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Challenge 25

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Challenge 25
KatRC Challenge Room 25-1.png
The first room in Challenge 25.
Challenge Nr. 25
Type One-Minute Challenge
Unlock req. Collect 36 Gold Medals
Level progression
Challenge 24 Challenge 26
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Challenge 25 is the twenty-fifth stage of Challenge Mode in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It is unlocked by obtaining 36 Gold Medals from any other stages.


Challenge 25 is a One-Minute Challenge, divided into four rooms with 15 seconds per room. Each room features the Kirby Rocket. The rooms are as follows:

Room Description
KatRC Challenge Room 25-1.png
Room 1
This room's chest is locked off by a big shutter, which can be opened by flying over the four panels in the corner of the room.
KatRC Challenge Room 25-2.png
Room 2
There are six Cottas on balloons in this room. Defeating all six will make the chest appear in the middle of the room.
KatRC Challenge Room 25-3.png
Room 3
The chest in this room is located along the right wall between some barriers and nestled in a big Gray Zone. Kirbywill need to line himself up just right in order to fly over to the chest.
KatRC Challenge Room 25-4.png
Room 4
This room features two bars of swinging Blados along with six light panels. Lighting all the panels will make the treasure chest appear in the middle of the room.


  • Assuming all possible Gold Medals have been obtained while playing through the game, it is just about possible to unlock this stage before playing Kirby Rocket's Big Blastoff in the story mode. As such, this challenge may be the player's introduction to the Kirby Rocket, rather than the aforementioned stage as was likely intended.