Pyramid Sands

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Place InfoBox
Kirby and Prince Fluff in Pyramid Sands
Game(s) Kirby's Epic Yarn
Inhabitant(s) Swad Clod, Uniclods, Sneak Sack, Waddle Dee, Rolling Clods, and Truck Monsters
Theme Music

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Pyramid Sands is the first mandatory area of Hot Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn. This area is accessed as soon as Kirby and Prince Fluff obtain the Magic Yarn by defeating Fangora and stitching Hot Land to Grass Land (Patch Land). Pyramid Sands is another left-to-right sidescrolling area, but adds a mechanic to allow Kirby to travel below the ground in sinking sand. The sinking sand effect is created by something continuously stitching alternating colors of thread. Kirby can jump up, but only land at the bottom of an alternate color. As expected, all of the area appears to be a desert with structures resembling sandstone, cactus plants, quicksand, whirlwinds, and sand dunes.

The Swad Clod enemies resemble bandaged mummies. Most of them, when unwound are actually Uniclods, although one is a Sneak Sack. Waddle Dees appear unarmed, armed with a bow, and armed with a spear. Rolling Clods are the most dangerous enemy, as they are not harmed by a direct hit with the Yarn Whip, or Weight form. Rolling Clods are caught in whirlwinds, but can be destroyed with any thrown object or enemy. The Camel Sofa and Cactus Juice furniture items are obtained in this area. Most of the patches reveal beads when pulled, and Star beads can be found in hidden spots.

Metamortex Stretch

Off-Roader form in Pyramid Sands

The Off-Roader Metamortex transformation is introduced in this area, near the end. Three Truck Monsters will drop in after the transformation takes place. The four vehicles are then racing through the remainder of the area and as a bonus, beads are awarded for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Much of the race takes place over various sized sand dunes and a few vertical platforms lead to boosts and more rewards. Rewards in this section include pieces for the Bonus Bell, Pyramid Sands music, and higher valued beads.