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Kirby + Kirby

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Kirby + Kirby

KatRC Kirby + Kirby select.png

KatRC 7-2 Kirby + Kirby Stage Select JP.jpg

Kirby + Kirby stage selection screen
Host level Purple Fortress
Stage number 2
Treasures Kirby and Kirby Figurine
Moonlight Capital Track
Meta Knight Figurine
The Legendary Halberd Track
Theme music
Level progression
Infiltrate the Junk Factory! Wonder Space
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Kirby + Kirby is the second stage of the level Purple Fortress in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby is split into two identical copies of himself which operate independently but share a health bar. Both will need to be guided simultaneously throughout the course of the stage before they re-merge into one at the end.

Completing the stage unlocks Wonder Space.


The stage begins in a small interior space, where Kirby can access a hidden Point Star cache before moving forward to the next area through a pipe.

The pipe leads Kirby to a split junction, where a machine splits Kirby into two copies of himself and sends both into separate rooms. Once the player is comfortable with controlling both Kirbys at once, they can head through the separate doorways to move on to the next area.

The following zone is a long split hallway which auto-scrolls to the right, so the two Kirbys will need to be monitored continuously, since if one gets crushed or otherwise K.O.'d, the other will perish as well. As the path moves forward, two treasure chests can be obtained, while the Kirbys defeat enemies and bust open barriers in the hall. Eventually, two doors are reached at the right end of the path.

In the next area, the Kirbys are taken on a long elevator ride upward. At first, they are still separated by a wall, but eventually the wall ends and the two Kirbys can interact directly with each-other for the first time. Using a Touch Dash to bounce into the other Kirby will cause them to bound rapidly across the room, ricocheting on their collective energy to rapidly defeat enemies and bust blocks open. Another treasure chest can be collected while riding this elevator upward, and eventually, the next door can be reached at the top.

The following room tasks the two Kirbys with defeating three Cannon Cottas in a Gray Zone on the ceiling. The Kirbys will need to exchange momentum to bound up there and defeat the foes. This done, they can take some pipes to move on to the next area.

In the last room, the two Kirbys are recombined into one, then spat out in an otherworldly region. A hidden challenge room door can be found here, but the roulette wheel to end the stage is over to the right.

Treasure guide[edit]

All four treasures in 7-2 Kirby + Kirby.
Treasure Chest locations in Kirby + Kirby  
Treasure How to reach
KatRC Kirby + Kirby Treasure 1.png
Treasure 1: Kirby and Kirby Figurine
In the horizontal auto-scrolling hallway, a puzzle piece can be collected on the lower path. The remaining pieces will appear in both halls, and will need to be collected quickly to get the chest.
KatRC Kirby + Kirby Treasure 2.png
Treasure 2: Moonlight Capital Track
In the horizontal auto-scrolling hallway, a chest can be seen encased in metal blocks on the upper path, guarded by a Cotta Knight. The upper Kirby will need to use a Star Dash to get the chest.
KatRC Kirby + Kirby Treasure 3.png
Treasure 3: Meta Knight Figurine
During the elevator ride upward, a giant metal block appears on the path. A Star Dash can be used to bust it open and get the chest inside.
KatRC Kirby + Kirby Treasure 4.png
Treasure 4: The Legendary Halberd Track
In the last area, a hidden door to a challenge room can be found in the cliffside on the left. In this room, there are five Kirbys to control, and they need to bound up through a gray zone to reach the chest up near the ceiling past several blocks.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Bouncy.png Bouncy
KatRC Bronto Burt.png
KatRC Blue Bronto Burt.png
Bronto Burt
KatRC Cannon Cotta.png Cannon Cotta
KatRC Cotta.png Cotta
KatRC Cotta Knight.png Cotta Knight
KatRC Soarar.png Soarar


  • This stage and Deploy the Kirby Tank! are the only two regular stages in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse which have four treasure chests instead of five.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィとカービィ
Kābyi to Kābyi
Kirby and Kirby
French Kirby et Kirby Kirby and Kirby
German Kirby und Kirby Kirby and Kirby
Italian Kirby & Kirby -
Spanish Kirby y Kirby Kirby and Kirby