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Stellar Way is a level in Kirby's Epic Yarn, appearing in Space Land after Mysterious UFO. It is gained with the star patch, which makes a bunch of stars turn yellow and have a solid line pass through them. In the beginning of the level, Kirby is on a circle with a star to the right. Another star is next to it, and some yellow beads are in between them. Going farther right will show another circle, as well as a Waddle Doo. Farther right is an abnormally shaped star and a planet-like circle, with little "cities" sticking out. the player can jump on them. Kirby should be careful though as a comet-like enemy is revolving around the the planet. It is unaffected by yarn rope. Going deeper into the level shows a similar sphere. Above it is a two star patch. If Kirby goes deeper, he'll find a sword-yielding enemy, and a meteor shower. He'll also find a spear-yielding enemy. If Kirby goes deeper onto the abnormal star, and then left, he'll find a patch. Pulling it turns the meteors into shooting stars with beads temporarily. If Kirby goes deeper, he'll find buttons going around a circle. If Kirby latches onto them, there will be a ladder and star. Going onto the star will give a star bead. Going up the ladder will continue the level. Kirby should keep going up, and will see somes UFOs and beads. He'll also see the sword creature from earlier. Kirby can now see two paths, an upper one and lower one. To the left of the upper path is a treasure chest, containing a CD for the level. Past it is a star and moon. Above it is some spear enemies, and the three star patch. Going past the moon will put Kirby into the lower path, which consists of two "planets". The second can be traveled through, and has a ladder above it. Going up the ladder will give the five star patch. Going right will show another meteor shower and many stars. After braving the storm, Kirby must turn into a rocket. As a rocket, he must glide through flying jellyfishes, UFOs, and insects, either shooting at or avoiding them. Getting to the end of his rocket form will show the end of the level. Completion of the level will give the Switch Patch, and access to the Meta Knight boss level.


Regular Enemies

  • Spear-yielding creature
  • Sword-yielding creature


Star patches