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Dedede Gogogo - Stage 1

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Dedede Gogogo - Stage 1 is the first stage of the Dedede Gogogo Sub-Game in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It takes place in an environment similar to Patch Castle from the main game, with royal banners and castle arches used as decor throughout. This stage is available upon starting the main game. The main theme of Dedede Gogogo plays throughout the stage.


King Dedede approaching the first large bell of the stage

This stage involves King Dedede traversing mostly flat ground and smashing through any blocks or enemies in his way with his mighty hammer. Within the first five or so seconds of starting the stage, Dedede will encounter a variety of obstacles, including Cloth Blocks, Star Bead Blocks and Boom Blocks. He will also collect the first Lumina of the Sub-Game.

From here, Dedede will proceed into a castle-like section with semisolid platforms that create branching paths. One path contains a yarn mole that suddenly bursts from the ground when Dedede draws near. After this segment, Dedede must contend with Red Buttonbees while collecting Fuse Beads. He can then hit a large bell to obtain 20 more beads before performing a Head Slide under a series of Denim Blocks. Awaiting him on the other side of these blocks is a yarn mole, a Red Buttonbee, and another Lumina.

Dedede must then chase a Sneak Sack, sliding underneath Denim Blocks and collecting even more beads along the way. If Dedede is quick enough, he will eventually catch the Sneak Sack and recieve a reward of several beads.

The rest of stage requires King Dedede to jump over Boom Blocks and occasionally smash Red Buttonbees that hover above them. Dedede must also break through walls of blocks that net him a large number of beads. At the end of the level, Dedede will encounter another large bell, followed by a final Boom Block that he must jump over. Finally, King Dedede will arrive at the goal bell and strike it to gain 100 beads.


Listed below are the blocks, enemies and other obstacles that appear in Stage 1 of Dedede Gogogo. Obstacles are listed in the order that they appear.


  • Cloth Block: A block that can be smashed with King Dedede's hammer.
  • Star Bead Block: A block that can be smashed with King Dedede's hammer to gain 5 beads.
  • Denim Block: Solid blocks that cannot be destroyed. King Dedede can jump over or slide under these blocks.
  • Boom Block: A block that explodes when collided with. King Dedede will lose speed and 50 Fuse Beads if he touches this block.


  • Yarn mole: Enemies that appear from the ground as King Dedede approaches. They can be jumped over or smashed with his hammer.
  • Red Buttonbee: Bee enemies that can be found hovering in midair. When hit with Dedede's hammer, Red Buttonbees will bounce off the ground and go flying, leaving a trail of Fuse Beads behind them.
  • Sneak Sack: Foes that run from King Dedede and create a trail of beads as they move. King Dedede moves slightly faster than Sneak Sack, allowing him to eventually catch it if he is quick enough.

Rank thresholds[edit]

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Needs rank score thresholds for the old 3DS

Listed below are the minimum number of points required to achieve each rank threshold in Stage 1 of Dedede Gogogo.

New 3DS[1][edit]

  • C Rank: 0 points
  • B Rank: 600 points
  • A Rank: 1100 points
  • S Rank: 1400 points

Lumina locations[edit]

The table below describes the locations of all 8 Luminas in Stage 1 of Dedede Gogogo. Luminas resemble regular Fuse Beads, but they are larger and rainbow-colored. Collecting a Lumina nets 50 points to the player.

Lumina locations in Dedede Gogogo - Stage 1  
Lumina Location How to obtain
1 Near the beginning of the level, between sets of Cloth Blocks and Star Bead Blocks. This Lumina is on King Dedede's path and is thus easily obtained.
2 Just after the first large bell, underneath a set of Denim Blocks. Perform a Head Slide.
3 Before the Sneak Sack chase sequence. This Lumina is on King Dedede's path and is thus easily obtained.
4 A few seconds into the Sneak Sack chase, underneath a set of Denim Blocks. Perform a Head Slide.
5 To the right of two Boom Blocks above King Dedede's head. Jump immediately after passing undernath the Boom Blocks.
6 Shortly after the Sneak Sack chase, past a wall of Cloth Blocks. This Lumina is on King Dedede's path and is thus easily obtained.
7 In the middle path of a branching paths segment. Avoid jumping to the topmost path.
8 Near the end of the level, past a tall wall of cloth and Star Bead Blocks. Quickly jump after smashing through the wall of blocks.