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Quilty Square

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Quilty Square
KEY Quilty Square Preview screenshot.png
Preview image for Quilty Square.
Stages Patch Castle
Theme Music
Land order
First Land Grass Land
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This is where Kirby learns the "ropes." The friendlier citizens of Patch Land also reside here to help and be helped by Kirby.
— Official site description

Quilty Square is the first of eight levels in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It serves as a safe area for Kirby and mostly consists of non-stage locations such as shops and an apartment building. Many areas in Quilty Square are owned and managed by Dom Woole. The only stage in Quilty Square - Patch Castle - is set in Prince Fluff's royal abode and functions as the game's tutorial stage.


Location Items to obtain
KEY Patch Castle Preview screenshot.png
Patch Castle
KEY Fabric Shop.jpg
Fabric Shop
Various types of fabric
KEY Furniture Shop screenshot.jpg
Furniture Shop
Various types of furniture
KEY Complete Patch Plaza.png
KEEY Patch Plaza screenshot.png
Patch Plaza
100% completion
KEY Quilty Court Preview screenshot.png
Quilty Court
Types of fabric from:
KEY Kirby's Pad screenshot.jpg
Kirby's Pad
Room catalog exclusive to Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キルトのまち
Kiruto no Machi
Town of Quilt
French Village feutré[1] Felt Village
German Filzingen From Filz (felt).
Italian Largo Trapunta Quilty Square
Korean 퀼트 거리
kwilteu geoli
Quilt street
Latin American Spanish Plaza Pliegos Folds Plaza
European Spanish Plaza Edredón Ravel Plaza


Regions in Patch Land
Quilty SquareSpace LandGrass LandHot LandTreat LandWater LandSnow LandDream LandKEY Quilt Map artwork.png
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