycia & Dark Crafter
Level Progression
Red Volcano Last Level
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Purple Fortress is the final level of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and the seventh section of Seventopia. It is a barren land with murky clouds, and the home base of Claycia.


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Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table.

Stage Transformation Treasures Notes
Infiltrate the Junk Factory! Xmark.png 5
Kirby + Kirby Xmark.png 4
Wonder Space Xmark.png 5
The Final Battle Kirby Rocket Xmark.png This is the final stage in the game.

Infiltrate the Junk Factory! (7-1)[edit]

This stage is a mechanical scrapyard, with lots of keys to collect and lots of crushing hazards. The unnerving enemy Shockcreepa makes its first appearance here.

Kirby + Kirby (7-2)[edit]

As the title implies, this stage has Kirby split into two for most of its length. Coordinating both of them effectively at once can prove a challenge.

Wonder Space (7-3)[edit]

This strange realm is where the enemy Warpspace can be found. It is also home to the Shieldster. A Gondola ride happens along the way.

The Final Battle (7-Boss)[edit]

Claycia is fought here. She attacks using energy blasts and clay globs, and can only be retaliated against using a Star Dash.

Once Claycia is defeated, Dark Crafter emerges from her, and flees the scene. Kirby Rocket is engaged to deal with this final boss. Like with Claycia, the only chance Kirby has to harm Dark Crafter is to hit him with a Star Dash.

Once Dark Crafter goes down, the Story Mode is complete.