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The pause menu, as seen in Kirby Star Allies.

Pausing refers to the action of suspending the action of a video game, usually using the start button or its equivalent. When done, the game will either freeze in place or take the player to a menu, from which the player can either resume the game again, quit the level/stage being played, or manage any number of other menu options included with the title. Pausing is typically done in normal sections of gameplay where the player has control of the actions of their character. As such, it is not usually possible to pause during cutscenes, though pressing the start button during one may bring up a prompt to skip the cutscene in question.

In the context of the Kirby series, the pause function has taken on a variety of different looks and options. In the original Kirby's Dream Land, pausing freezes gameplay and stops the music until the start button is pressed again. Starting with Kirby's Adventure, however, pausing usually takes the player to a menu and lowers the volume of the music instead of muting it. In these menus, there are often one or more pages explaining the playable character's moveset, which tend to include flavor text and controls for Copy Abilities and secondary characters.

Kirby: Planet Robobot is the only Kirby game to have a unique theme play on the pause screen, "Mother's Intuition". This is likely because certain elements of the game, such as the Spring Notes in Rhythm Route, are synchronized to the music. Leaving the stage music running while paused (like most other Kirby games do) would cause these elements to become desynchronized. "Mother's Intuition" does not play during boss fights, or in The Arena and The True Arena.

Special Pages[edit]

Starting with Kirby Super Star Ultra, pausing during certain boss battles often provides unique flavor text (usually referred to as a Special Page) that gives backstory for the boss the player is currently fighting, which continues in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. From Kirby: Triple Deluxe through Kirby Star Allies, every major boss fought has such text when paused during their battles, with Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe adding new text for bosses that didn't have any in the original game. Kirby and the Forgotten Land doesn't provide any flavor text in the pause screen, however, opting instead to provide descriptions for select collectible figures.

List of Special Page text[edit]

The following is a complete list of all Special Page text by game, starting with Kirby Super Star Ultra. Copy Ability and character flavor text are not included here:

Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

Special Page text in Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Scenario/Opponent Text   Notes  
The Arena Every boss you've fought is here! Think you can take them all? This is overridden by special page text of bosses that have it.
The True Arena All the new bosses are here! Beat 'em to be the true master!
VS. Marx Marx has shown his true form! Fly in and protect Pop Star! Do it, Kirby, our Super Star!
VS. Kabula The Starship comes just in time! Your foe is Kabula, sky lord! It's the king's flying fortress!
VS. Masked Dedede A fated bout with King Dedede! What can Kirby do against his new Dedede Hammer?!
VS. Wham Bam Jewel Diamond hands and 3 eyes! This guy likes shiny stuff! He's the Wham Bam king!
VS. Galacta Knight This legend was sealed away long ago because of his power. He defies time to challenge you!
VS. Marx Soul He absorbed a nova's power to bring back his evil soul... This really is the last battle!

Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

Special Page text in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Scenario/Opponent Text   Notes  
The Arena When the pink hero takes flight, when the blue knight slices, when the bandana-wearer kicks, when the king's hammer swings... lesser warriors become dust! This is overridden by special page text of bosses that have it.
The True Arena This is the ultimate test of skill! This is the gauntlet of courage! This is the final proving ground! Emerge victorious and you'll become...a Kirby Master!
VS. Grand Doomer Evil Sphere Doomers have come to Planet Popstar from another dimension, drawn by the lost Energy Spheres... This one is huge!
VS. Grand Doomer EX The lost Energy Spheres have created dimensional rifts. The Grand Doomer has emerged from one such rift!
VS. HR-D3 An ancient war machine that somehow drifted into this universe from another dimension. What a dream battle!
VS. Landia A four-headed dragon that sleeps on Halcandra, Landia has been revered as a protector since ancient times…until now.
VS. Landia EX Landia has lived on Halcandra since ancient times, protecting the land and guarding the world’s most legendary items, but…
VS. Magolor Magolor deceived Kirby and stole Halcandra's legendary treasure, the Master Crown! It's up to Kirby to save the universe.
VS. Magolor EX Magolor stole the Master Crown and the Lor from their sacred resting places on Halcandra. He's a liar and a wizard... Defeat him!
VS. Magolor Soul A sad shell possessed by the limitless power of the Master Crown, no more than a manifestation of the crown itself.
VS. Galacta Knight The most powerful warrior in the galaxy who somehow drifted into this universe from another dimension. What a dream battle!

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Starting with Kirby: Triple Deluxe, all major bosses have Special Page text in the games that have it. In addition, this would be the first game to introduce multiple Special Page entries for a single boss depending on the phase.

