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KatRC Sawgill.png
First game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Latest game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Other game(s) Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Similar entities Joe, Gussa
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Sawgill is a saw-bearing fish enemy which debuted in Kirby's Epic Yarn and later appeared in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. He can typically be found in bodies of water, patrolling a distinct area. If left on land, he will only be able to flop about. His saw can harm Kirby, but he can be easily defeated from behind.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby's Epic Yarn[edit]

Screenshot from Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Quote1.png This guy packs one of the most dangerous saws in the ocean! Quote2.png
— Patch Plaza caption

Sawgill made his first appearance in this game. He can be found in a few aquatic stages, starting with Splash Beach. He can deflect attacks on the front with his saw, but he is vulnerable from behind.


Sawgill can be found in the following levels and stages in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn:

Sawgill locations in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Patch Castle Xmark.png Deep-Dive Deep Yescheck.png
Fountain Gardens Xmark.png Boom Boatyard Xmark.png
Flower Fields Xmark.png Fossil Reef Xmark.png
Rainbow Falls Xmark.png Snowy Fields Xmark.png
Big-Bean Vine Xmark.png Cozy Cabin Xmark.png
Mole Hole Xmark.png Mt. Slide Xmark.png
Weird Woods Xmark.png Frosty Wheel Yescheck.png
Pyramid Sands Xmark.png Frigid Fjords Xmark.png
Lava Landing Xmark.png Evergreen Lift Xmark.png
Cool Cave Xmark.png Future City Xmark.png
Dino Jungle Xmark.png Tube Town Xmark.png
Temper Temple Xmark.png Mysterious UFO Xmark.png
Dusk Dunes Xmark.png Stellar Way Xmark.png
Toy Tracks Xmark.png Moon Base Xmark.png
Mushroom Run Xmark.png Outer Rings Xmark.png
Sweets Park Xmark.png Whispy's Forest Xmark.png
Melody Town Xmark.png Tempest Towers Xmark.png
Cocoa Station Xmark.png Cloud Palace Xmark.png
Dark Manor Xmark.png Castle Dedede Xmark.png
Splash Beach Yescheck.png Meta Melon Isle Yescheck.png
Blub-Blub Ocean Yescheck.png Battleship Halberd Xmark.png
Secret Island Xmark.png

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

Sawgill's figurine in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Quote1.png Sawgill is the rowdiest, most rambunctious fish in the sea, and he knows it. He takes great pride in that magnificent saw of his, but no one will come anywhere near him. Can you blame them? Quote2.png
— Figurine caption

Sawgill returns in this title, bearing a somewhat different design from before. In this title, he swims in a straight line fairly slowly. His big saw will harm Kirby if he touches it, even if he is using a dash or Star Dash. However, Sawgill can be easily defeated by hitting his body instead, conferring 100 points and 3 Point Stars.


In Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Sawgill appears in the following locations:

Sawgill locations in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse  
Green Valley Yellow Dunes Indigo Ocean Blue Sky Palace Orange Woodland Red Volcano Purple Fortress