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Kirby preparing to battle Pix in The Crystal Shards.
Other Game(s) Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Weakness(es) Color-specific atoms provided during the battle
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Pix showcasing its arm-like energy extentions, and the colored atom clusters used to defeat each individual diamond (below).

Pix is the energy-diamond trio fought as the boss of the Rock Star realm in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The boss makes little work of the large column that jets from the top of the spaceship seen in the stage prior, using its platforms not only to regroup after injury, but to provide generation areas for the very atom clusters that become primary contributors to its demise.


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Pix is a highly motile boss that uses all of the space and platforms provided, in the hopes of besting Kirby at the end of the Rock Star realm. The battle begins slowly, with only one of the energy diamonds - the diamond will produce an arm-like extention, which is used in tandem with various spinning, see-saw movements to injure Kirby. A second diamond joins the battle after some time, as does the last, all of which inhibit similar behavior. Kirby will not be able to injure the boss until after it retreats below the main platform to regroup, once all three diamonds are present. At this point, they will resume the battle, appearing alongside colored atom clusters that seem to generate out of the platform itself. Kirby must fire a certain atom cluster towards the corresponding diamond in order to injure it; this must be done to all three diamonds to ensure the boss' defeat. However, the battle intensity increases once all three diamonds are present: Pix will begin to synchronize its diamonds to perform attacks that involve all three spinning, see-sawing, and even hurling towards Kirby in certain cases.

Like with all enemies and bosses, if Kirby is in possession of a certain copy ability (i.e. Fire, Cutter, etc.) or a combination of two, he will be able to use such powers to injure the boss, instead of the colored atom clusters provided, as in this battle.