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Dedede Gogogo

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Dedede Gogogo
KEEY Dedede Gogogo title screenshot.png
The title screen for Dedede Gogogo.
Type(s) Arcade runner
Levels 4
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Theme music
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Collect Fuse Beads as you rumble and stumble your way to the goal. Watch out for Boom Blocks along the way!
— In-game description of Dedede Gogogo.

Dedede Gogogo is a Sub-Game available exclusively in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn starring King Dedede.


Dedede Gogogo tasks him with moving through a fast-paced course as quickly as possible while collecting Fuse Beads and Luminas, defeating enemies, and avoiding hazards. There are four stages in total, each based on a stage from the main game, and each with its own unique obstacles to contend with. Each course gives King Dedede one minute and 30 seconds to reach the end. Running out of time will force Dedede to retire.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

There are several different varieties of enemies and obstacles to contend with on the courses. Enemies are mostly harmless, but they will only drop beads if they are defeated using the hammer or a Head Slide, as merely colliding with them will cause them to drop nothing. Beads can also be obtained by striking bells with the hammer and breaking open Star Bead Blocks with an attack. Enemies and hazards in Dedede Gogogo are as follows:

  • Red Buttonbee: Hovers through the air and will damage Dedede if he collides with its stinger.
  • Sneak Sack: Generally stands still until Dedede approaches, then will attempt to run away, dropping beads as it does so. It may also be seen running toward Dedede.
  • Yarn mole: Pops out of the ground at various places. Dedede can pass through this enemy unharmed, and needs to hit it to interact with it.
  • Boom Block: If King Dedede collides with this block, he will be blown back and lose 50 beads. This is best avoided.

Other obstacles include Cloth Blocks, Denim Blocks, moving platforms, bodies of water, oil slicks, and cannons. Interacting with some of these will cause beads to appear, or may merely allow Dedede to reach otherwise inaccessible areas with beads.


The number of beads that each enemy and object awards can vary based on circumstances, but generally speaking, enemies and objects are worth the following when dealt with correctly:

  • Star Bead Blocks are worth 5 points when struck.
  • All enemies are worth 15 beads when defeated (not counting beads dropped when running or being sent flying).
  • Bells are worth 20 beads when struck.
  • The goal bell is worth 100 beads when struck.

Luminas collected are not added to the main bead counter, instead being tracked separately.

At the end of a course, the player will be given a score and a rank depending on how many points were earned.

  • Each Fuse Bead collected is worth one point.
  • Luminas are worth 50 points each.
  • Each whole second remaining is worth 10 points.

It is also possible to obtain Fuse Bead Mats in this game. One is awarded for each rank level earned, for a total of four per stage.


While moving, King Dedede has access to four different techniques to help him move through the course. These are as follows:

Dedede Gogogo moveset
Move Image Controls
KEEY Dedede Gogogo Dash screenshot.png
+ Control Pad or Circle Pad
KEEY Dedede Gogogo Jump screenshot.png
Giant Dedede Swing
KEEY Dedede Gogogo Giant Dedede Swing screenshot.png
Head Slide
KEEY Dedede Gogogo Head Slide screenshot.png
↓ on + Control Pad or Circle Pad


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Dedede Gogogo consists of the following stages, which are unlocked by progressing through the main game of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn:

Stages of Dedede Gogogo  
Stage Unlock Req. Rank thresholds (New 3DS) [1] Notes
Available at start. C Rank: N/A
B Rank: 600
A Rank: 1100
S Rank: 1400
Based on Patch Castle.
Defeat Fangora in Grass Land. C Rank: N/A
B Rank: 600
A Rank: 1100
S Rank: 1400
Based on Flower Fields.
Defeat Squashini in Treat Land. C Rank: N/A
B Rank: 400
A Rank: 900
S Rank: 1200
Based on Snowy Fields.
Defeat King Dedede in Snow Land. C Rank: N/A
B Rank: 1100
A Rank: 1600
S Rank: 1900
Based on Castle Dedede.


  • Due to differences in performance between the standard and New Nintendo 3DS hardware, the number of beads on each course varies based on the model being used to play the game, and as such, the rank thresholds also differ based on this factor.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デデデでドドド
Dedede de Dododo
Dedede Dododo
Canadian French Dadidou déboule Dedede turns up
European French DaDiDou déboule Dedede turns up
German Düsender Dedede Dashing Dedede
Italian Fila, Dedede, fila! Run, Dedede, run!
Korean 디디디로 고고고!
dididilo gogogo!
Dedede Gogogo!
Spanish Correcorre Dedede Run-run Dedede