New Challenge Stages

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New Challenge Stages
KDCSE New Challenge Stages title.png
Title screen for New Challenge Stages.
Type(s) Challenge - Ability Training
Levels 3 (several stages per level)
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition
Theme music

New Challenge Stages

Clip of the title theme of New Challenge Stages from Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition

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A familiar face from Kirby's Return to Dream Land has built Kirby some special Challenge Stages!
— Main menu description of "New Challenge Stages".

New Challenge Stages is a Sub-Game which appears in Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, complementing the six games that were included. It is based on the Challenge Stages from Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and uses the same engine and play-style. It can be considered to be an expanded version of those stages, though it utilizes some different Copy Abilities, and also features races with Magolor.


Hi there! My name is Magolor. I'm from another dimension, but I just love Planet Popstar. I can't get enough of it! Things got a bit hectic when I first arrived, but that's all in the past, thanks to Kirby. To make up for all that fuss, I built Kirby a theme park right here in Dream Land! It's got special stages where you can play with different Copy Abilities. You know, some of those stages can be a bit difficult... Hmmm... Oh, but I know YOU'LL be just fine! Why don't you try to clear them all? You can even face off against me in some of the stages! Hee hee hee...! So, what do you say...? Are you ready to check out my amazing theme park? Let's go!
— Magolor's dialogue in the opening scene for New Challenge Stages.

At the beginning, Magolor — one of the principal non-player characters from Kirby's Return to Dream Land — explains his whereabouts after the events of that game. To apologize for the "fuss" he caused, he has used his power to build an amusement park for Kirby to enjoy. This park consists of many different challenges that Kirby can undertake using his various Copy Abilities. At the end of each section of the park, Magolor challenges Kirby to a race through a special course. After Kirby beats him three times in three different courses, Magolor will see Kirby off, and the credits will roll.


There are three levels in this game, which act as hubs containing several different challenge stages. Each challenge stage is an obstacle course, taking place in a wooden toy-block environment. The goal is to make it through the course as quickly as possible, while collecting Score Coins and defeating enemies along the way. Each stage has Kirby using a specific Copy Ability (except a couple which Kirby must play without an ability). Kirby cannot discard or otherwise lose the ability while playing the course. To clear the course with a high score, Kirby is intended to utilize the specific attacks and/or movement options those abilities grant him in various ways to clear the obstacles more efficiently.

The stage is complete once Kirby makes it through the door at the end. It will end early if Kirby loses all his stamina, gets crushed, or falls into a bottomless pit along the way - or if the timer runs out. Various bonuses can be awarded based on how well Kirby performs in the stage, and a medal will then be given based on the final score. The medal ranges from bronze, to silver, to gold, and then to platinum, with platinum requiring a nearly flawless performance. Completing a stage also unlocks a Ghost Race for that stage, which allows Kirby to race a spectre representing his current best time.

Once Kirby has completed all the standard challenge stages in a level, he can unlock the Magolor Race stage. Here, he can race Magolor through a special course, and choose any one of the abilities he used in the previous stages to do so. Fundamentally these stages aren't too different from the standard stages, but Magolor does have a nasty habit of conjuring foes to get in Kirby's way. In the last level, there are a number of EX stages that are unlocked after the third Magolor Race is finished, which will really put Kirby's skills to the test.

Copy Abilities[edit]

The following abilities are utilized in New Challenge Stages:


The score is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Each Score Coin collected adds to the score.
    • Silver coins are worth 100 points.
    • Gold coins are worth 1000 points.
    • Collecting every coin in the course rewards the Coins Complete bonus, worth an additional 1000 points.
  • Each standard enemy defeated is worth 50 points.
    • Gold Waddle Dees, Mid-Bosses and Whispy Woods are worth 1000 points.
    • Defeating every enemy in the course rewards the All Foes Defeated bonus, worth an additional 1000 points.
    • Naturally, invincible enemies like Gordos are not counted toward this bonus.
  • Clearing the stage is worth 3000 points on its own.
    • Beating Magolor in a race is worth 5000 points.
  • Each second left on the clock at the end is worth 50 points. Points are also added for fractions of a second.
    • In Magolor Races, time score starts at 10000 points, and subtracts 50 for every second of the race.
    • Completing a challenge stage with more than 20 seconds left awards the 20 Seconds Left bonus, worth 500 points.
    • Completing a challenge stage with more than 30 seconds left awards the 30 Seconds Left bonus, worth 1000 points.
    • Finishing a Magolor Race in less than 60 seconds awards the Less Than 1 Min. bonus, worth an additional 1000 points.
  • If Kirby is hit, he loses 100 points.
    • Completing the course without taking a hit awards the No Damage bonus, worth an additional 1000 points.

