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Enemy InfoBox
Dropso from Patch Castle
Debut Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Copy Ability N/A
Similar Enemies Drop, Pluid
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Dropso is a type of enemy that debuted in Kirby's Epic Yarn that is first seen on the Patch Castle stage. They are blue coloured stationary blobs that don't move or attack, and are generally used as a method to destroy Cloth Blocks. When destroying said obstacle with a Dropso, or by just merely defeating it, a splash sound is heard. They are usually found near dripping water. Even after destroying a Dropso, another will appear moments later in the same location.[1]


  • Dropsos are strikingly similar to the Bot enemies in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, in the fact that they respawn endlessly by dripping from the ceiling, and appearance-wise.
Dropso description from Patch Plaza.


  1. "Wrap up the Dropso and use it to break one of the Cloth Blocks just past the platform. Return to the platform to grab additional Dropsos as needed." —Prima Essential Guide Kirby's Epic Yarn (page 17)