Dedede Gogogo

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Dedede Gogogo
Dedede Gogogo Title.jpg
The title screen for Dedede Gogogo.
Type(s) Arcade runner
Levels 4
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
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Dedede Gogogo is a Sub-Game available exclusively in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn starring King Dedede.


Dedede Gogogo tasks him with moving through a fast-paced course as quickly as possible while collecting Fuse Beads and Luminas, defeating enemies, and avoiding hazards. At the end of a course, the player will be given a score and a rank depending on how many points were earned. It is also possible to obtain Fuse Bead Mats in this game.

Each course gives King Dedede one minute and 30 seconds to reach the end. Running out of time will force Dedede to retire.


  • Each Fuse Bead is worth one point.
  • Luminas are worth 50 points each.
  • Each whole second remaining is worth 10 points (centiseconds are not counted)

Defeating enemies, while not worth anything on their own, will cause them to drop beads.


While moving, King Dedede has access to four different techniques to help him move through the course. These are as follows:

  • Dash - + Control Pad or Circle Pad
  • Jump - A
  • Giant Dedede Swing - B
  • Head Slide - ↓ on + Control Pad or Circle Pad


Dedede Gogogo consists of the following stages, which are unlocked by progressing through the main game of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn:

Stages of Dedede Gogogo  
Stage Nr. Image Unlock Req. Rank thresholds Notes
Stage 1 Dedede Gogogo Stage 1.jpg Available at start. ??? Based on Patch Castle.
Stage 2 Dedede Gogogo Stage 2.jpg Defeat Fangora in Grass Land. ??? Based on Flower Fields.
Stage 3 Dedede Gogogo Stage 3.jpg Defeat Squashini in Treat Land. ??? Based on Snowy Fields.
Stage 4 Dedede Gogogo Stage 4.jpg Defeat King Dedede in Snow Land. ??? Based on Castle Dedede.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デデデでドドド
Dedede de Dododo
Dedede Dododo
French DaDiDou déboule Dedede turns up
German Düsender Dedede Dashing Dedede
Italian Fila, Dedede, fila! Run, Dedede, run!
Spanish Correcorre Dedede Run-run Dedede