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Meta Knight (boss stage)

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Meta Knight
KEY Meta Knight Preview.png
Preview screen for Meta Knight.
Treasures -Meta Knight Soundtrack
Patch Switch Patch
Devil(s) (Devilish Mode) We-Devil
Theme music
Stage order
Stellar Way Moon Base
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This article is about the boss stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. For the character in a general context, see Meta Knight.

Meta Knight serves as the boss stage of Space Land, and is unlocked after using the Switch Patch obtained from Stellar Way. As the title implies, Meta Knight is fought here. Completing this stage is required to gain access to Dream Land, and obtaining a high bead score is necessary to obtain the Satellite Patch and access Moon Base.

Patch animation[edit]

Tossing the patch activates the fortress in the middle of the map, turning on the lights and causing the door to open.


In battle, Meta Knight will create waves by slashing his sword, which can be turned into yarn balls with Kirby's Yarn Whip to be thrown back at him. He has four swords during his battle. The swords that he uses in order are green, blue, purple and red. If Kirby collects enough beads during Meta Knight's battle, he will get the Satellite Patch, which allows him to enter the Moon Base.

During the fight, Meta Knight will alternate at random between six different attacks, listed as follows:

  • Meta Knight swoops toward Kirby or Fluff and performs a spinning slash.
  • Meta Knight creates curved energy projectiles that fly in at an arc. These can be collected using the Yarn Whip to retaliate. The size and number of these blasts can vary.
  • Meta Knight flies overhead and performs a spinning slash as he drops (starts on second phase).
  • Meta Knight channels energy into his sword, making it grow huge. He then sweeps one side of the stage with it (starts on third phase).
  • Meta Knight flies overhead and then strikes downward with a Down Thrust (starts on third phase).
  • Meta Knight conjures two yarn tornadoes which sweep across the stage (starts on final phase).

Meta Knight also becomes faster with each phase, making it more difficult not to get hit by his attacks.

In Devilish Mode, We-Devil also appears to attack Kirby during the entirety of the boss battle.

Medal Bead scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 750 points
  • Silver - 1500 points
  • Gold - 2250 points
  • Patch - 3100 points

A perfect score in this stage is 4000 points.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メタナイト
Meta Naito
Meta Knight
French Meta Knight -
German Meta-Knight -
Italian Meta Knight -
Korean 메타 나이트
meta naiteu
Meta Knight
Spanish Meta Knight -


Video walkthrough[edit]

Flawless fight with Meta Knight.