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Sky-High Whispy Woods

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Sky-High Whispy Woods

KatRC Sky-High Whispy Woods select.png

KRC 4-Boss Sky-High Whispy Woods Stage Select JP.jpg

Sky-High Whispy Woods stage selection screen
Host level Blue Sky Palace
Stage number 4
Treasures Whispy Woods Figurine (second)
Theme music

Level progression
Kirby Rocket's Big Blastoff Woodland Battle
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Sky-High Whispy Woods is the fourth stage of the level Blue Sky Palace in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby has to battle Whispy Woods again, but this time, Whispy is made of metal, so only Star Dashes will hurt him.

Completing the stage unlocks Orange Woodland and awards Whispy Woods' second Figurine.


The stage begins with a path that leads forward past a large overhanging canopy of leaves, from which bombs drop at regular intervals. Kirby will need to proceed to the door with caution.

The boss area is similar in layout to The Forest of Whispy Woods, and at first, it seems the fight will go the same way as before, until Whispy Woods turns metal. From there, he grows a series of vines containing spike flowers and Point Stars. As Whispy is now made of metal, the only way Kirby can hurt him is by using Star Dashes, so he will need to collect the stars that appear before going after the tree. At regular intervals, Whispy blows a gust of wind to knock Kirby back, and from there, drop bombs on him from his canopy. Occasionally, groups of Barampas will come flying in to try and harass Kirby. Each time Whispy blows Kirby back, he grows a new set of flowers and stars. Once Kirby has crashed into Whispy's face enough, he will be defeated, leaving Kirby and Elline to do their victory dance.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Barampa.png Barampa


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 天空てんくうのウィスピーウッズ
Tenkū no Uisupī Uzzu
Whispy Woods in the sky
French Whispy Woods des cieux Whispy Woods of the skies
German Whispy Woods in den Wolken Whispy Woods in the clouds