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Kirby's Block Ball - Stage 4

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Stage 4
KBBa Stage 4 selected.png
Stage 4 from the stage selection screen.
Border Line score 125000
Copy Abilities None
Boss Poppy Bros. Sr.
Stage order
Stage 3 Stage 5
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Stage 4 of Kirby's Block Ball is the fourth of eleven stages in the game, featured as a circus-tent island in the top-right corner of the map. This stage features five rounds and no Copy Abilities, and hosts Poppy Bros. Sr. as its boss. The Border Line score for this stage is 125000 points. This stage does not allow access to the Sub-Games.

Intro cutscene[edit]

A portion of the intro cutscene, demonstrating the Kirby Replica.

After the stage is selected, a brief cutscene plays which demonstrates how the Kirby Replica item works. It starts with Kirby flying into the item in an open area, then splitting into two balls. These fall down to an area where a paddle is, and the paddle bats both of them back up. In a different area, another paddle lies below a bed of spikes in the ceiling. The first ball crashes into the spikes and disappears after turning into a star, and the other is batted back down. The remaining ball turns back into Kirby and bounces along some blocks before coming to a stop and posing on the middle-most one.


Stage 4 consists of three Block Areas, one Target-Shooting Area featuring Poppy Bros. Jr., and a Boss Area against Poppy Bros. Sr.. These rooms are lain out as follows:

Round Description
KBBa Stage 4-1.png
Round 4-1
The first area features a heavy barricade of blocks with long walls of Indestructible Blocks separating the middle portion from the two spike beds at the top and bottom. Inside are an array of blocks with two Blockys on standby and a Kirby Replica item just below a Pinball Block in the middle. Since Kirby starts outside the barrier, it can be difficult to gain entry, and a lot of paddle action will be needed to keep Kirby out of the spikes. The Blockys take three hits each to defeat, and will drop Block Flip items when downed.

The round is clear once all White and Gray Blocks have been removed.

KBBa Stage 4-2.png
Round 4-2
The second area features a cluster of blocks hanging from the top of the area, with lines of Indestructible Blocks separating them. Two Waddle Dees patrol the bottom area, two Pinball Blocks can be found in the upper-middle area, two Score Blocks can be found in the upper corners, and a Switch Star can be accessed in the middle to start a Bonus Chance.

The round is clear once all White and Gray Blocks have been removed.

KBBa Stage 4-3.png
Round 4-3
The third area features a dense formation of small blocks which seem to vaguely resemble a cartoon figure with a headband. Spike beds and paddles can be found on all four sides, and a Wheelie and Chuckie can be found in the upper-right corner. A Switch Star can be found in the middle of the block formation which activates a Bonus Chance. Defeating Chuckie yields a Kirby Replica and defeating Wheelie yields a Block Flip. A Score Block can be uncovered just to the left of the Switch Star.

The round is clear once all blocks (except Score Blocks) have been removed.

KBBa Stage 4-4.png
Round 4-4 (Target-Shooting)
The fourth area has four columns of Star Blocks with a few extra hanging between Power Blocks just below. Spikes and paddles occupy all sides except the top one, where a Poppy Bros. Jr. can be seen moving up and down between the center columns. Hitting him four times causes him to retreat, and a Warp Star will appear which can take Kirby to the Boss Area.

The area is complete once Kirby touches the Warp Star.

KBBa Poppy Bros Sr.png
Round 4-5 (boss)
In the last area, Kirby must contend with Poppy Bros. Sr., who hops continuously between three different platforms. He attacks by pulling out bombs and throwing them toward the sides, which will shrink paddles on hit or remove Star Block buffers. Poppy Bros. Sr. has 12 hit points, and once defeated, the stage is clear.