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Boss Lololo and Lalala
Mid-Bosses Lololo
World Order
Green Greens Float Islands
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Castle Lololo is the second level in Kirby's Dream Land, and is fused with Float Islands in Spring Breeze of Kirby Super Star. The boss of this level is Lololo and Lalala, the first tag-team boss of the game.


On a deck of the castle, overlooking a body of water, Kirby lets out a big sneeze and causes some of the stars in the sky to fall into the water. He sneezes again, causing another star to fall, hit him on the head, and knock him into the water as well.


The level begins on a single screen outside the castle itself. A Broom Hatter can be seen sweeping back and forth on the gatehouse, over the door to the next section. Kirby can proceed directly through the door, or deal with the Broom Hatter if he wants. If he takes too long though, the Broom Hatter will hop off the gatehouse toward him.

The door leads to a small room, where several enemies can be seen moving about. To the right is a Mike on top of a platform. Inhaling it and spitting it back out will cause Kirby to shout into it, defeating every enemy on the screen. Swallowing the mike will do nothing. From there, there are two paths to take. The first is the door directly to the right of the mike platform. There is another door above, however, past a Booler and an invulnerable Shotzo. This door leads to a side chamber containing two Boolers and two Energy Drinks.

The lower door leads to a dark hallway that stretches off to the right, past a number of flying enemies. The door to the next section can be found at the end of the hall.

The door leads to an area inside the castle consisting of several stacked hallways. Immediately to the right is a Two Face, which cannot be inhaled until it reveals its other face and attacks. From there, Kirby can proceed to the left or the right, past numerous question mark boxes. These boxes hold Chuckies, which occasionally pop out and can hurt Kirby if he's not careful. What Kirby will quickly realize however, if he walks in either direction for long enough, is that the hallway loops endlessly on itself. Despite appearances, there are only two doors to take in this area, one on the top deck, and another on the bottom deck. The top door leads directly to Section 7, while the lower door leads to Section 5.

The lower door leads to a split series of underwater passage, filled with Glunks and Gordos. The Gordos are completely invulnerable, and as such, should be avoided at all costs, since touching one deals a whopping three points of damage. One of them guards an Energy Drink, so Kirby should consider whether or not it's worth the risk to obtain it. While swimming, Kirby has no means of attack, so the Glunks and their projectiles should also be avoided. The door to the next section can be found below, at the end of the rightmost path.

The door leads to an exterior section of the castle. From the moat, Kirby can float upward along the towerside, finding an Invincible Candy along the wall crevices. Eating it makes him completely impervious to damage for a short while, which will make his ascent up the tower that much easier. The door to the next section can be found at the top of the tower.

The door leads to another dark hallway, patrolled with more enemies. If Kirby still has invincibility, he can plow through them with ease. At the end of the path, a Warp Star can be seen down a pit. Grabbing onto it will cause Kirby to be shot out of the hole to the right, crashing into another wall of the castle.

The Warp Star lands Kirby in a checkered room with four distinct doorways at the end of platform decks of various length. Here, Lololo appears and tries to push blocks at Kirby to harm him. These blocks can be swallowed and spat back at the mischievous thing to defeat him. Once Lololo is gone, Kirby can take any one of the doors to the right to proceed to the next section.

The doors lead to a large open room decked with platforms of various shape and size. A large pyramid in the middle is composed partially of star blocks, which can be inhaled or destroyed. There are two doors to be taken from here. The first is a door to the right, and the second is a door above, which, once Kirby approaches it, will be swarmed by a circle of floating enemies. Of them, only the Boolers can be inhaled. The upper door leads to a side-chamber, where two Boolers guard an Energy Drink and a Superspicy Curry. Eating the latter item causes Kirby to gush fire from his mouth, which can be used to easily dispatch the circle of enemies that will reappear in the main room.

The lower door leads to an exterior area of the castle, which is swarmed by Broom Hatters and other foes. The path leads to the right up a staircase, which eventually yields the door to the next section.

The door leads to a passage leading upward past Gordos and other nuisances. An Energy Drink can be seen in a side chamber to the left behind a star block. There are several doors in this area, but most of them only link to each-other in the same area. Only the door at the top-right leads to the next section.

The door leads to another exterior castle area, with more enemies to be dealt with. Up another staircase is the door to the next section.

The door leads into a chamber consisting of four stacked hallways. Kirby can move between these hallways by passing through the soft platforms in certain places on the floors. Eight doorways can be seen in this area, but Kirby cannot use any of them. Instead they are used by the Bosses Lololo & Lalala, to enter and exit, while pushing blocks to harm Kirby with. Kirby will have to use their blocks to defeat them, one at a time. Once both are defeated, he will be whisked to a separate open area, where he can obtain the second of the Sparkling Stars, then proceed to the next level, Float Islands.

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  • Lololo and Lalala are two characters who actually come from an older series of games, called The Adventures of Lolo on NES. As that series was also developed by HAL, their appearance here can be considered a cameo.
  • The music of this level has been reused and remixed a number of times, most notably in Kirby Air Ride, where it became Dyna Blade's theme, and in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, where it became part of the Game Over theme.