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This article is about King Dedede and his clones in the final battle of Kirby Fighters Deluxe. For the king himself, see King Dedede.
Team DDD
Team DDD (Kirby Fighters Deluxe).jpg
Splash screen of Team DDD
(King Dedede's pose varies randomly.)
First game Kirby Fighters Deluxe (2014)
Relative(s) King Dedede
Similar to Dedede Clone
Theme music

no music given

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Team DDD is the Final Boss of Kirby Fighters Deluxe's Single Player Mode. The team consists of King Dedede and his smaller clones—Mini Dededes (pink & small-sized) and Combo Dededes (orange & medium-sized).


The number of Team DDD varies on difficulty. Some elements of the stage are also changed on 'Very Hard'.

Difficulty Team DDD Members Stage Music
Very Easy/Easy Team DDD24
  • 21 Mini Dededes
  • 2 Combo Dededes
  • King Dedede
The Fountain of Dreams (3D) Phase 1: 100-Yard Hop
Phase 2: Kirby Fighters Deluxe Title Theme
Normal Team DDD32
  • 29 Mini Dededes
  • 2 Combo Dededes
  • King Dedede
The Fountain of Dreams (3D) Phase 1: 100-Yard Hop
Phase 2: Kirby Fighters Deluxe Title Theme
Hard Team DDD47
  • 44 Mini Dededes
  • 2 Combo Dededes
  • King Dedede
The Fountain of Dreams (3D) Phase 1: 100-Yard Hop
Phase 2: Kirby Fighters Deluxe Title Theme
Very Hard Team DDD64
  • 61 Mini Dededes
  • 2 Combo Dededes
  • King Dedede
The Fountain of Dreams
(Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland)
Phase 1: The Fountain of Dreams (Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland)
Phase 2: History of Dedede

If Kirby is knocked out in this final battle and the player selects continue, Team DDD will reduce their numbers to a lower level of difficulty in the rematch, but no less than Team DDD24.


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Quote1.png Energized by the Fountain of Dreams, the original king is here with his team in tow, ready to cause some ruckus! He's hoping his royal pride and some solid teamwork will help him feel like a final boss once again! Quote2.png
— Vs. Team DDD24-47, Special Page
Quote1.png The king is back, looking for a last shot at revenge. His team members may be miniature, but they sure mean business! "Hey! You pesky pink puffball! Are you ready for a team battle? Then let's go!" Quote2.png
— Vs. Team DDD64, Special Page

When Kirby enters the Final Round of Single Player Mode, he sees King Dedede alone with a new hammer called "Star Rod Hammer Dedede Custom" created from the Fountain of Dreams. This hammer resembles a cross between the Star Rod and Dedede's standard hammer, having a blocky, golden, star-emblazoned mallet with a swirling white-and-pink handle. However, King Dedede doesn't battle on his own at first. He roars and jumps off the stage. Then, Mini Dededes appear and the battle begins.

Phase 1: Mini Dededes[edit]

Fighter Kirby defeating King Dedede and his Combo Dededes.

Mini Dededes enter the stage one by one, wielding pink toy mallets. They attack with King Dedede's basic moves: Head Slide, Hammer, Super Dedede Jump and Hover. A Mini Dedede can be easily defeated in one hit or two, depending on the strength of the Copy Ability. A Mini Dedede can be grabbed by specific abilities too. The number of Mini Dededes varies depending on the mode, ranging anywhere from 21 to 61.

Phase 2: King Dedede & Combo Dededes[edit]

After every Mini Dedede is defeated, King Dedede returns to the stage, now with the assistance of two Combo Dededes. The music also switches to a different theme. Note that while defeating the Combo Dededes drains the health of the boss, it is not required to beat them; only defeating the real Dedede is necessary.

When the Combo Dededes are still on the stage, King Dedede and his clones still attack with their basic moves. Like the Mini Dededes, the Combo Dededes can be grabbed by specific abilities. In addition, King Dedede takes more damage from Kirby before his giant transformation, so the optimal strategy to complete the battle as quickly as possible is to ignore the Combo Dededes and concentrating on damaging the real Dedede.

When both Combo Dededes are defeated, King Dedede becomes furious and increases his size. In his giant form, King Dedede can now use many energy attacks with his Star Rod Hammer, similar to those of Masked Dedede's Revenge from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Notably, when he does the hammer spin attack, he will throw various Dedede Keychains onto the screen to hinder the player's sight (called "Keychains of Glory"), similar to the boss battle with Kracko in Round 5 of Single Player Mode. In the battle against Team DDD64 specifically, these Keychains use unique designs not found in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

When the real King Dedede is defeated, all Dededes (including Combo Dededes if any) blast off the stage, and Single Player Mode is completed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Dedede 24/32/47/64 Dedede 24/32/47/64


  • The idea of fighting more than one Dedede in the same boss battle would later reappear during the Dedede Clone boss battle of Rhythm Route in Kirby: Planet Robobot. When split into three Dedede Clones, they can simultaneously use the Hammer Farmer attack, which was previously performed alone by the Team DDD version of King Dedede.