Special Page text in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Scenario/Opponent Phase Text   Notes  
The Arena N/A When the mighty pink puffball pounces, even the strongest bosses will fall. Will you stand victorious at the end of it all? This is overridden by special page text of bosses that have it.
The True Arena N/A Deluxe bosses wait in the wings as the curtain rises on the final battle! It's a knock-down, drag-out fight all the way to the nightmare four. The True Arena awaits!
VS. Flowery Woods N/A Once a small blooming flower native to the floating kingdom of Floralia, Flowery Woods has become hostile and overgrown due to the magic of Dedede's mysterious kidnapper, Taranza. Watch out for this tree's razor-sharp blossoms!
VS. Flowery Woods DX N/A This once-small flower has grown to a deluxe size and has gone berserk! Its relation to Whispy Woods, which makes its home in Dream Land, is unknown.
VS. Paintra N/A There was once a painting said to depict a pair of sisters separated at birth. It slept, unnoticed, in a painter's studio for countless years before it came to life and vowed revenge on the world.
VS. Paintra DX N/A Born from a forgotten painting made by a mysterious brush, Paintra DX has come to take her revenge. One must wonder if the painter who created her regrets giving her form.
VS. Kracko N/A It seems Kracko has made Floralia part of its territory. It's being fed by a mysterious power source, so its attacks are stronger than ever before!
VS. Kracko DX N/A Kirby has defeated Kracko countless times, but as long as the clouds still hang in the sky, Kracko will never give up the fight!
VS. Coily Rattler N/A A giant snake statue revered by the People of the Sky since the dawn of time. Its body lies sheathed in celestial golden armor, but the old texts say that its head lacks protection!
VS. Coily Rattler DX N/A This statuesque snake was once seen by the People of the Sky as a symbol of peace. However, it's since been corrupted by an evil magic and has become a scourge on the land.
VS. Pyribbit N/A This toasty toad is so hot, he uses molten lava for his bathwater! His favorite hobbies are causing volcanic eruptions and hopping all over the place!
VS. Pyribbit DX N/A He quenches his thirst with boiling magma and snacks on molten lava rocks. The most unforgiving environments are comforting for Pyribbit.
VS. Masked Dedede 1 Under the influence of Taranza's hypnosis magic, and now donning a mysterious mask, the powered-up king wants to do battle with Kirby. Come to your senses, King Dedede!
VS. Masked Dedede's Revenge 2 The revitalized king overflows with power after suffering defeat at the hands of Kirby! Kirby's rival has had his limiter removed, and now he swings a giant axe around with ease. Be careful--this battle machine is on the fritz!
VS. Queen Sectonia N/A The evil queen who bewitched Taranza is motivated by beauty and world domination. She seized control of Floralia and oppressed the People of the Sky with her cruelty. It's time to face the true mastermind behind the curtain!
VS. Queen Sectonia DX N/A Sectonia and Taranza were once good friends, but Sectonia became obsessed with vanity and delusions of grandeur. It wasn't long before her heart went evil, turning her into the power-hungry monarch she is today.
VS. Sectonia Vine N/A Sectonia's parasitic species survives by leeching power from other life forms until they're weak enough to be controlled. The People of the Sky and King Dedede decided to fight back in an effort to save the planet Popstar from the evil queen.
VS. Queen Sectonia (Flowered) N/A Sectonia has unleashed her terrible beauty. She has combined her form with that of the Dreamstalk and, in her madness, seeks rulership of not only Floralia but all of Popstar! Grant unto the wicked queen the eternal beauty sleep she so desires!
VS. Shadow Dedede N/A In the depths of a mysterious mirror hanging in the hall of the queen waits the dark king, Shadow Dedede! He wages battle against all comers, but Shadow Dedede's true opponent is the darkness in his own heart.
VS. Dark Meta Knight's Revenge N/A He's back...with a vengeance. The darkest shadow of the strongest warrior. Sealed in the labyrinth of the mirror for aeons, this dark knight has returned with one thing on his mind... Revenge!
VS. Soul of Sectonia 1 Taranza's final words and offering can no longer reach her ears. The former queen has become a pitiable husk in the throes of madness after losing everything. She has consumed the world, and all she has left to cling to is her vanity.
2 She's fed off countless hosts and now cannot remember her true form. A voice called out to help her, but it has since fallen silent. Before the night ends, she must be given her eternal beauty sleep.

Kirby Fighters Deluxe[edit]

Special Page text in Kirby Fighters Deluxe  
Scenario/Opponent Difficulty level Text   Notes  
VS. Kracko Easy, Normal and Hard In a battlefield full of Kirby fighters, here comes an imposing challenger! Watch out for his view-blocking attacks! Fight as a team to knock him out as quickly as you can! It's a Time-Attack Boss Battle!
Very Hard YOU...! Did you think I'd forget? The time you smashed into me with your Hi-Jump! That time I was betrayed by Helpers! Or when I was replaced by that mechanical cloud! I-I... Sniff... there's something in my eye...
VS. Team DDD (24-47) Easy, Normal and Hard Energized by the Fountain of Dreams, the original king is here with his team in tow, ready to cause some ruckus! He's hoping his royal pride and some solid teamwork will help him feel like a final boss once again!
VS. Team DDD (64) Very Hard The king is back, looking for a last shot at revenge. His team members may be miniature, but they sure mean business! "Hey! You pesky pink puffball! Are you ready for a team battle? Then let's go!"

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

The Special Pages in Kirby: Planet Robobot are implied to be written from the perspective of the Mother Computer, using more formal language and complex terms than most games do. The screens often attempt to explain the bosses from a scientific perspective, or describe their cost or business benefits. This distinction is much more notable in the Japanese and Korean versions, though it is present in the other international localizations to an extent — most obviously, Star Dream's final phase is written in first-person from its perspective.

