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Challenge 1

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Challenge 1
KatRC Challenge Room 1-1.png
The first room in Challenge 1.
Challenge Nr. 1
Type One-Minute Challenge
Unlock req. Collect 1 Gold Medal
Level progression
First Challenge Challenge 2
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Challenge 1 is the first stage of Challenge Mode in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It is unlocked by collecting one Gold Medal from any stage.


Challenge 1 is a One-Minute Challenge, divided into four rooms with 15 seconds per room. The rooms are as follows:

Room Description
KatRC Challenge Room 1-1.png
Room 1
This room contains several Gordos around the corners and on thin floors above the ground, surrounding a treasure chest. Kirby will need to move carefully to get in and obtain the chest.
KatRC Challenge Room 1-2.png
Room 2
This room is filled with bumpers of various size that will knock Kirby away if he touches them. The chest can be found in the upper-right corner.
KatRC Challenge Room 1-3.png
Room 3
This room contains four Cottas hanging on balloons. All four need to be defeated to make the chest appear.
KatRC Challenge Room 1-4.png
Room 4
This room mirrors the Challenge Room found in The Adventure Begins, though this time starting Kirby in the lower-right corner and placing a large Point Star where he used to start. Kirby will need to bust through the barricade around the star to collect it, then use a Star Dash to break the metal blocks guarding the chest.