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The Weight transformation as it appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

The Weight[1] (also known as 2 Ton Kirby[2]) is a transformation usable by both Kirby and Prince Fluff.

The Weight form itself is basically a heavier, weight-shaped version of Kirby. This transformation's action, however, is similar to that of the Stone ability, used in previous games. But instead of turning into a rock, a weight. The Weight can damage foes, similarly to how Stone can, by simply dropping on top of them. It is also able to crush Cloth Blocks with ease,[3] but unlike Stone, Kirby will revert to normal within a few seconds after he lands. The Weight can be used at any time, by pressing "Down" twice in midair. However, Kirby/Prince Fluff are not invincible while transformed, and still lose beads when they make contact with certain enemies (Gordos for example). The Parachute and Weight are the only transformations undergone using jumping actions.

Note: In Moon Base of Space Land, when the gravity is turned on, the Weight has no effect on anything, excluding being used as an anchor for Kirby/Prince Fluff.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Kirby Pesa[4] Weight Kirby
French Poids de Kirby 2 tonnes[5] 2 Ton Kirby Weight


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