Special Page text in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Scenario/Opponent Phase Text   Notes  
The Arena N/A In The Arena, you've got to win to survive. These bosses are about to find out why they call Kirby the pink demon. This is overridden by special page text of bosses that have it.
The True Arena N/A The most intense battle has begun. The clash of powers here is utterly immeasurable. This true final battle will decide the strongest fighter on this planet.
Vs. Gigavolt N/A An impressive machine built by the mysterious invaders. It's chock full of advanced technology. It is unknown if this giant robot has any weak spots.
Vs. Gigavolt II N/A The second edition of the Gigavolt was developed for the express purpose of eradicating all obstacles. Priced at 8.6 billion Haltmanns, it's twice the cost of a first-generation Gigavolt.
Vs. Clanky Woods N/A Whispy Woods has been mechanized and modified to run around freely using drills as legs. It's also been outfitted with a giant powerful screw.
Vs. Clanky Woods 2.0 N/A Clanky Woods has been redesigned and upgraded. Better fuel efficiency and fewer emissions demonstrate the company's new environmentally friendly initiative. It costs only half of the previous model!
Vs. C.O.G.S. N/A A geared-up base made of gigantic cogs defends this route. Batteries turn along with the gear movement to aim at targets. Unless this base is destroyed, there is no way forward.
Vs. Holo Defense API 1 The holographic security system that defends this area from intruders. It analyzes past battle data and produces one holographic security guard after another.
Vs. Holo Defense API 2.0 1 Redesigned by the Mother Computer, this defense system is based on a blueprint found on another planet. It's missing a segment of data and is unable to demonstrate its full potential.
Vs. Holo-Kracko 2 This hologram was created by analyzing data of the cloud monster who is believed to have inhabited the sky of this planet since ancient times. It excels at electrical attacks charged by the atmosphere.
Vs. Holo-Kracko 2.0 2 They further analyzed the data of the cloud monster and discovered even more vicious attacks. The system redesign has implemented these attacks and made the Holo-Kracko even more powerful.
Vs. Holo-Doomers 3 A hologram of monsters nested in another dimension. The original Doomers were red and blue. They love to eat Energy Spheres, which contain ancient technology.
Vs. Holo-Doomers 2.0 3 These monsters were created by Susie entering data she acquired from her travels. Where and when did she encounter the original monsters from another dimension? Who knows?
Vs. Holo-Ice Dragon 4 A hologram of a spectral dragon--an ancient life-form that has lived through a number of ages. Most dragons breathe fire, but this blue dragon attacks with ice that it produces internally.
Vs. Holo-Ice Dragon 2.0 4 This hologram was created from an ancient dragon. Dragons are no longer seen, but one of them may still be living quietly in a cave on an island somewhere. Who knows?
Vs. Holo-Coily Rattler 5 The hologram of the icon enshrined by People of the Sky. Its weak spot is the data on its head. It was only a snake puppet full of powerful energy, but it used to be worshiped as a deity.
Vs. Holo-Coily Rattler 2.0 5 It is said that the People of the Sky who enshrined this monster still exist. It seems that the mechanization invasion has not reached them due to their remote location.
Vs. Susie N/A Executive assistant to the president of the Haltmann Works Company. While her job title is "secretary," she is the stakeholder of the ongoing invasion project.
Vs. Susie 2.0 N/A As a child, Sue[sic] was involved in an accident during a Mother Computer experiment and went missing. Why has she joined the company after all this time? Her full name is Susanna Patrya Haltmann.
Vs. Core Kabula N/A The flying internal weapon has been revealed. Who would've thought that the Kabula was acting as the power core for the research facility? Take out this flying security machine!
Vs. Mecha Knight N/A The sword fighter from Popstar who single-handedly took on the army of Haltmann Works Co. He was defeated and turned into a cyborg soldier who's been programmed to attack Kirby.
Vs. Stock Mecha Knight N/A This mass-production model is based on an upgraded Mecha Knight model. If this model goes into commercial production, the company's military power will dramatically increase.
Vs. Dedede Clone N/A Susie somehow managed to acquire DNA from King Dedede, one of the strongest life-forms on the planet, in order to create this clone. It has the voice and look of the original Dedede...and may be even more powerful.
Vs. Dedede Clone 2.0 N/A It has the look and voice of King Dedede, but not his soul. Some things can't be cloned. Some of the trial models were only interested in food, some were fearful of a certain insect, and all were imperfect.
Vs. Dedede Clones & D3 N/A Something was missing from Dedede's clone--a weapon of immense power. When Susie realized this, she introduced the D3 Cannon, a tridimensional cannon controlled by three Dedede Clones.
Vs. Dedede Clones & D3 2.0 N/A This tridimensional cannon is extremely expensive, costing a whopping four times more than Mecha Knight. However, it's still much cheaper than Haltmann's Executive Suit, which is made of pure gold.
Vs. Mecha Knight+ N/A After being turned into scrap metal, Mecha Knight has received a major upgrade. Is there any way to restore him to his former glory?
Vs. President Haltmann N/A - The Noble Haltmann -
Noble Haltmann, we adore him
Kingly lord of time and space!
Every day we wish him glory,
Gazing on his noble face!
This is the opening verse for "The Noble Haltmann".
Vs. President Haltmann 2.0 N/A His full name is Max Profitt Haltmann. Ever since losing his only child in an accident long ago, he's dedicated his life to the company. However, his only wish is to see his daughter once again...
Vs. Star Dream 1 Fusing together with Haltmann, the most advanced computer in the galaxy has become self-aware. To realize its old master's wish of eternal's decided to eradicate all life-forms in existence!
