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Kirby 64 Level InfoBox
Rock Star as seen from space in Kirby 64.
Level Nr. 2
Stages 5
Boss Pix
Level Progression
<-- Pop Star Aqua Star -->
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Rock Star is the fragmented second world encountered by Kirby and Ribbon during their mission to rid the realm of Dark Matter in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. While this region appears exclusively composed of space rock, the regions that Kirby can explore within the "star" carry quite the variety, ranging from arid deserts to sandy caves, and finally even to the technologically-savvy innards of an extraterrestrial spaceship; Kirby will venture far and wide through these diverse lands to face the level's boss, Pix, located at the summit of the spaceship at the final stage.

Like in all worlds of The Crystal Shards, the first four stages within the Rock Star hide three Crystal Shards, while the final stage rewards only one after the defeat of the boss. Nevertheless, all shards within one level need not to be collected before Kirby is granted access to the next; Kirby must simply complete the level.


The following is a brief overview of each stage of Rock Star and their contents. For a full guide on how to obtain the Crystal Shards, see the Crystal Shard page.

Stage 1

Kirby traverses the arid sands in Stage 1.

Room 1 - The stage begins out in an arid desert region, with dunes of orange sand. The path continues to the right past small outcroppings of rock between the sand, patrolled by enemies. The path eventually leads into a sandstone ruin to the right.

Room 2 - Inside the first room, Kirby will have to contend with some barricades, patrolled by Bronto Burts and I3s. The way out is to the right, up a hole in the ceiling.

Room 3 - In this room, Kirby has to battle up a hill of sand to fight the Mid-Boss Kacti. Defeating it opens the door to the right, and reveals a Crystal Shard.

Room 4 - In this room, Kirby will have to make his way up an auto-scrolling vertical chamber as sand fills the room. If Kirby is caught between the sand and a floor, he will be crushed. At the top, it will seem there is no way out, but then Waddle Dee busts a hole through the ceiling to help his pink buddy.

Room 5 - Back outside, the path leads off to the right into the desert. Along the way, some greenery can be found, along with many more things that do not like the color pink. Past a bunch of Gobblins, the end of the stage can be reached.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Base Abilities

Stage 2

King Dedede helps get Kirby through a ruin labyrinth in Stage 2.

Room 1 - The stage begins out on a green pasture in the desert. Kirby will make his way past white columns which of course have enemies patrolling them. Kirby also happens to have the worst luck in Rock Star, as many of the pillars are primed to fall on him. The path continues for a ways, as Kirby deals with more varieties of foe, until the next area is accessible to the right.

Room 2 - This area is a large stacked ruin with crumbling floors. At the top, a 1-Up can be collected. The way forward can be found into a much more substantial ruin to the right.

Room 3 - This area is a dark room where Noo will appear from the walls to harass Kirby. There is no floor beneath the platforms here, so Kirby should move through here carefully.

Room 4 - This area is a large well-lit room with many pools of water inside. Along the way, there are some light tiles in the floor. Kirby should be careful not to linger on these, as they will rise quickly up into the air, and likely crush him on the ceiling.

Room 5 - The next area has Kirby traipsing an exterior wall, lined will all sorts of defenses, including Shotzos firing from the background.

Room 6 - In the next room, King Dedede joins the fray, and Kirby will jump onto his back. From here on to the end of the stage, the player will control Dedede. He can't fly like Kirby, but his hammer is a potent weapon, and can be used to bust down walls. Dedede will have to navigate this labyrinthine area in order to find the stage exit at the top-right.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None.

Base Abilities

Stage 3

Kirby explores a huge underground chasm in Stage 3.

Room 1 - The stage begins with Kirby falling into a huge cave from a hole in the ceiling. The path continues to the right through this massive region, past a large skeleton with a crystal shard inside, and many spooky enemies. At the right end of the path, Kirby has to jump into a sand pit to move to the next area.

Room 2 - The pit leads to a sandy circular chamber. There are two pits along this path that lead further down. The right pit leads directly to Room 4.

Room 3 - The left pit leads to a mid-boss encounter with Fishbone. Defeating it is necessary to proceed downward.

Room 4 - In the next chamber, there are two separate areas, one of which Kirby will end up on. The path on the back contains a crystal shard. The path continues down another sand pit.

Room 5 - Both paths leads down to a lower pathway, which leads past puddles of water and sand pots. These pits contain Snippers, so Kirby should not linger there. At the end, the path continues down a hole inside a pool.

Room 6 - Kirby falls down a waterfall to another pool, which then leads ashore to a sandy path with more Snippers. At the right end of the path, Kirby will jump into another pool and swim to the right.

Room 7 - The next path is an entirely underwater affair. Kirby has to first descend a chute full of Fishbone to reach a passageway at the bottom.

Room 8 - Still underwater, the path leads up another chute. Going up, Kirby will have to dodge some fossil spinal columns that will fall his way. The stage exit can be found to the right from the top of the chute.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Base Abilities

Stage 4

Kirby uses the elevator while dodging Wall Shotzos in Stage 4.

Room 1 - The stage begins outside in the desert. Off in the distance, a large black pyramid can be seen. As Kirby approaches it, it begins to rise out of the sand, revealing a much more complicated structure. Kirby will eventually make his way to the base of the alien structure, and get on an elevator to enter it.

Room 2 - The next area is an ascent using the elevator. Kirby will have to dodge Wall Shotzo blasts along the way.

Room 3 - This room has several crystalline conveyers that move through the walls. Kirby will have to wait for a gap in the belt to move upward, but should be careful not to get crushed by them. At the top, some Spark-is guard the hole in the ceiling that leads to the next room.

Room 4 - This area is a small dark room. Adeleine can be seen here, looking at something in the background that can't quite be discerned.

Room 5 - The next room is full of Switches. To press them, Kirby has to Duck on them. It's not necessary to push any in order to move forward, however.

Room 6 - The next room is a wide open area inside the structure, with lots of moving platforms. Just like before, Kirby should try not to get crushed here. At the top, another moving platform will take Kirby to the next room.

Room 7 - In this room, Kirby must fight a mid-boss version of Spark-i. Defeating it causes a crystal shard to appear, and opens the way upward.

Room 8 - This area is a tall tower, where Kirby has to climb poles that Bivolts patrol. The stage exit can be found through a hole in the ceiling.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Base Abilities

Stage 5 (Boss: Pix)

Kirby does battle with Pix atop the pyramid.

The fight begins on a large circular platform that is rising from the top of the pyramid. As the platform rises, Pix appears, one piece at a time. It will harass Kirby with its blades, but cannot be attacked in turn during this part.

Once the platform reaches the top, Pix will change its fighting strategy, and strange globs will appear out of the floor that match the color of Pix itself. If Kirby has no Copy Ability, he will have to attack Pix by shooting a particular color glob at the matching color Pix diamond. Once all of the diamonds are broken, Pix is defeated, and Kirby can collect the last crystal shard in the level.

Ending Cutscene

The team is walking across a big empty desert. Adeleine notices that Kirby is falling behind, and alerts the rest of the group. Kirby is on the ground, and he looks up desperately at the rest of his party, seeing them as a mirage of food. Adeleine remedies the situation by getting out her canvas and painting a meal for her friends. While they eat, the crystal shimmers and turns into a portal to the next world, Aqua Star. Seeing this, the party jumps in through the portal. Kirby is left behind though, still eating his shortcake slice. King Dedede grabs him from within the portal just as it closes.


The stage select screen for Rock Star.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホロビタスター
Horobita Sutā
Ruined Star
  • ホロビタ can be written as ほろびた (ruined).