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Ripple Star

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Ripple Star
Ripple Star K64 space.png
Ripple Star as shown from the level selection menu of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Level no. 6
Stages 4
Boss Miracle Matter
Theme music

Clip of the stage select music for Ripple Star.

Level progression
Shiver Star Dark Star
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K64 Ripple Star icon.png
This article is about the homeworld of the fairies in Kirby 64, and should not be confused with Ripple Field (Kirby's Dream Land 2) or Ripple Field (Kirby's Dream Land 3).

Ripple Star is the rainbow-colored sixth world encountered by Kirby and Ribbon while on their mission to rid their realm of Dark Matter in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This world is where the fairies live, and where Dark Matter had invaded in the intro for the game. As this is the final regular level of the game and the last which Dark Matter plagues, the "final" boss of the game, Miracle Matter, is located here. If Kirby had successfully located all of the Crystal Shards before defeating this boss, he will purge the remaining Dark Matter in hiding which flies off into space and forms the true final world of Dark Star, otherwise Ripple Star will still appear infected by Dark Matter from the planet selection.

Its appearance takes form of a giant heart with a smiley face holding 3 small hearts that have 2 white wing-like growths on their top lying on their tips and a huge ring holding a huge yellow ribbon, presumably also referencing Ribbon.


The similarities between this world and Pop Star are notable, as Ripple Star incorporates the same sort of vibrant coloration and easy-going atmosphere seen so readily found on Pop Star. This is particularly evident in the fact that the first stage of both worlds look largely identical in layout, and share the same theme music. Similarities in stage structure end there, however, as the following two stages have Kirby and his team infiltrate a sewer system in order to enter the Ripple Star Palace, then work their way up to the top floor where Miracle Matter resides. Once Miracle Matter is defeated, Dark Matter will appear to leave Ripple Star, and by extension, the rest of Pop Star's system, to never return. However, the principal body of Dark Matter remains in hiding, and cannot be uncovered unless Kirby has completely reformed the crystal by collecting all of the shards.

The first three stages within Ripple Star hide three Crystal Shards each, while the final stage rewards only one after the defeat of the boss. Unlike the previous worlds, Kirby will not be allowed to proceed to the next unless every prior Crystal Shard has been gathered. If this level is completed without them, the bad ending will play instead.


Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. Defeating Miracle Matter and collecting every Crystal Shard is necessary to move on to Dark Star. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table. For a full guide on how to obtain the Crystal Shards, see the Crystal Shard page.

Stage Boss/Mid-Boss Notes
Big Sawyer
Five enemy ambushes
Miracle Matter Completing this stage either initiates the bad ending or leads into Dark Star.

Ending Cutscene[edit]

The Queen giving the player a menacing glare in the bad ending.

There are two possible cutscenes that will play after the defeat of Miracle Matter. Which one plays will depend on whether or not Kirby collected all the Crystal Shards prior to the encounter.

False Scene[edit]

The crystal shines its light on Ripple Star, dispelling the Dark Matter from its skies. From there, Kirby and his party celebrate as fireworks fill the sky. The Queen sees Kirby and his friends off using a ship to send them back to Pop Star. Before they go, Kirby and Ribbon shake hands on a mission accomplished. However, after the heroes leave, the Queen turns to the camera with an ominous expression, suggesting something is not right.

True Scene[edit]

The Queen is freed from Dark Matter's influence if all the Crystal Shards were collected.

The crystal shines on Ripple Star, dispelling Dark Matter from its skies, causing it to explode out in space. Kirby and Co. celebrate, when they notice the crystal rising again. It then fires a beam at the Queen, dispelling the Dark Matter hidden inside her as well. That Dark Matter escapes and forms a new world, Dark Star. Seeing this, Kirby gets out his trusty Cell Phone and uses it to call his Warp Star down. They all ride it out to the new dark planet while the fairies tend to their queen.

Other appearances[edit]

Ripple Star can be seen off in the distance in the Level Hub of Far-Flung Starlight Heroes from Kirby Star Allies.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リップルスター
Rippuru Sutā
Ripple Star
Korean 리플스타[1]
Ripple Star