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Kirby: The Strange Sweets Island

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Kirby: The Strange Sweets Island
Kirby Sweets Island Cover.jpg
Japanese cover of Kirby: The Strange Sweets Island
Series Kirby picture book series
Published Japan November 30, 2017
Spain: July 21, 2020[2]
France: September 9, 2021[3]
Japan July 5, 2023
Author(s) Nao Ootsuka
Illustrator(s) Tau and Poto Karino
Pages 32[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
Waddle Dee
ISBN 978-4048933568[4]
Series order
Kirby: A Stroll in the Sky Last book
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Kirby: The Strange Sweets Island[Japanese title] is the second and final book from the first Kirby picture book series, following Kirby: A Stroll in the Sky. It was written by Nao Ootsuka, illustrated by Poto and Tau Karino, and published by Kadokawa. After its original physical Japanese release on November 30, 2017,[1] it was translated and published in Spain on July 21, 2020[5][2] and France on September 9, 2021.[3] A digital version became available in Japanese on July 5, 2023.[1]

In this book, Kirby and his friend Waddle Dee visit the Sweets Islands and help spruce up the local sweets factory.


Characters of "Kirby: The Strange Sweets Island"  
Main characters
Minor characters & cameos
See #Desserts for cameos

Plot synopsis[edit]

Kirby and Waddle Dee visit the Sweets Island on a sunny day in a hot air balloon. They see a cake castle and chocolate river, and taste the sugary clouds on their way. They eventually reach a sweets factory, where they find some strange workers. The factory is a dusty mess, which they find to be odd. Kirby realizes that the workers' glasses are fogged up and cleans them. The workers see the mess, and together with Kirby and Waddle Dee, they clean up the factory.

After they clean up, the two friends stay to help the workers make and come up with ideas for some sweets. Kirby gives in to temptation and gobbles up a pink flan, then buries himself in pink desserts. Once all is finished, they decorate the backyard and arrange the desserts. The residents of the Sweets Island visit, and a party begins. As the day comes to an end, the workers thank Kirby and Waddle Dee, and the two depart while savoring a star-shaped strawberry donut.


Lists of food items, primarily desserts, can be found at the start and end of the book. Many of them are references to elements of the game series, while some are also borrowed from the original Kirby Café menu.

Addendum 1  
Dessert Image Notes
Fountain of Dreams candy KTSSI Fountain of Dreams candy.png Analogous to Star Stone candy.
Fountain of Dreams sparkling cocktail KTSSI Fountain of Dreams cocktail.png A reference to Fountain of Dreams Sparkling Cocktail from the Kirby Café.
Chocolate bomb KTSSI chocolate bomb.png Appears in the story.
Dawn in Dream Land cream soufflé KTSSI Dawn in Dream Land souffle.png Appears in the story.
Whispy's Forest herbal fruit tea KTSSI Whispy Woods tea.png
Star-shaped strawberry donut KTSSI strawberry donut.png Analogous to star-shaped chocolate and nut donut and star-shaped orange and milk donut.
Appears in the story.
Sparkling Star peach biscuits KTSSI Sparkling Star biscuits.png Analogous to Planet Popstar biscuits.
Appear in the story.
Chocolate milk with marshmallows KTSSI chocolate milk.png Depicts a Waddle Dee on the cup.
King Dedede's special shortcake KTSSI King Dedede shortcake.png Appears in the story.
Whispy's Forest precious fruits mousse KTSSI Whispy Woods mousse.png
Dream Land luxe sorbet KTSSI Dream Land sorbet.png Appears in the story.
Colorful Parasol cone KTSSI Colorful Parasol cone.png Appears in the story.
Drawcia's Dress crêpes KTSSI Drawcia crepes.png
Maxim Tomato cupcake KTSSI Maxim Tomato cupcake.png A reference to Maxim Tomato Cupcake from the Kirby Café.
Star Block honey toast KTSSI Star Block toast.png
Galboros passionate ice cream KTSSI Galboros ice cream.png Appears in the story.
Power-up Candy KTSSI Power up Candy.png Appears in the story.
Kirby fluffy pancake KTSSI Kirby pancake.png A reference to Kirby's Fluffy Pancakes from the Kirby Café.
Aqua Star strawberry daifuku KTSSI Aqua Star daifuku.png
Star orangeade KTSSI Star orangeade.png
It used to be sold at Waddle Dee's stand KTSSI Waddle Dee appetizer.png Appears in the story.
Planet Popstar biscuits KTSSI Planet Popstar biscuits.png Analogous to Sparkling Star peach biscuits.
Appear in the story.
Dark Matter dense chocolate and fruit cake KTSSI Dark Matter cake.png
Addendum 2  
Dessert Image Notes
Star Stone candy KTSSI Star Stone candy.png Analogous to Fountain of Dreams candy.
Kirby's Buttocks peach flan KTSSI Kirby flan.png Features a butterfly decoration.
Appears in the story.
Paradise Explosive Coconut KTSSI Explosive Coconut.png
Star-shaped chocolate and nut donut KTSSI chocolate donut.png Analogous to star-shaped strawberry donut and star-shaped orange and milk donut.
Coffee that Meta Knight secretly drinks every night KTSSI Meta Knight coffee.png A reference to The Parfait that Meta Knight Secretly Eats Every Night from the Kirby Café.
Nutty Noon pretzels KTSSI Nutty Noon pretzels.png
Chef Kawasaki's secret fruit jam KTSSI Chef Kawasaki jam.png
Warp Star chocolate manjū KTSSI Warp Star manju.png
Frozen Hillside strawberry snowy milk KTSSI Frozen Hillside snowy milk.png Appears in the story.
Star Block gumdrops KTSSI Star Block gumdrops.png
Star-shaped orange and milk donut KTSSI orange donut.png Analogous to star-shaped strawberry donut and star-shaped chocolate and nut donut.
Citric surfing waves KTSSI citric waves.png
Star-shaped fluffy pancake with matcha tea and azuki bean paste KTSSI star pancake.png