Once the final score is calculated, a medal is awarded. The minimum points required for each medal are different for each stage, and listed in the Levels tables.

Additionally, the total score from all the stages combined is kept and displayed to the player in the level hubs, and on the save file. Reaching certain milestones will award Kirby with a special trophy. The trophies are as follows:

Name Image Score Needed
Bronze Trophy
KDC Bronze Trophy.png
Silver Trophy
KDC Silver Trophy.png
Gold Trophy
KDC Gold Trophy.png
Platinum Trophy
KDC Platinum Trophy.png
King Trophy
KDC King Trophy.png
Platinum Trophy earned + Platinum on all stages (Magolor Races only need to be cleared with one ability)

Once the King Trophy is obtained, the game is considered 100% complete.


The levels and stages are as follows:

Happiness Hall[edit]

Kirby is happy to see the Happiness Hall.

Happiness Hall is the first level of New Challenge Stages, containing the Sword Challenge, Parasol Challenge, and Spark Challenge. After these are cleared, the first Magolor Race is available to play, and completing that unlocks Apricot Atrium.

Challenge Stages in Happiness Hall
Challenge Stage Time Bronze Score Silver Score Gold Score Platinum Score

Apricot Atrium[edit]

Kirby is pleased to discover the ripe Apricot Atrium.

Apricot Atrium is the second level of New Challenge Stages, containing the Whip Challenge, Fighter Combat Chamber, and Wing Challenge. After these are cleared, the second Magolor Race is available to play, and completing that unlocks Last Land.

Challenge Stages in Apricot Atrium
Challenge Stage Time Bronze Score Silver Score Gold Score Platinum Score

Last Land[edit]

Kirby enjoys his view of the Last Land hub.

Last Land is the final level of New Challenge Stages, containing the Smash Combat Chamber and Normal Challenge. After these are cleared, the third Magolor Race is available to play, and completing that triggers the end credits. From there, two more extra stages are unlocked, those being the Smash Combat Chamber EX and Magolor Race EX.

Challenge Stages in Last Land
Challenge Stage Time Bronze Score Silver Score Gold Score Platinum Score


The title screen plays a song also titled "New Challenge Stages", which is a remix of "Magolor, the Distant Traveler" from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. This song also plays during Magolor Race 1 and Magolor Race 2. A different remix of "Magolor, the Distant Traveler" plays during Magolor Race 3 and Magolor Race EX, with this remix of the song being known as just "Distant Traveler".

The main file select menu has a chance of either playing "Ripple Star: Stage Select" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards or the "Helper's Rest" remix of said theme from Kirby Super Star Ultra, with the latter being more common.

Each level hub of New Challenge Stages features a music track from a different Kirby game, as follows:

The Training Room plays the original version of "The Beginner's Room" from Kirby Super Star.

The staff credits play a song titled バイバイカービィまたあした! (Bye Bye Kirby, See You Tomorrow!), which is a remix of "A New Wind for Tomorrow" (the staff credits theme from Kirby's Dream Land) and "Sky Tower" (from Kirby's Return to Dream Land).


The unused select button for the Fire Ability.
  • In addition to being played using a sideways Wii Remote, the player also has the option of playing with a Nintendo GameCube controller.
  • The names of the three levels spell out 'HAL' if the first letters are taken from each.
  • In the game files, there are textures used for the buttons when selecting Copy Abilities in Magolor Races for the Fire Copy Ability, as well a texture of the Ability's hat for the mode's UI, but the ability is nowhere to be found in the game. It likely was planned to be in it, but it was cut at some point during development.
    • In the folder that has the illustrations for the tutorials, there are oddly three different empty files named "Ability1.arc.cmp", "Ability2.arc.cmp", and "Ability3.arc.cmp", further suggesting that more Abilities were planned for the mode but ultimately cut.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もっとチャレンジステージ
Motto Charenji Sutēji
Even More Challenge Stages