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Slash & Bead - Stage 2

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Slash & Bead - Stage 2 is the second stage of the Slash & Bead Sub-Game in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It is based on Temper Temple from the main game. Stage 2 involves both horizontal and vertical scrolling as well as plenty of lava that Meta Knight must be cautious to avoid. This stage becomes available after the player defeats Hot Wings in Hot Land. The main theme of Slash & Bead plays throughout the stage.


Meta Knight approaching some Calderons

Meta Knight will begin this stage by passing underneath a Flamethrower and traversing a large pit of lava patrolled by two Magmotamuses. He can either walk on the falling platforms that cover the lava's surface or simply hover above the pit. Meta Knight will then encounter two sideways Flamethrowers that he can pass through for an optional reward of Fuse Beads. He will also contend with three Calderons that produce bead formations when defeated.

Next, Meta Knight will find himself in the first ambush section of the stage. Here, he must repeatedly pass through a Flamethrower in the middle of the screen while slashing Orbitflies that spawn from all sides. When time runs out, Meta Knight will break through a series of Cloth Blocks and battle with several Scarfies and an Embaconda as he navigates a string of semisolid platforms. Meta Knight can also use his Special to wipe out a Bomber and Waddle Dee at the top of the screen, netting him beads.

The stage will then begin to scroll upward. Meta Knight must climb semisolid platforms, slashing through Yarn blocks that yield beads as well as Waddle Dees that come from a spawner. Meta Knight can also break Cloth Blocks to make a trail of beads appear, which he can follow as the stage starts scrolling to the right. In the next section, Meta Knight will be met with a Candlemander and another Waddle Dee that guards beads. He will then reach another lava pit where he will dodge some more Flamethrowers and face off against an Embaconda.

Meta Knight will deal with a second enemy ambush in a screen with three semisolid platforms suspended above lava. During this ambush, he will battle Embas, some Orbitflies that fly in pairs, and a third Embaconda. After this, Meta Knight can freely break through a group of Cloth Blocks to collect beads before proceeding to an area with a Flamethrower and a Sneak Sack. The screen will then begin to scroll upward, forcing Meta Knight to move quickly and deal with any Waddle Dees, Flamethrowers and Calderons that lie in his path.

The final ambush section of Stage 2 once again takes place in a screen with three platforms, this time with a Calderon in the middle. Though the Calderon sits in a small pool of lava, it can be defeated with a slash of Meta Knight's sword. In the enemy ambush, Meta Knight must strike Orbitflies that spawn from every corner of the screen. He must also battle a few Embacondas, two of which spawn at the same time. Once the last ambush is dealt with, Meta Knight will have completed the stage.


Listed below are the blocks, enemies and other obstacles that appear in Stage 2 of Slash & Bead. Obstacles are listed in the order that they appear.


  • Cloth Block: A large block that can be broken with a slash of the sword.
  • Yarn block: A large block that is easily slashed through and can contain a bead.


  • Magmotamus: A large creature that floats on the lava's surface. Magmotamuses can take many hits before being defeated.
  • Calderon: A cauldron-like enemy that remains stationary and shoots fireballs at Meta Knight.
  • Orbitfly: A small flying enemy. Orbitflies appear during ambush sections, where they can spawn in various locations around the edge of the screen.
  • Scarfy: A small flying foe that transforms into a cyclops-like creature and becomes hostile when Meta Knight draws near.
  • Embaconda: A fiery snake that flies around the screen and provides Meta Knight with plenty of beads when defeated.
  • Waddle Dee: A harmless enemy that can be slashed to obtain beads.
  • Bomber: An explosive enemy that cannot be reached by Meta Knight in this stage, but can be detonated with his Special.
  • Candlemander: A creature that can crawl on walls. Candlemanders may briefly transform into fireballs that follow Meta Knight.
  • Chain Flamer: As the name implies, a chain of Flamer-like enemies. Chain Flamers contain multiple green Flamers along with one pink Flamer in the middle. Defeating the pink Flamer will instantly destroy the chain.
  • Emba: A floating mass of fire that slowly homes in on Meta Knight. Embas can be defeated with Meta Knight's trusty sword.
  • Spear Waddle Dee: A Waddle Dee that patrols the area with a spear. These foes can only harm Meta Knight if he runs into the end of their spear.
  • Sneak Sack: A flighty enemy that runs as soon as it sees Meta Knight. Meta Knight must defeat a Sneak Sack quickly to obtain its beads.

Other obstacles[edit]

  • Flamethrower: A pipe that spews fire and then turns off in a cycle. Flamethrowers can be positioned vertically or horizontally, and Meta Knight can pierce through their jets of fire with a Piercing Slash.
  • Lava pit: A pit of hot lava that will burn Meta Knight if touched. The surface of some lava pits is lined with platforms that fall shortly after Meta Knight walks on them.

Rank thresholds[edit]

Listed below are the minimum number of points required to achieve each rank threshold in Stage 2 of Slash & Bead.

  • C Rank: 0 points
  • B Rank: 1000 points
  • A Rank: 2000 points
  • S Rank: 2500 points

Lumina locations[edit]

The table below describes the locations of all 9 Luminas in Stage 2 of Slash & Bead. Luminas resemble regular Fuse Beads, but they are larger and rainbow-colored. Collecting a Lumina nets 50 points to the player.

Lumina locations in Slash & Bead - Stage 2  
Lumina Location How to obtain
1 Immediately after the first ambush segment, above a series of three Cloth Blocks. Break through the Cloth Blocks quickly to reach the alcove.
2 In the head of an Embaconda located shortly after the first ambush section. Use the Special on the Embaconda as it approaches from behind.
3 In the head of an Embaconda located just before the second ambush section. Defeat the Embaconda as it approaches.
4 In the middle of a group of Cloth Blocks found just after the second ambush section. Slash through the Cloth Blocks to break them.
5 In a floating baloon shortly after the second ambush section and above a Spear Waddle Dee. Stick to the right of the screen before the balloon appears, so as not to let it float to an area where it is unreachable.
6 In a small alcove in the top left corner of the screen. This Lumina can be accessed during a vertical scroll section. Break through a few Yarn blocks to enter the alcove containing this Lumina.
7 In the head of the first Embaconda that spawns during the final enemy ambush. Defeat the Embaconda before it goes off-screen.
8 In the head of the second Embaconda that spawns during the final enemy ambush. Defeat the Embaconda before time runs out.
9 In the head of the third Embaconda that spawns during the final enemy ambush. Defeat the Embaconda before time runs out.