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Yarn Whip

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This article is about the whip-like attack used to grab things in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, and should not be confused with the Whip Copy Ability.
KEY Kirby Yarn Whip artwork.png
Kirby using the Yarn Whip.

The Yarn Whip is Kirby and Prince Fluff's primary method of attacking in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. When the player presses 1 on the Wii Remote (and is not also holding down on the D-pad) or the B button on the 3DS, Kirby or Fluff will toss the whip out for a distance roughly two Kirbys away. This can be done in any of the cardinal directions except those aiming downward or diagonally downward (unless used underwater, where it can be thrown in all eight directions). When not holding a direction, they will throw the whip straight forward. Many things can be grabbed by the whip, including most enemies, Yarn Blocks, tabs on treasure chests and other background objects, zippers, and buttons. Certain enemies which wield weapons can also have it stolen using the whip.

Latching onto enemies[edit]

Once Kirby or Fluff grab onto an enemy, their weapon, or a block, they can do one of two things. If the player releases 1 early, the whip will Unravel that object, thus defeating the enemy or destroying the object right away (though this method yields no beads). If on the other hand the 1 button is held, Kirby or Fluff will assume the Roll Up transformation and spin the enemy/object into a yarn ball. From here, the ball can be tossed at another enemy or object to provide a generally more effective means of attack which can also cause extra beads to be dropped when defeating foes. Some objects when rolled up will have a special property when thrown. An example is when Kirby grabs a weapon, it will transform into an arrow which, when thrown, passes through enemies and objects. Another example is the Buttonbee which, when rolled up, forms into a winged ball that splits into three when thrown and homes in on targets.

Latching onto objects[edit]

In addition to combat, the Yarn Whip can be used to grab background objects to interact with them. Kirby and Fluff will often find buttons on their journey which, when grabbed, will allow them to pull down objects. There are also special latching points which can be grabbed to use as an axis for the Pendulum transformation, allowing for greater maneuverability. Most Bosses also have a weak point that, when exposed, requires Kirby or Fluff to grab with the whip and pull to deal them damage.


Kirby and Fluff can use the Yarn Whip in most situations, but it cannot be used while in Car, Parachute, or Weight form, when using a Metamortex transformation, or when holding an object.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Coup de fil lit. Thread punch
German Garnhaken Yarn hook
Italian Frusta Filante Stringy Whip
Spanish Látigo de estambre Yarn whip