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Big Squishy

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Big Squishy
KBBa Big Squishy battle.png
Showdown with Big Squishy in Stage 2-5.
First game Kirby's Block Ball (1995)
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Squishy
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This article is about the boss Squishy from Kirby's Block Ball, and should not be confused with the Squishy monster from Dedede's Raw Deal.

Big Squishy[conjectural title] is a boss appearing exclusively in Kirby's Block Ball. It is the boss of Stage 2, appearing in round 5. It is essentially a larger version of Squishy, and when angered, it may grab Kirby and toss him at an unpredictable angle. Squishy regularly moves from left to right in the arena, stopping in three possible positions along that horizontal moving path. Big Squishy takes 12 hits to defeat, and is worth 50000 points when defeated.


  • Big Squishy is the only boss in Kirby's Block Ball who does not shrink paddles with any attacks.