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In-game shot of a full Life Piece icon.

Life Pieces are sections of Kirby's stamina when playing in Devilish Mode in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. When he begins a stage in this mode, he starts with five of these pieces, which form a star shape. Each time he is hit by a Devil, he will lose a piece, and if he loses all five, will be forced to start the stage over. At the end of the stage, the number of remaining life pieces will be added to a total, with every set of five rewarding Kirby with a new piece of Furniture. There are a total of 250 pieces in the game to collect, with a maximum of five obtainable from each stage in the game.

List of unlocks[edit]

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A screenshot of the first Life Piece collection chart being filled.

Every five life pieces will award a new piece of furniture which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game. The following table lists each unlockable object, and at which threshold. Many of these objects can be interacted with by pulling a button or tab on them with the Yarn Whip:

Life Piece rewards  
Object Description Threshold Notes
Starry Sky Curtain.png
Starry Sky Curtain
This starry curtain makes sure your dreams are out of this world! 5
Nesting Doll.png
Nesting Doll
A cute doll that usually has another cute doll inside. 10
Flower Arch.png
Flower Arch
A flower arch that fully blooms when you walk through it. 15
Snow Hut.png
Snow Hut
A mysterious hut crafted from snow. 20
Roll-Up Curtain.png
Roll-Up Curtain
A curtain that you can pull down to roll up. 25
Puddle Mat.png
Puddle Mat
Splish-splash around anytime on this mat made from a real puddle. 30
Big Fish Pond.png
Big Fish Pond
A fish pond where catching a giant fish is always guaranteed. 35
Three colored lights that sway as they light up the room. 40
Warm Hearth.png
Warm Hearth
A warming hearth where everybody gathers around the pot. 45
Clattering Number Wheel.png
Clattering Number Wheel
A number wheel that you'll want to keep spinning until your lucky numbers come up. 50
Neon Car Sign.png
Neon Car Sign
A neon sign of a car that roams around the city at night. 55
Elegant Garden Lantern.png
Elegant Garden Lantern
A tasteful lantern that lights up when it gets dark outside. 60
Raincloud Light.png
Raincloud Light
Enjoy bright light even on a gray day with this light made from a rain cloud. 65
Crystal Ball.png
Crystal Ball
A fickle crystal that tells you your fortune for the day. 70
Paper Theater.png
Paper Theater
A paper theater that'll have you spellbound to learn more. 75
Echoing Gong.png
Echoing Gong
An impressive gong that echoes with a loud sound. 80
Pocket Bath.png
Pocket Bath
A tiny bath with soft floating bubbles. 85
Flower Carpet.png
Flower Carpet
A rug made of the fallen petals of flowers. 90
Scarecrow Target.png
Scarecrow Target
A scarecrow that you can use to improve your aim. 95
Creepy Painting.png
Creepy Painting
A painting that feels like it's always staring at you. 100
Happy Fish Bowl.png
Happy Fish Bowl
A big fish bowl with room for you and the fish. 105
Melody Carpet.png
Melody Carpet
A musical carpet that plays a note when you step on it. 110
Ship's Wheel.png
Ship's Wheel
A ship's wheel that makes you feel like a captain. Hard to starboard! 115
Smoke Machine.png
Smoke Machine
Puff...Puff... A machine that generates a cloud of smoke. 120
Sky-High Perch.png
Sky-High Perch
A perch for Angie. Chat with her anytime you like! 125
Zebra Crossing Mat.png
Zebra Crossing Mat
A street crossing mat that reminds you to follow the rules of the road carefully. 130
Daily Calendar.png
Daily Calendar
It's satisfying to tear the pages off this daily calendar. 135
Chilly Wreath.png
Chilly Wreath
A cool wreath made of snowflakes. 140
Fluffy Bed.png
Fluffy Bed
An extravagant bed made of fluffy clouds. 145
Holiday Stocking.png
Holiday Stocking
A stocking that looks like it could hold a lot of presents. 150
Autumn Leaves Carpet.png
Autumn Leaves Carpet
A rug of fallen leaves that makes you want to dive right in. 155
Apple Juice Tower.png
Apple Juice Tower
A fun and extremely practical arrangement of beverages. 160
Paper Sliding Door.png
Paper Sliding Door
An elegant sliding door that lights up with moonlight at night. 165
Elegant Tipping Bamboo.png
Elegant Tipping Bamboo
An elegant water feature made with bamboo that relaxes the very soul. 170
Party Popper.png
Party Popper
A jumbo popper that makes any occasion feel like a celebration. 175
Gentle Breeze Fan.png
Gentle Breeze Fan
The perfect fan for relaxing in a light breeze. 180
Firefly Light.png
Firefly Light
A softly glowing light in the shape of a firefly. 185
Porthole Window.png
Porthole Window
A curious window that shows scenery from your journeys. 190
Swaying Chandelier.png
Swaying Chandelier
An elegant chandelier that immediately makes any room classy. 195
Neon Kracko Sign.png
Neon Kracko Sign
This neon sign positively crackles with Kracko's electricity. 200
Fancy Safe.png
Fancy Safe
A golden safe containing all of your precious treasures. 205
Dish of the Day.png
Dish of the Day
You don't know what you're getting until you open it up. Exciting! 210
Gold Paper Ornament.png
Gold Paper Ornament
A celebratory paper ball that's just begging to be popped. 215
Jingling Wind Chime.png
Jingling Wind Chime
A blue wind chime that's as peaceful as a cooling breeze. 220
Song Shower.png
Song Shower
A luxurious shower that soothes the soul with both water and music. 225
Flower Phonograph.png
Flower Phonograph
The bloom is still on this retro phonograph; it's been playing music since the olden days. 230
Knight's Armor.png
Knight's Armor
A sturdy set of armor once worn by a famous knight. 235
Cuckoo Clock.png
Cuckoo Clock
A cute cuckoo clock complete with a bird that tells the time. 240
Neon Kirby Sign.png
Neon Kirby Sign
A fancy glowing sign with a familiar name. 245 Styled after the official Kirby series font.
Neon Cafe Sign.png
Neon Café Sign
A neon sign that seems to be inviting you to relax with a nice hot beverage. 250 Based on the Kirby Café.
Star Hat Rack.png
Star Hat Rack
A hat rack with all sorts of abilities. Strike out on whatever kind of adventure you like! ??? Capable of holding Ravel Abilities.
Jukebox KEY.png
A happenin' jukebox that lets you listen to music you've collected. ??? Allows access to the Sound Test from Kirby's Pad.
Welcome Bell.png
Welcome Bell
A bell to greet your friends and let them know they're welcome anytime. ???
Star Projector.png
Star Projector
A state-of-the-art star projector that lights up your room with a cool atmosphere. ???
Match 3 Machine.png
Match 3 Machine
A fun match-3 game that lets you test your luck. ??? A functional slot machine with no pay-in or pay-out.