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The Beginner's Room (theme)

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Beginner's Room
Various arrangements of the "The Beginner's Room" theme.
Debut appearance Kirby Super Star (1996)
Last appearance Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015)
Other appearance(s) Kirby Air Ride
Kirby: Canvas Curse
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa or Dan Miyakawa
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"The Beginner's Room" is a song from Kirby Super Star. It plays when viewing the tutorial in the place of the same name.


The Beginner's Room tutorials are short and to the point, and that mood is reflected by its theme.

This moderately fast theme is in 4/4 and in the key of F major. It has two primary sections, determined by the bass style: 8th note chords or 16th note arpeggios. The first section's melody features ornamented falls down a second, sounding similar to a woodwind instrument. It plays three times through minor harmonies before settling on F major. A brighter instrument repeats the same phrase before making way for the second segment. This short part features a similar melody with a wider range, rising nature and higher pitch. It concludes with a descent to a dominant function centering around G. After it plays twice, the track loops.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

This theme plays in Kirby Super Star and its remake when viewing the tutorials for Spring Breeze, Gourmet Race, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive and Milky Way Wishes.

Kirby Air Ride[edit]

A remix of this song can be unlocked as the alternate theme for Beanstalk Park by completing the Air Ride checklist objective Time Attack: BEANSTALK PARK Finish in under 02:55:00!.

Kirby: Canvas Curse[edit]

Kirby: Canvas Curse remixes this song in its training mode. This techno-like remix is slower than the original version.

Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition[edit]

The original version of the theme, from Kirby Super Star, plays in the Training Rooms of the New Challenge Stages sub-game.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

In Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, a remix of the theme can be unlocked by collecting one of the Treasure Chests found in the Kirby Rocket's Big Blastoff stage, to then be played in the game's Music Room. This version is in a different key (C major) and, like the Canvas Curse arrangement, is slower than the original.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 初心者しよしんしや部屋へや
Shoshinsha no heya
The Beginner's Room
French Chambre des débutants Beginners' room
German The Beginner's Room -
Italian The Beginner's Room -
Latin American Spanish Sala para principiantes Room for beginners
European Spanish The Beginner's Room -