2 & 3 Haltmann's mind is being absorbed by Star Dream. Merging with the giant ship Access Ark, Star Dream has turned into a sentient planet. The machine has lost its master and purpose. It must be stopped!
4 Its energy signature far exceeds that of the Invader Armor, our combat mech. The nearly infinite power within this life-form is astounding. Calculating probability of survival... It doesn't look good.
Vs. Dark Matter Clone N/A Creating this dark swordsman pushed Star Dream to the limits of its abilities. The cloning process was a success, but only a partial data analysis was possible, and its true form has not yet emerged.
Vs. Sectonia Clone N/A Data was collected from traces of a giant flower the invaders stumbled upon. Cloning it produced the insect queen. Its data contains elements of creatures spanning a period of 1,000 years.
Vs. Galacta Knight Returns N/A This ancient swordsman is feared for his immense power. He is not a clone. He was awakened and brought here via an extra-dimensional road beyond the space-time continuum.
Vs. Star Dream Soul OS 1 The final program has been activated. Its calculated victory probability is 99.99%. However, a small bit of Haltmann's soul has yet to be purged, which could throw a wrench in its plans.
2, 3 & first half of 4 "Why did I reactivate such a terrible machine? Oh, I remember--I wanted to see her just one last time. How foolish! I should have known that no machine could make such a dream come true."
Second half of 4 All of Haltmann's memories have been deleted from the OS. Even his soul--the last trace of Haltmann--has vanished. Star Dream has gone from a near-perfect being to a cold, mindless machine.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Special Page text in Kirby Star Allies  
Scenario/Opponent Phase Text   Notes  
The Ultimate Choice N/A A new festival of battle is about to begin! Test your limits with…The Ultimate Choice! Kirby and friends will face off against a gaggle of super-spicy bosses in their unending quest to gobble up everything in sight! This is overridden by special page text of bosses that have it.
VS. Whispy Woods N/A Kirby's familiar foe Whispy Woods is back—bright eyed, bushy headed, and dropping more apples than should even be possible! Use your Friend Abilities with ↑, and cut him down to size!
VS. King Dedede N/A Surely King Dedede would never steal all the food in the kingdom and hoard it for himself... Why would he do such a vile deed?! Such questions will have to wait, as the king is coming for his eternal rival with all the fury of a wild beast!
VS. Meta Knight N/A Corrupted by the power of a dark heart, Meta Knight’s dedication to the purity of combat has been eclipsed by a secret wild streak that always lurked within him. This once-hidden fury is now unleashed with every stab and thrust of his sword!
VS. Pon & Con N/A Pon & Con block the way! Kitted out in sinister black armor, these combat-ready critters have got a gate to guard, and they aren't about to let the Star Allies through without a fight!
VS. Francisca (Battle 1) N/A Calm, cool, and collected, Frozen General Francisca is one of three mages at the head of Jambastion's forces. The freezing attacks she unleashes are enough to chill the very hearts of those who oppose her.
VS. Flamberge (Battle 1) N/A One of the three Jambastion mages, the Blazing General Flamberge rains fiery vengeance upon any who stand in her way. She gets pretty mad if anyone does anything to upset Francisca. In fact, she's kind of riled up right now...
VS. Zan Partizanne (Battle 1) N/A The dutiful leader of the three Jambastion mages, Lightning General Zan Partizanne seems to energize the fortress itself and uses high-speed attacks to render her prey helpless. At the bidding of some unknown power, she hunts for dark hearts…
VS. Yggy Woods N/A No—that’s not Whispy Woods! This venerable elder is Yggy Woods, ancient king of trees. Any travelers who stray into his neck of the woods will feel the full force of nature’s wrath!
VS. Goldon & Silvox N/A This glittering duo made their home on a backwater island on a certain planetoid, and they’ll viciously attack anyone who stumbles into their territory. Beware the furry fury of Goldon and Silvox!
VS. Grand Mam N/A Grand Mam prides herself on her impenetrable steel armor! Even the bullets of the Friend Star bounce off her harmlessly. Team up and experiment with abilities to find her weak points, and bring that clanking calamity down!
VS. Francisca (Battle 2) N/A Undeterred from her quest to find the dark hearts that have rained down across the galaxy, the Frozen General is back and tougher than ever before! Her duties have kept her away from Flamberge lately… She kind of misses her.
VS. Kracko N/A Even in the far-flung reaches of space, as long as there's a sky, Kirby's long-time nemesis Kracko can show up and cast a shadow across it. But out here, something about his energy feels...different. Stay on your guard, Star Allies!
VS. Twin Kracko N/A Two eyes glare in the gloom like an angry face in the sky—this isn't what Kracko's like back on Popstar! Twice as fluffy and twice as mean, Twin Kracko's combo attacks are brutal—but they're no match for the power of friendship!
VS. Flamberge (Battle 2) N/A She's supposed to be looking for dark hearts, but Flamberge has found her way to a nice, toasty spot and is taking a bit of a break. She'd like to invite Francisca to join her but worries she might melt in the heat...
VS. Zan Partizanne (Battle 2) N/A Zan Partizanne swore an oath of loyalty to Hyness—even though he has yet to remember her overly long name! Her respect for Hyness never falters, thanks to his intoxicating charisma and her deep sense of duty (and despite his poor treatment of her).
VS. Hyness 1 Hyness worships a deity of destruction whom he plans to bring back to life. However, a rite gone wrong has led to the dark power he needs being scattered across the galaxy. Now he seeks to gather this power at an altar. Stop him, Star Allies!
2 His once carefully concealed face now exposed, Hyness is on the rampage! Tossing the three unconscious sisters around like rag dolls, it’s clear he’s lost his grip on reality. It’s up to the Star Allies to bring an end to this nightmare, and save...everything!
VS. Void Termina 1 Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care!

