Challenge 15

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Challenge 15
KatRC Challenge Room 15-1.png
The first room in Challenge 15.
Challenge Nr. 15
Type One-Minute Challenge
Unlock req. Collect 30 Treasure Chests
Level Progression
Challenge 14 Challenge 16
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Challenge 15 is the fifteenth stage of Challenge Mode in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.


Challenge 15 is a One-Minute Challenge, divided into four rooms with 15 seconds per room. The rooms are as follows:

Room Description Notes
KatRC Challenge Room 15-1.png
Room 1
This room is shaped into a winding path by two sets of decks. The lower half of the room is flooded with water. Kirby will need to make his way across to reach the chest in the lower-left and be careful not to accidentally float above the lower deck when he is down there.
KatRC Challenge Room 15-2.png
Room 2
This room is also half-flooded with water. The chest is located above a barrier which can be opened by hitting the Bomb Block on the bottom.
KatRC Challenge Room 15-3.png
Room 3
This room features a Gray Zone on the left side, where Kirby starts just below the treasure chest. He will need to lead to the right and make use of the water geyser to launch over to the chest.
KatRC Challenge Room 15-4.png
Room 4
This room is entirely flooded with water. Kirb will need ot activate the five light panels to make the chest appear up near the ceiling.