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Kirby's Block Ball - Stage 10

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Stage 10
KBBa Stage 10 selected.png
Stage 10 from the stage selection screen.
Border Line score 120000
Copy Abilities Burn, Needle, Spark, Stone
Boss Brobo
Stage order
Stage 9 Stage 11 (if conditions are met) →
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Stage 10 of Kirby's Block Ball is the tenth of eleven stages in the game, featured as a giant cog island in the lower-left of the map. This stage features five rounds and any one of the four Copy Abilities in the form of the Ability Changer, and hosts Brobo as its boss. The Border Line score for this stage is 120000 points.

Intro cutscene[edit]

A portion of the intro cutscene, demonstrating the Block Flip.

After the stage is selected, a brief cutscene plays which demonstrates how the Block Flip functions (despite the item appearing in several previous stages up to this point). The scene begins with a grid of nine blocks of checkered shading, with two Waddle Dees guarding them. Kirby bounces into the Waddle Dees, replacing them with Block Flip items, and then hits each Block Flip, causing the blocks to change between White and Gray, then back again. After this, two Kirbys fall into the spots where the Waddle Dees had been, and sport a top hat and a Star Rod. The Kirbys pose by lifting their hats.


Stage 10 consists of three Block Areas, one Target-Shooting Area featuring Brobo, and a Boss Area against Brobo in a robotic suit. These rooms are lain out as follows:

Round Description
KBBa Stage 10-1.png
Round 10-1
The first area features a tight block formation with paddles on all four sides with spike pits in the lower three. The formation is bordered by a line of Power Blocks, with many smaller blocks of varying type inside. Two small chambers inside are contained by Ability Blocks. The left of these contains a Propeller who drops an Ability Changer, and the right contains a Warp Star which can be used to access a Sub-Game. A Booler also resides in the formation who drops a Block Flip when defeated.

The round is complete when all Blocks (save the Ability Blocks) are removed.

KBBa Stage 10-2.png
Round 10-2
The second area features another dense block formation surrounded on all four sides by spike beds and paddles. On top of the formation are two Mumbies who drop Block Flips on defeat. Inside the formation are a Switch Star and a Bouncy who drops an Ability Changer, though the latter can only be accessed by breaking through Ability Blocks. A seemingly empty space on the left side in the formation contains a Score Block.

The round is complete when all Blocks (save the Ability and Indestructible Blocks) are removed.

KBBa Stage 10-3.png
Round 10-3
The third area consists of a long spiral which can be accessed only through a small hole on the left-hand side. Kirby will be unable to break through any of the blocks until he reaches the center and activates the Bonus Chance by touching the Switch Star. A Bronto Burt can be found outside the spiral, and a Kookler can be found near the center who drops a Crash item which removes the Indestructible Blocks.

The round is complete when all of the Power Blocks have been removed.

KBBa Stage 10-4.png
Round 10-4 (Target-Shooting)
The fourth area features a complex formation of Star Blocks and other assorted blocks. In the middle, a strange round creature with disembodied hands can be seen patrolling the area. This creature is called Brobo, and is a newcomer to the series through this game. Brobo must be hit four times to call a Warp Star to take Kirby to the Boss Area.

The area is complete once Kirby touches the Warp Star.

KBBa Brobo.png
Round 10-5 (boss)
In the last area, Kirby must contend with Brobo, who is now situated inside a barrel-shaped robotic suit. Brobo jumps between three platforms, and attacks by shooting its hands out as bombs toward the paddles, shrinking them on hit or removing Star Block buffers. Brobo has 12 hit points, and once defeated, the stage will be cleared.

At this point, if Kirby has met the Border Line score on all ten stages so far, he will be able to access Stage 11. Otherwise, a bad ending will take place.