Pres. Parallel Susie

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Pres. Parallel Susie
SKC Pres. Parallel Susie Art.png
In-game art of Pres. Parallel Susie from Super Kirby Clash
First game Super Kirby Clash
Similar to Parallel Susie, Susie
Theme music

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This article is about the alternate Parallel Susie who first appeared in Super Kirby Clash, and should not be confused with Parallel Susie.

Pres. Parallel Susie (full: President Parallel Susie) is an alternate-dimension counterpart to both Susie from the main Kirby series and Parallel Susie. Pres. Parallel Susie makes her first appearance in Super Kirby Clash serving as a tougher counterpart to Parallel Susie in the same way that Parallel Landia is a tougher version of Landia EX. She appears to be from a different dimension entirely from even Parallel Susie, as her Business Suit (the giant robotic mech she pilots) has a completely different symbol on it. Her name and the in-game flavor text imply that she is the president of her universe's version of the Haltmann Works Company.

Boss Battle[edit]

Pres. Parallel Susie is fought in two different encounters. She is faced first in the Story Mode after the Dreamscape is unlocked, and is the eleventh Ordeal in the game. She is faced again in a Super+ Party Quest, where she has been made much stronger.

Pres. Parallel Susie shares the exact same attacks as Parallel Susie, but these attacks have been souped-up in power and speed, along with other minor tweaks. As such, she can be considered to be Parallel Susie EX, though she does appear to be a different character entirely.


The following are all of Pres. Parallel Susie's attacks in Super Kirby Clash. Note that attack names are conjectural:

Pres. Parallel Susie's attacks in Super Kirby Clash  
Attack Description Variants Notes
Driver Slam Pres. Parallel Susie jumps high into the air, spins her mech's arms around, then comes crashing down. She may make several large jumps in succession.
Spin Cycle Dash Pres. Parallel Susie charges up, then slides across the stage several times, her mech's arms spinning rapidly as she does so. Her dash path can vary in length and pattern.
Super Spin Cycle Pres. Parallel Susie charges up, then spins her mech's arms in a very wide arc while holding in place.
Drillbit Pres. Parallel Susie jumps into the air, and fires several drill-shaped bolts from the bottom of her mech onto the arena, which explode shortly after landing.
Tower Strike Pres. Parallel Susie flies into the background, then sends her mech flying toward a target Kirby, crashing into the ground and causing damaging shockwaves to appear and spread out on both sides of her.
Kickoff Party Pres. Parallel Susie flies into the air and fires a multitude of drones, which bombard the arena in a large wave.