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Level hub

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Screenshot from the level hub for Vegetable Valley in Kirby's Adventure

A level hub (also known as a level map or level select area) is an image, visual representation, or fully playable space where individual stages can be selected. They are distinguished from World Maps in that they only represent a segmented portion of playable content, as opposed to all of it, and are usually accessible from World Maps as sub-menus or areas, as opposed to the other way around.

Level hubs typically have a theme to them, such as a grassy area, ruins, tropical sea, volcanic region, or deep space. Stages contained therein therefore will usually follow the theme of the level hub.

Game appearances[edit]

Level hubs debuted in Kirby's Adventure, with a playable area that Kirby can traverse containing doors to each stage which are unlocked one-after-the-other. In this title, there is no world hub from which to access the levels, so instead they are linked to each-other via warp rooms and doors. Other games that utilize full playable level hubs include the following:

Some games, such as Kirby: Squeak Squad, feature more traditional level select areas in which the player does not have full control of Kirby.

Games that include partially playable level hubs, or just stage select screens include the following:

In Kirby Star Allies, the Story Mode features a more open explorable series of level hubs, with Kirby and his friends controlled freely (whether on foot or on a Warp Star) with a simplified moveset, rather than just jumping to the next stage like in most other partially playable level hubs. In addition, some of the level hubs feature Point Stars which can be collected to add to the total. Kirby and the Forgotten Land features level hubs explorable by Warp Star, in much the same manner.


  • The only two games in the main Kirby series which make no use of level hubs or stage select screens are Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
    • Despite this, there are still maps of each area in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror which can be obtained by collecting the Area Map in each level.