The following table lists the most notable cameo desserts or their ingredients. Names are conjectural unless otherwise noted.

Food in the story  
Dessert Image Description
Kabu flour KTSSI Kabu flour.png A bag of wheat flour with Kabu depicted on it.
Kirby milk KTSSI Kirby milk.png A carton of milk with Kirby depicted on it.
Waddle Dee milk KTSSI Waddle Dee milk.png A carton of milk with Waddle Dee depicted on it.
Deluxe Parfait KTSSI Deluxe Parfait.png An upside-down Parasol-like cup with two scoops of ice cream depicting Kirby and Waddle Dee. Has a Star Rod ornament popping out. Designed and named by Waddle Dee.
Colorful ice cream cake KTSSI colorful cake.png A cake topped with whipped cream, cherries, a waffle, Sparkling Star peach biscuit, and several scoops of ice cream. The layout somewhat resembles Lollipop Land's hub.
Chilly ice cream KTSSI Chilly ice cream.png Two scoops of ice cream piled one atop another depicting Chilly.
Strawberry Shortcake KTSSI Strawberry Shortcake.png A large shortcake that shares similarities with the shortcake from Kirby: Squeak Squad.
Chocolate Fountain of Dreams KTSSI chocolate Fountain of Dreams.png A large chocolate fountain with a Star Rod on top that resembles the Fountain of Dreams.
Star Candy KTSSI Star Candy.png A star-shaped lollipop similar to the collectible from Stellar Way.
Rick ice cream bowl KTSSI Rick ice cream.png A waffle bowl with whipped cream and two scoops of ice cream piled on atop another, decorated with seeds to resemble Rick.
Coo's feather cake KTSSI Coo cake.png A two-layered cake with purple frosting and several feather-like decorations, with a stripy white dome and feather in the center resembling Coo.
Kine punch KTSSI Kine punch.png A large glass bowl full of fruity punch with orange ornaments, as well as oranges inside that resemble Kine.


Source, language Description and translation  
Kadokawa (Japanese) くいしんぼうのカービィが、親友のワドルディと、スイーツ島にしゅっぱつ!

でも、あれれ? なんだかスイーツがへんだぞ……?


The gluttonous Kirby, together with his best friend Waddle Dee, departs for Sweets Island!

This is the second picture book about Kirby, the popular game character.
This time, he's going to visit Sweets Island with his best friend Waddle Dee!
In a big factory that makes sweets, a group of people wearing strange glasses meet together.
But, what's this? There's something wrong with these sweets...?

Looks like Kirby and Waddle Dee will have plenty to do on the strange Sweets Island, too!

ECC Ediciones (Spanish) Personajes de la historia:

Kirby. Vive en Dream Land y es un glotón.

Waddle Dee . Es un amigo de Kirby. Tiene un carácter fuerte pero cariñoso.

Characters of the story:

Kirby. He lives in Dream Land and is a glutton.

Waddle Dee. Kirby's friend. Has a strong yet caring personality.

Amazon, Mana Books (French) Découvrez le plus rose des personnages de Nintendo dans un album jeunesse officiel ! Une aventure drôle et sucrée pour les plus petits !
La gourmandise de Kirby n’a pas de limites !
Notre joyeuse boule rose part avec Waddle Dee dans une gigantesque fabrique de gâteaux. Mais pourquoi les biscuits sont-ils tout gris ?

Discover Nintendo's pinkest character in this official picture book! An exciting and sweet adventure for the youngest!
Kirby's gluttony has no limits!
Our jolly pink puffball and Waddle Dee visit a gigantic sweets factory. But why are all the biscuits gray?



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ おかしなスイーツしま
Hoshi no Kaabii: Okashina suitsu shima
Kirby of the Stars: The Strange Sweets Island
European French Kirby - L'île aux friandises[3] Kirby - The sweets island
European Spanish Kirby de las estrellas: La extraña isla de los dulces[2] Kirby of the stars: The strange sweets island