Quilty Square

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Quilty Square
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Preview image for Quilty Square.
Stages Patch Castle
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Quote1.png This is where Kirby learns the "ropes." The friendlier citizens of Patch Land also reside here to help and be helped by Kirby Quote2.png
— Official site description

Quilty Square is the first of eight levels in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn, the only one to not to have the word "land" in its English name. It acts as a safe area for Kirby, containing only one actual stage, with the rest of the land occupied by friendlier elements such as shops, an apartment complex, and many of the meta elements of the game. Many areas in the Quilty Square are run by Dom Woole and it appears to be the capital of Patch Land, containing Prince Fluff's castle. It is ruled by Prince Fluff. Patch Castle is the game's tutorial stage, and can be replayed at any time.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Village feutré[1] Felt Village
German Filzingen From Filz (felt).
Spanish Plaza Pliegos[2]


  1. Official Kirby Site (French language selected)
  2. Official Kirby Site (Spanish language selected)
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