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Boss InfoBox
Magman K64 art.jpg
Artwork from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Other Game(s) Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Weakness(es) Burnis and Magoo projectiles
Enemy Info Card
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Kirby about to battle Magman in The Crystal Shards.
Magman as a pool of lava, expelling Burnis later into the battle.

Magman is the fiery, glob-like protector of the Neo Star, fought at the end of the realm in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Magman has the ability to morph his surroundings to meet his ends, and uses this early in the battle to mixed success; the very same lava used to attack Kirby is ironically the substance vulnerable to Kirby's attacks.


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Facing Magman is more of a dance than a battle, as the boss will constantly keep Kirby moving with its fast attacks and platform-moving strategy. Magman tends to create pillars of lava, sometimes driving them into Kirby's platform, pushing the platforms to the ceiling, and even creates them right next to Kirby, only to curl back into the lava below. During this display, little black lava balls called Magoo will appear from the lava's depths, the very beings used to injure Magman, at the site of his lava pillars; Kirby cannot physically fight Magman face-to-face this early in the battle. After draining the majority of his energy, Magman will proceed to appear at Kirby's level, and chase him to a solid lava platform to the right, where he will vary tactics: disappearing underground, blowing fire blasts, and summoning falling rocks is quite the common strategy seen on Magman's part. Here, Burnis replace the Magoo in terms of available projectiles, and after Kirby propels a certain amount of these fire birds into Magman's body, it will admit defeat.

Like with all enemies and bosses, if Kirby is in possession of a certain copy ability (i.e. Fire, Cutter, etc.) or a combination of two, he will be able to use such powers to injure the boss, instead of sucking in and propelling the Burnis and Magoo enemies provided, as in this battle.


  • Magman is very similar to Sandman, a more minor enemy in the game. Magman is much larger and made of much hotter stuff, though.