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Cabbage Cavern - Room 14

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Cabbage Cavern - Room 14
KaTAM Cabbage Cavern Room 14.png
Kirby prepares to give Giant Rocky his own pounding in Room 14.
Host area Cabbage Cavern
Linked from Room 12
Room 15
Links to Room 12
Room 15
Treasure Chest(s) Yes (Sapphire Spray Paint)
Theme music

Clip of the "Cave/Rocky Area" theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Cabbage Cavern - Room 14 is a room in Cabbage Cavern, the third area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


This room links to Cabbage Cavern - Room 12 upward and Cabbage Cavern - Room 15 to the right.


This room is a somewhat simple maze to navigate. It is not as tight of a situation as in Room 12, but Kirby must still beware of the sudden appearance of Bronto Burts. There are two doors that lead to Room 15. With Stone, Hammer, or Master, Kirby will be better served to take the lower door on the bottom right. This will lead to a shortcut in Room 15 in which Kirby can get the Treasure Chest in Room 15. In order to get the treasure chest in this room, Kirby must quickly flip the switch right before where the doors are, run quickly past the front gate, attack the Sword Knight and destroy the Bomb Block, and dash left until the treasure chest is reached, to obtain the Sapphire Spray Paint.


Sprite Name Copy Ability
KNiDL Bronto Burt sprite.png Bronto Burt None
KatAMChip.png Chip None
KatAMGiantRocky.png Giant Rocky Stone
KNiDL Sword Knight sprite.png Sword Knight Sword


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