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Castle Lololo

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Castle Lololo
KDL Castle Lololo.png
Kirby's sneezes cause stars to fall from the sky in the opening scene for Castle Lololo.
Boss Lololo & Lalala
Mid-Bosses Lololo
Theme music

Clip of the music from Castle Lololo.

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World order
Green Greens Float Islands
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This article is about the stage in Kirby's Dream Land. For the Battle Stage in the Kirby Fighters games, see Castle Lololo (Battle Stage).

Castle Lololo is the second stage in Kirby's Dream Land, taking place within a large and convoluted palatial structure full of spooky enemies. The boss of this stage is Lololo & Lalala, who also act as the first tag-team boss of the series.

Castle Lololo is the only stage that does not appear as a standalone region in Spring Breeze of Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. However, parts of the level were incorporated into Float Islands, including the boss fight against Lololo and Lalala. The events from Castle Lololo's intro were also added into that of Bubbly Clouds.


On a deck of the castle, overlooking a body of water, Kirby lets out a big sneeze and causes some of the stars in the sky to fall into the water. He sneezes again, causing another star to fall, hit him on the head, and knock him into the water as well.


Kirby hovering up the second section.

Castle Lololo features a much more complex stage structure than the preceding level Green Greens, consisting of many smaller rooms with varying types of obstacles and a number of different paths to take to get through the stage. There are many tricky enemies to deal with, including the first instances of the (mostly) invulnerable enemies Gordo and Shotzo, and ghostly floating enemies such as Booler, Mumbies, and Two Face. Kirby also gains access to a number of items that he can use against his enemies, such as the microphone, Candy, and Spicy Food. Additionally, one room contains a pool of water which will limit Kirby's movement and attack options as he wades through it.

Room breakdown[edit]

Castle Lololo consists of 15 rooms. Two of these are optional side rooms, another two can potentially be skipped, and yet another two are areas where Kirby fights the mid-boss and bosses. The following is a brief overview of what is contained in each room:

The first room is a single screen outside the castle itself. A Broom Hatter can be seen above the door into the castle.

The second room contains a couple of enemies and a microphone to deal with them. Kirby can head through the door immediately to the right to proceed, but can also head upward and head through a different door to access the first side area, which contains a Shotzo and a recovery item.

The third room is a dark hallway that stretches off to the right, past a number of flying enemies.

The fourth room is a hallway which loops on itself and is filled with enemies which try to ambush Kirby. There are two different paths to take from here; the upper door skips forward to the seventh area, while the lower door takes Kirby through a few extra areas first:

  • The fifth room through the lower door has Kirby swimming through a flooded passageway dodging Gordos and Glunks.
  • The sixth room has Kirby climbing up an exterior portion of the castle, where a Candy can be found to deal with any obstacles along the way.
Kirby floating in the underwater passage.

The seventh room is another dark hallway, patrolled by more enemies. At the end of the path, a Warp Star can be seen down a pit, which will take Kirby out of the hole to the right, crashing into another wall of the castle.

The eighth room pits Kirby against Lololo, who attacks by emerging from one of four doorways to push blocks at Kirby. Once Lololo is defeated, Kirby can take any one of the doors to the right to proceed.

The ninth room is a large open space decked with platforms of various shape and size. A large pyramid in the middle is composed partially of star blocks. There are two doors to be taken from here. The first is a door to the right, and the second is a door above, which, once Kirby approaches it, will be swarmed by a circle of floating enemies. The upper door leads to the second side-room, where two Boolers guard a Pep Brew and a bowl of Spicy Food. The door to the right is the only way forward.

The tenth room is an exterior area of the castle featuring a staircase, which is swarmed by Broom Hatters and other foes.

Kirby in a room of Castle Lololo with many doorways.

The eleventh room is a passage leading upward past Gordos and other enemies. A Pep Brew can be seen in a side chamber to the left behind a star block. There are several doors in this area, but most of them only link to each-other in the same area. Only the door at the top-right leads forward.

The twelfth room is another exterior area, featuring a brief staircase leading to the door to the boss area.

The final room is a singular chamber consisting of four stacked hallways, which can be passed between via certain spots in the floors. Eight doorways can be seen in this area, but Kirby cannot use any of them. Instead they are used by the Bosses Lololo & Lalala, to enter and exit, while pushing blocks to harm Kirby with. Kirby will have to use their blocks to defeat them, one at a time. Once both are defeated, he will be whisked to a separate open area, where he can obtain the second Sparkling Star and complete the stage.

Enemies, Mid-Boss, and Boss[edit]

Kirby battling Lololo & Lalala, the bosses of Castle Lololo
Sprites (Normal/Extra) Normal Enemy Extra Enemy Sprites (Normal/Extra) Normal Enemy Extra Enemy
KDL Booler sprite.png KDL Gaspar sprite.png Booler Gaspar KDL Gordo sprite.png Gordo No
KDL Bronto Burt sprite.png KDL Koozer sprite.png Bront Burt Koozer KDL Mumbies sprite.png KDL Skuller sprite.png Mumbies Skuller
KDL Broom Hatter sprite.png Broom Hatter No KDL Shotzo sprite.png KDL Blatzy sprite.png Shotzo Blatzy
KDL Chuckie sprite.png KDL Hurly sprite.png Chuckie Hurly KDL Two Face sprite.png KDL Mr P Umpkin sprite.png Two Face Mr. P. Umpkin
KDL Flapper sprite.png Flapper No KDL Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee No
KDL Glunk sprite.png Glunk No KDL Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo No
Sprite Name
KDL Lololo sprite.png Lololo
Sprite Name
KDL Lololo sprite.png KDL Lalala sprite.png Lololo & Lalala

References in later games[edit]

Screenshot from Rainbow Resort - Stage 6 in Kirby's Adventure, which resembles Castle Lololo.

The following are direct references to Castle Lololo in later Kirby games:

Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

Stage 6 of Rainbow Resort is a truncated homage to Kirby's Dream Land, with one of its rooms being based on Castle Lololo in particular.

Kirby Fighters series[edit]

Main article: Castle Lololo (Battle Stage)

In all three iterations of Kirby Fighters, one of its Battle Stages is based on Castle Lololo, particularly the battle with Lololo & Lalala. However, this stage is based on the Spring Breeze version of the fight, which technically takes place in Float Islands instead.

Kirby's Blowout Blast[edit]

Level 3 of Kirby's Blowout Blast is inspired by Castle Lololo, and uses the same stage music, as well as the same boss.


Kirby's Dream Land Instruction Booklet (NA Print)[edit]

Plenty of Strange Things Await You in This Castle
One step inside this spooky castle and you'll know that something weird is going on! You'll have to be careful here because some of the nasties that float around here can't be beat just by inhaling them. The not so famous twins Lololo and Lalala rule this castle of gloom.