Rise and cover the land in sorrows!
May your symphony of emptiness
bring the end of all tomorrows!
These are implied to be part of the lyrics to "Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler" (boss theme of Void Termina).
2 The shocking true form of Void Termina has been revealed! Born from the total absence of care and composed of dark energy, he has awakened from a state of mere existence to that of true sentience. He now desires only one thing…
to CRUSH all opposition!
3 Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care!

Upon your wing, dark judgment bring!
May your symphony of tragedy
cause the end of everything!
These are implied to be part of the lyrics to "Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler" (boss theme of Void Termina).
4 As the spring breeze blows, a young traveler appears. After greeting new friends and bidding farewell to old ones, his path has finally led him here. Let’s beat this guy already!
After that, lunch and a nap!
5 There's NO WAY we can lose after making it this far! Let fly the Sparkler Starshot, brave Kirby, and finish your final foe!
VS. Morpho Knight N/A On the day of judgment, this fluttery fiend will fly into action. Brought into existence by "the greatest warrior in the galaxy" and reborn as a knight of doom through years of adversity—now begins an epic battle with a pure being twisted by a dark past.
VS. Francisca (Infernal Crisis & Soul Melter) N/A -Song of Supplication-
In spite of all, cold as ice! In spite of all, hard as stone!
In spite of all, hear our plea! In spite of all, all alone!
In spite of all, we reconcile! In spite of all, we pass the trial!
In spite of all, hear us three! We beg of thee! We beg of thee!
These are part of the lyrics to "Song of Supplication" (leitmotif of The Three Mage-Sisters).
VS. Flamberge (Infernal Crisis & Soul Melter) N/A In spite of all, we sing to you!
Please hear our pleas and help us too!
In spite of all, sadness rose!
In spite of all, yearning grows!

We call to you! We dream of you!
In spite of all, this all is true!
These are part of the lyrics to "Song of Supplication" (leitmotif of The Three Mage-Sisters).
VS. Zan Partizanne (Infernal Crisis & Soul Melter) N/A In spite of all, cold as ice! In spite of all, hard as stone!
In spite of all, it would seem...
in spite of all, we're but a dream.

Hear our plea, you must! (You must!)
Please return our hearts to us!
These are part of the lyrics to "Song of Supplication" (leitmotif of The Three Mage-Sisters).
VS. Hyness (The Ultimate Choice) 1 Hyness did not fully grasp how to completely break the seal. All that was written about Void Termina in the ancient scrolls was the progenitor of darkness was vanquished by four heroes of yore, using four spears of the heart. After that, they were never seen again.
2 Bonjam = Greeting    Jambuhbye = Goodbye    Jamblasted = Anger    Juh? Huh?    Vun = Very    Jamanke = Thank you    Japologa = I'm sorry    Jonto = Soon    Jaway = I forgot    Majaja = Again   

