Yin-Yarn (boss stage)

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Yin-Yarn Preview.png
The preview image for Yin-Yarn.
Patch Bells of Joy Patch
Metamortex Transformation(s) Tankbot
Devil(s) (Devilish Mode) Me-Devil (Fangora rematch)
Ye-Devil (Capamari rematch)
We-Devil (Attacking Yin-Yarn)
Previous Stage Castle Dedede
Next Stage Meta Melon Isle
Theme Music

no music given

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Yin-Yarn is the fifth stage of Dream Land, and the final boss stage in the game. Yin-Yarn is fought here, as the title suggests. His door is unlocked by clearing Castle Dedede. Doing so gives Kirby and Prince Fluff the Bells of Joy patch, which is placed above the structure where Tempest Towers is found and allows Kirby and Prince Fluff to engage him in battle.

Patch animation[edit]

Upon throwing the patch, a large golden bell appears which starts ringing. At this, Yin-Yarn appears and destroys the bell, then enshrouds the land in darkness. He vanishes into the door to his fight, leaving behind a sickly-looking yarn aura around it.

Vs. Yin-Yarn[edit]

Yin-Yarn summons two previous bosses while trapping Kirby and Prince Fluff behind a curtain after they have defeated their old foes. Both bosses use only one phase of their battle and only need to be hit once to be defeated.

Phase 1: Fangora[edit]

Fangora appears in the very first phase of battle. He beings by flapping his wings, causing a strong gust that pushes the heroes to the side of the screen. He then breathes three fireballs which can be thrown back at him just once to collect beads. Finally, tired from the attack, Fangora exposes his tongue, which is the weak spot the heroes can exploit to defeat the dragon.

In the Devilish Mode, the Me-Devil appears in this phase.

Phases 2 and 4: Curtain[edit]

After Fangora is defeated, Yin-Yarn drops a curtain in front of the heroes. Their only means of escape is to climb the stitched platforms created by Yin-Yarn's Soochers to pass through the door at the top of the curtain. Yin-Yarn cannot be hit during this phase. This is also used in Phase 4.

Phase 3: Capamari[edit]

Once the heroes escape the curtain, Yin-Yarn submerges the heroes under water, where they fight Capamari once more. Six Octopeas will appear and surge towards the heroes vertically (and diagonally if they do not defeat Capamari before he retreats into one of his cannons). Kirby and Prince Fluff can grab an Octopea to throw at Capamari, who pops out of one of four canons stationed at the side of the screen. Once his face is hit, Capamari's weak spot will be revealed, allowing the heroes to defeat him. This triggers another curtain phase with different patterns but the same objective as the first curtain.

In the Devilish Mode, the Ye-Devil appears in this phase.

Phases 5 and 6: Attacking Yin-Yarn[edit]

Yin-Yarn can be attacked in the phase immediately following the second curtain. His weak spot needs to be pulled twice to defeat him. During this phase of battle he will float at the top of the screen while summoning groups of enemies, most of which can be thrown at Yin-Yarn to bring him down for an attack. Before he is attacked the first time, Yin-Yarn will summon four Scarfies and four Uniclods. As Scarfy can only be defeated by Kirby's 2-ton Weight form, Kirby and Prince Fluff can only use the Uniclods to hit Yin-Yarn. Once all eight enemies have been defeated, Yin-Yarn summons four Buttonbees and four Arrow Waddle Dees, all of which can be used to hit Yin-Yarn.

After he is hit the second time Yin-Yarn will remove portions of the platform, leaving the heroes with one broad platform at the center and two narrow ones to the left and right. He then summons four Scarfies, leaving the heroes unable to do anything until the Scarfies explode or are defeated by the heroes' weight form. Once the Scarfies disappear Yin-Yarn creates two Big Waddle Dees and one Chilly. One of the Big Waddle Dees will fall where Kirby and Prince Fluff are standing, making it hard for them to reach the Chilly before it falls off the platform. If Yin-Yarn is not hit by the time this wave of enemies fall off the platform, he will recreate the four Scarfies, repeating the pattern again.

In the Devilish Mode, the We-Devil appears in these phases.

Yin-Yarn Defeated[edit]

After his weak point is for the second time, Yin-Yarn flies across the screen and bursts into pieces of yarn, revealing the last thread of Magic Yarn and leaving behind his two knitting needles. Kirby and Prince Fluff begin a victory dance that ends abruptly when they notice the two sticks moving. Revealing their sentience, they leap into the sky, capturing the Magic Yarn after a brief discussion, and use it to recreate their "Yin-Yarn" body in his second and final form, Mega Yin-Yarn.

Phase 7: Vs. Mega Yin-Yarn[edit]

As Kirby and Prince Fluff panic, Meta Knight flies into the scene, dropping a Metamortex for the heroes. This allows them to transform into the Tankbot form, which engages Mega Yin-Yarn in battle.

Similar to the Tankbot, Mega Yin-Yarn attacks by firing large missiles out of his mouth at the heroes. He can fire these missiles at a much higher rate than the Tankbot, however, and can also fire them in all directions. If the Tankbot gets too close to him, Mega Yin-Yarn will hit the Tankbot with one of his needles, causing the heroes to lose some of their beads.

When Mega Yin-Yarn is hit enough times he will explode as his parts fly apart, unleashing a large number of beads and leaving behind the two needle brothers, which try to run away from the Tankbot as it approaches. Kirby and Prince Fluff pass through a pole that returns them to their normal state, allowing them to surround the needles and throw them back into Patch Land.

The Baseball Bat patch will be given to the player if enough beads have been accumulated during the battle. This patch unlocks the first bonus level of Dream Land, Meta Melon Isle.

Medal Bead Scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 1000 points
  • Silver - 1800 points
  • Gold - 2600 points
  • Patch - 3250 points

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アミーボ・アモーレ
Amībo Amōre
Amiibo Amore
Derived from:
French Maillalenvers Perhaps a pun on "maillot" (clothing) and "inversion" (inversion)?
German Grimmgarn Grim Yarn
Italian Malandrana
Spanish Zur-Zir