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Big Forest

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Big Forest
KDL2 Big Forest Intro.png
Coo and Kirby in the intro cutscene for Big Forest.
Level Nr. 2
Stages 4
Rainbow Drop Location Stage 2
Boss Nruff and Nelly
Theme music

Portion of the stage theme for Big Forest.

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Level progression
Grass Land Ripple Field
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This article is about the level. For the theme music, see Big Forest (theme).
Battles in the air are brewin', but if you have Coo, you'll be OK. Nruff and Nelly will be waiting for you.
— Kirby's Dream Land 2 manual

Big Forest is the second level in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and belongs to the Rainbow Islands. As the name implies, the level is set inside a large woodland area, with a generally green hue. It is notable for being the first level in the game to feature Coo the owl. The level's bosses are Nruff and Nelly. This level follows Grass Land and is followed by Ripple Field.


Coo appears next to Kirby on a rocky cliff, where he helps Kirby pluck a fruit from a hanging branch, but accidentally makes him collide with the side of the cliff where it is hanging, causing him to lose the fruit and angrily yell at Coo.


Consisting of three regular stages and a fourth for the boss, Big Forest is a fairly short level. Like with Grass Land, Big Forest does not feature much in the way of bottomless pits or other environmental hazards. However, it does offer much greater variation in topography, with many isolated platforms, as well as a few fully vertical areas. To tackle this, Coo appears shortly into the level, and his ability to fly quickly makes Big Forest a breeze to travel through.

The Rainbow Drop does not appear directly on Kirby's path this time, instead being tucked away in a side-door near the start of Stage 2.


Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. Defeating Nruff and Nelly is necessary to move on to Ripple Field. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table.

Stage Animal Friends Mid-Bosses Notes
Stage 1 Coo No
Stage 2 No No The Rainbow Drop can be found here.
Stage 3 Coo Jumper Shoot
Stage 4 N/A N/A Completing this stage unlocks Ripple Field.





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグフォレスト
biggu foresuto
Big Forest

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