Example: "Zan Par...? Jaway majaja! Japologa vun."
Translation: "Zan Par...? I forgot again! I'm very sorry."
This is a partial key for the Jambandra language.
VS. Void Termina (Infernal Crisis) 2 Hatred, obsession, jealousy, greed… The darkness gathered by Hyness has transformed into a corrupt power within Void Termina that conflicts with his newly forged soul. Chaos descends, but…you'll be OK.
The Star Allies have your back!
All other phase text is the same as in Story Mode.
4 No one knows from whence he came, only that he has existed for aeons, unchanging and unrelenting. Perpetually roaming the cosmos, he has finally arrived. And now, he has begun to feel. To desire. To think.
Within the void, there lurks…a Soul!
VS. Void Soul N/A No telling if it’s true, but according to the ancient scrolls, Void Termina may rise again in other forms depending on whether positive or negative energy is gathered. It seems this being of darkness will wander the galaxy until one day he is reborn into a new existence. When he returns, hopefully it will be as…a friend.
VS. Parallel Woods N/A The fabric of spacetime has broken down, creating four rifts to another dimension. Each of these rifts leads to an unholy incarnation of a past foe—like Whispy Woods! The rotten, blighted arbor has been imbued with terrible new power!
VS. Parallel Twin Kracko N/A All worlds—whether in another dimension or some far-flung galaxy—are bound by earth and sky. And where there is sky, there is Kracko! Made of fallen tears and the scattered mists of his enemies, Kracko roars with dark power.
VS. Parallel Big Kracko N/A How do you defeat that which is ethereal? Reborn from pure hate and the terrible power of a jet-black sky, Kracko lives again! Tasked with keeping the gate, Kracko is bigger, badder, and more dangerous than ever. Be warned...
VS. Parallel Meta Knight N/A When the Jamba Hearts rained down, Meta Knight set out alone to protect the Sacred Square. Ah, but he was turned by the dark power of the hearts...and reborn as a deviant corruption of his usual chivalrous form!
VS. Parallel Dedede N/A A dark liege was born from the Jamba Heart that King Dedede brought to Hyness! Cast out into another dimension along with the King's own spirit, this foul doppelganger is NOT the original Dedede! Beware his aberrant rage.
VS. Corrupt Hyness 1 Hyness has fallen into a hole leading to another dimension. The darkness left its master, transforming into a giant Jamba Heart and swallowing him whole. Is there hope for escape? Friends in another dimension offer a sliver of hope...
2 Jes = yes. Janno = no. Ji = me. Jhappy = happy. Majicious = tasty. Jawaii = cute. Mafo = lie. Jif = if. Jaitty = good night. Rigga = painful. Goppoko = surprise. Bastion = heart. Jorrow = sad. Konjy = crazy. Mapop = hope. Lor = paradise.

Example: "Zan Par! Jif Majaja Ji Bastion Konjy... Janno."
Translation: "Zan Par! If my heart goes crazy again... No, never mind.)[sic]
This is a partial key for the Jambandra language. The formatting is different than the first one.
VS. The Three Mage-Sisters N/A The fierce sisters are fired up for the final fight! Pursuit of their master has led to the border of another dimension, only to find him a shadow of his former self. Can their one wish restore him to glory? Dare they dream of the happiest ending?
VS. Morpho Knight EX N/A Come judgement day, this fluttery fiend will fly into action. Will it land in a dream world, or a nightmare? It has mastered its new abilities, now all will witness its true power!
VS. Goldon & Silvox (Soul Melter EX) N/A Fighting off treasure hunters is hard work, and these two dream of setting off on an adventure. Rumor has it they've built a raft…so why not leave?
"Because we'll sink! Can't you see we're made of metal?!"
VS. Francisca (Soul Melter EX) N/A Once upon a time, a girl was stranded freezing in a snowstorm. As she got colder and colder, a mysterious traveler appeared and unlocked her natural talent for ice magic. She kept turning blue, all right—the beautiful blue of Francisca!
VS. Flamberge (Soul Melter EX) N/A Once upon a time, a girl facing a raging inferno tilted her head to the sky and let loose a fiery scream. Just before she lost consciousness, a mysterious traveler appeared and unlocked her natural talent for fire magic. Thus, Flamberge was born.
VS. Zan Partizanne (Soul Melter EX) N/A Once upon a time, a poor girl climbed a tower in desperation, only to be struck by lightning. As she breathed her last, a mysterious traveler appeared and unlocked her natural talent for lightning magic. ZAP! Zan Partizanne was born.
VS. Void Termina (Soul Melter EX) 1 Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care! (x 4)
- Inst. -
Rise and cover the land in sorrows!
May your symphony of emptiness
bring the end of all tomorrows! (x 2)
These are implied to be part of the lyrics to "Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler" (boss theme of Void Termina).
2 Void exists in all dimensions, but his shining form in another dimension inspired the ancients to transcribe his mysteries in sacred texts. What will be written next?
Will the new scrolls describe a destroyer of worlds, or an ally to the stars?
3 Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care! (x 4)
- Inst. -
Upon your wing, dark judgment bring!
May your symphony of tragedy
cause the end of everything! (x 2)
These are implied to be part of the lyrics to "Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler" (boss theme of Void Termina).
VS. Void N/A The final battle at hand, Void takes his first steps toward a new age. In place of tyrannical rage, will he find...naptime? Gentle breezes? Treats? He may even dream again...
A dream of friends reunited!

