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Radish Ruins - Room 22

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Radish Ruins - Room 22
KaTAM Radish Ruins Room 22.png
Kirby seeks treasure in a high place in Room 22.
Host area Radish Ruins
Linked from Room 21
Links to Room 23
Treasure Chest(s) Yes (Cherry & Battle Notes)
Theme music

Clip of the ambience heard in Room 22

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Radish Ruins - Room 22 is a room in Radish Ruins, the eighth area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


This room is one-way, leading into Radish Ruins - Room 23.


This room is an open area, which includes a tunnel through a hill and a collection of star blocks in the air which hold a Treasure Chest containing a cherry. Down below, another tunnel can be accessed which is blocked by a Heave-Ho Block that Kirby will need to breathe in deeply to move. At the end of this tunnel is another chest which contains the Battle Notes. From there, Kirby will encounter once again that shadowy image of himself, who will drop a present if dispatched properly.


Sprite Name Copy Ability
KNiDL Bronto Burt sprite.png Bronto Burt None
KatAMShadowKirby.png Shadow Kirby Cutter
KNiDL Sparky sprite.png Sparky Spark
KNiDL Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo Beam


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