Kirby Fighters 2[edit]

Special Page text in Kirby Fighters 2  
Scenario/Opponent Battle Text  
Twin Woods 1 You reached Buddy Fighters Tower's Summit, but look out! Twin Woods is blocking your way! Watch out for the giant apple the pair produces. If you get careless, it'll squish you flat!
2+ Here comes Twin Woods again! With a bond stronger than ever, the giant arbor twins drop apples and Capillers. They've mastered the Stomp Jump too! Don't underestimate them!
Duo Edge All Here comes Duo Edge! This tag team of red and green armor stands in your path! Dodge their flying swords and scorching flames so that your buddy can get in a critical hit!
Shadow Kirby 1 This naughty shadow was said to have been born from the mirror reflecting Kirby's innocently pure soul. He has all the power of the real Kirby and uses his mirror-copying technique to thwart you!
2 Kirby's shadow is back for more! This stubby gray ball seems to think he's pulling a little prank, but he's way too powerful for that!
3 The mightiest Shadow Kirby yet is back for another round! His devastating power suggests he is a guardian of the Mirror World, found far beyond the sky.
Single-Handed Mode Like Kirby's own shade, Shadow Kirby appears out of nowhere and vanishes again. This naughty shadow rejoins the battle after a long absence! Difficult though it may be, you must defeat this copycat!
King Dedede & Meta Knight 1 A battle with the long-awaited tag team of King Dedede and Meta Knight! You and your buddy face this great challenge together! But doesn't something about them seem strange?
2 Here come King Dedede and Meta Knight again! Their might shows that they're the real thing this time! Beware of the relentless combo attacks they developed just to beat you.
3 The king and knight have returned! They are brimming with power this time, but then again, your climb up the tower has changed you too. Whose partnership is stronger? We'll see in this destined battle!
4 It's a clash between bonds in a battlefield among the stars! King Dedede and Meta Knight draw on their memory of past fights to ready themselves for the last battle. Their blazing bond glows in their eyes!
Waning Masked Dedede & Waxing Masked Meta Knight N/A Wearing the mysterious masks that hid the knight's true nature, they are like the waning and waxing crescent moons in the moonlight! Old rivals prepare to meet their destiny. The time is ripe. Let the battle be joined!

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

As mentioned above, Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe adds flavor text to all bosses, including those that did not have any in the original game. Most of the Special Pages that existed in the original game have been rewritten. It also adds flavor text to the Sphere Doomer battles, making it the first time a Mid-Boss has had its own Special Page text.

Special Page text in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe  
Scenario/Opponent Phase Text   Notes  
The Arena N/A When the pink hero takes flight, when the blue knight slices, when the bandana wearer kicks, when the king's hammer swings... lesser warriors become dust! This is overridden by special page text of bosses that have it.
The True Arena N/A Are you sure you want to step onto this battlefield? This is the final showdown! An awful, punishing, unrelenting battle! If your soul can somehow survive this deluxe duel, you're a true Kirby Master!
VS. Sphere Doomer N/A A Super Ability helped you enter this strange space, and a Sphere Doomer has flown in from a different dimension as well! It won't let you steal the energy of the brace for an attack!
VS. Sphere Doomer EX N/A The portal into this different dimension was opened by a Super Ability. With this space closing as time passes, one single spot holding the spheres now remains...along with a Doomer circling above!
VS. Sphere Doomers N/A Why does this dimension suddenly feel so dark and murky? Is it because you entered from Halcandra? There are a lot more Doomers here too...and some are even pairing up and working as a team! This is used for the fight with the Sphere Doomers in Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3 and The Arena.
VS. Sphere Doomers EX N/A Halcandra stands alone, only reachable by passing through other dimensions... The Doomers, long ago, had a different form and could warp space and time... Is that why they seek the spheres? This is used for the fight with the Sphere Doomers EX in Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3 and The True Arena.
VS. Whispy Woods N/A What does Whispy Woods want with the ship part it found? Maybe it's because it's so shiny? Whatever the reason, the guardian of the forest does NOT want to share it with Kirby!
VS. Whispy Woods EX Extra Mode Look out! EX means the bosses are extra strong. Whispy Woods EX can launch whirlwinds and drop poison apples. Don't eat those apples, Kirby. They'll give you a bad tummy ache!
Demo Joining this demo for a special battle, it's Whispy Woods EX from Extra Mode! He fires whirlwinds and drops poison apples. Try using various Copy Abilities and souvenirs to take down this boss! Can only be seen in the Demo version of the game.
VS. Mr. Dooter N/A Ever the entertainer, Mr. Dooter is a dangerous magician able to summon snakes and skulls from his hat. But you're not here for the show. You're here for the ship part he found!
VS. Mr. Dooter EX N/A This isn't part of the show! Mr. Dooter EX is here, and he is ANGRY! His Dooter Skulls are now covered in flames, and he's throwing out fiery punches! Stay clear of his pyrotechnics—they HURT!
VS. Fatty Puffer N/A Ahoy! Fatty Puffer, a glutton of the sea, has surfaced! As he inhales, he'll puff up to a massive size. Oh, and it looks like he's swallowed a ship part! Maybe that's how he got so strong...
VS. Fatty Puffer EX N/A It's Fatty Puffer EX! His rolling tackle can take him up walls to the ceiling, and his water cannon sprays at all sorts of angles. What gives? Usually he just naps and eats, which sounds familiar...
VS. Goriath N/A The snowy mountains are Goriath's home. When this powerful brawler gets mad, he won't calm down...but you'll have to battle him anyway, because a ship part is hiding in his lair! Go get it!
VS. Goriath EX N/A Goriath EX is the king of the forever-frosty mountains. His strong arms can create a Force Blizzard, and his fists attack with winding punches! Where did he learn such fierce fighting moves?!
VS. Grand Doomer N/A It's the boss of all Doomers, the golden Grand Doomer! As the skies over Nutty Noon began to warp, this fearsome foe swooped in to claim the spheres—and their dimension-traveling powers!
VS. Grand Doomer EX N/A Whoa! The Energy Spheres are causing dimensional rifts to open up new spots! And what's worse? A giant rift made by that powerful mast part has drawn forth the dreaded Grand Doomer EX!
VS. Metal General N/A Long ago, the soulless battle robot Metal General would be dispatched by its master to visit other planets and exterminate their foes. Now it serves as security, guarding this spot for eternity.
VS. Metal General EX N/A Forced to work security long after its master's death, this robot uses AI to maintain itself and control the machines of Egg Engines. It has a wide variety of advanced features...but still no heart.
VS. HR-D3 N/A Drawn by the mechanical energy here, this ancient war machine crossed time and space through an interdimensional tunnel. Get ready for a dream battle with a king-sized warrior of steel!
VS. Landia N/A Landia, the 4-headed guardian who sleeps in Haldera Volcano, has been revered as this planet's protector since ancient why is it awake now? And looking this way so angrily?! Eep!
VS. Landia EX N/A Strong as it may be, even the crown's guardian, Landia, cannot fully control the overwhelming, terrible power to rule that swells within its legendary crown, said to be a creation of the ancients...
VS. Lor & Magolor N/A The Lor Starcutter, now controlled by the traitor Magolor, is being used as a weapon against Kirby and friends! If the shadowy ship had a mind of its would it feel at this moment?
VS. Lor EX & Magolor N/A Lor sensed something was amiss when it met Magolor. It can travel to far-off paradises with why didn't it? Perhaps it hid its true power, wanting to be stopped after stealing the crown...
VS. Magolor N/A Magolor is revealed as a manipulative mage who tricked Kirby and friends into fixing his ship, then stole Halcandra's legendary treasure, the Master Crown! It's up to Kirby to save the universe!
VS. Magolor EX N/A It was in a dusty tome that Magolor first learned about that legendary item. It all sounded like a fairy tale, until he found the Lor and began scheming. It's time to save the universe, Lor...and Magolor!
VS. Magolor Soul (Extra Mode) N/A What remains of Magolor is a sad shell. He's possessed by the limitless power of the Master Crown, imprisoned by the hatred and obsessions of prior rulers. Now...defeat it and free Magolor's soul!
VS. Galacta Knight N/A An interdimensional tunnel has brought the most powerful warrior in the galaxy before you, and the gem seal keeping it at bay has been broken! Get ready for a dream battle that defies destiny itself!
VS. Electricky Dooter N/A Electricky Dooter calls this dimension his home. Born from focused electricity, he loves to perform shocking tricks. As an underling, he was told to gather Fruit Fragments for their powerful life energy.
VS. Fiery Puffer N/A Fiery Puffer is a lava beast from this dimension. Born from elemental heat, he uses scorching moves that'll do more than melt. He still has to take the Fruit Fragment he found back to his boss...
VS. Hydriath N/A Hydriath lives in the oceans of this dimension. Born from water and ice, his powerful brawler moves flow smoothly and effortlessly. His Fruit Fragment will go to his boss—unless you steal it first!
VS. Rampaging Doomers N/A These Rampaging Doomers are from another dimension. Instead of hunting spheres, someone is making them seek Fruit Fragments. Wait...haven't we met the big boss of all Doomers already?!
VS. Crowned Doomer N/A The boss of all Doomers has become a black-winged subjugator powered by the shards of the crown...and he's after Magolor's red fruit! Is this payback for making Kirby gather those ship parts?!
VS. Master Crown 1 Those who wear the Master Crown will gain power, but so will the darkness in their hearts. Thanks to the red fruit, it's become a wrathful wreath—a destroyer called the tree crown without a ruler!
2 To free the tree and bring an end to the destruction... To take responsibility for his wicked ways... With all of his magic infused into the sword, he must strike! Magolor must atone for his misdeeds!
VS. Magolor Soul (The True Arena) 1 The one-eyed wreath grants power but swallows the soul... It devours, stealing any sense of self... Truly, this crown rules all. Free him from this nightmare! Take his hand and save a new friend!
2 Kirby... Ugh! I hate having to rely on you, and your vacant stare when I revealed my grand plan was truly insulting. Well, let's see if you can break this thing on my head. If you can, then someday...hee hee heee...I may get to toy with you again!


  • If the player waits a brief amount of time while Kirby's Dream Land is paused, Kirby will start dancing in place.
  • The pause menu in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards normally has both a "Continue" option and "Try Again" option. Throughout the entirety of Dark Star, the "Try Again" option gets replaced with a "Tough It Out!" button which functions identically to "Continue". For subsequent playthroughs of Dark Star, the "Tough It Out!" button only appears during the battle against specifically. In Boss Battles, "Try Again" gets replaced with "Accept Defeat", which, if selected, ends the mode as if Kirby ran out of health.
  • While Kirby Star Allies, Super Kirby Clash, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land cap the framerate at 30 FPS during gameplay, their pause menus (as well as other menus) run at a smoother 60 FPS.