Ripple Star

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This article is about the homeworld of the fairies in Kirby 64, and should not be confused with Ripple Field.

Kirby 64 Level InfoBox
Ripple Star K64 space.png
Ripple Star as shown from the level selection menu of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Level Nr. 6
Stages 4
Boss Miracle Matter
Level Progression
Shiver Star Dark Star
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The stage select menu for Ripple Star.

Ripple Star is the rainbow-colored sixth world encountered by Kirby and Ribbon while on their mission to rid their realm of Dark Matter in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The similarities between this level and Pop Star are endless, incorporating the kid-friendly coloration and easy-going atmosphere seen so familiarly on the world of Pop Star. As this is the final regular level of the game and the last which Dark Matter plagues (assuming Kirby does not collect all of the Crystal Shards from the other levels), the final boss of the game, Miracle Matter, is located here. Once Miracle Matter is defeated, Dark Matter will leave Ripple Star, and by extension, the rest of Pop Star's system, to never return. However, if Kirby has collected all of the Crystal Shards thus far in the game, Ripple Star will be the penultimate level, only before Dark Star and the ultimate showdown between Kirby and the controlling mind of Dark Matter, Zero Two.

Like all worlds of The Crystal Shards, the first four stages within Ripple Star hide three Crystal Shards, while the final stage rewards only one after the defeat of the boss. Unlike the previous worlds, Kirby will not be allowed to proceed to the next unless every prior Crystal Shard has been gathered. If this level is completed without them, the False Ending will play instead.


The following is a brief overview of each stage of Ripple Star and their contents. For a full guide on how to obtain the Crystal Shards, see the Crystal Shard page.

Stage 1

Ripple Star and Pop Star share the element of kid-friendly coloration.

Room 1 - The stage begins out on a floral walkway, very similar in look to the first stage of Pop Star. Kirby will have to deal with a number of enemies as he makes his way to the shack at the other side.

Room 2 - In this building, Kirby has to fight the Mid-Boss Sawyer. Defeating it opens the path forward and yields a crystal shard.

Room 3 - Back out on the main path, Kirby will have to contend with more enemies, then cross a stream to reach the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Base Abilities

Stage 2

Kirby goes on a speed run down one of Ripple Star's large labyrinths.

Room 1 - The stage begins out in an open area, with ominous clouds filling the sky. Kirby cannot gain access to the Ripple Star palace from out here, so he will need to enter via the sewer. The way forward is down the well.

Room 2 - Down the well, a Flopper guards the waters at the bottom. The way forward is through a small hole to the right.

Room 3 - This area is an underwater tunnel section, with much of the view obscured to the player. This eventually leads out of the water and into a cave. While walking down the cave, a cave-in happens, prompting King Dedede to come in and clear the obstruction for Kirby to move forward.

Room 4 - The next area is a continuation of the tunnel, which splits off into several segments bridged by holes in the floor and ceiling. At the bottom, another pool of water can be accessed, with some goodies floating in there. The way forward is to the right past this pool.

Room 5 - In this room, Adeleine paints Kirby an Invincibility Candy, which he can use to ram through a blockade of Star Blocks up ahead. Some items are contained in side-chambers behind columns with different color patterns on them. A Ghost Knight guards the door forward.

Room 6 - In this room, Kirby can access an elevator to take him up to the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None.

Base Abilities

Stage 3

Kirby scales the pearlescent stairs in the third stage within Ripple Star.

Room 1 - The stage begins inside a small treasury room, where many Point Stars are kept.

Room 2 - The next room is an ambush room. Kirby has to defeat all the enemies that appear in order to move forward. A crystal shard will appear when this is done.

Room 3 - Kirby begins his ascent up the palace, climbing stairs around the base of the tree mural.

Room 4 - This is the second ambush room. Kirby has to clear out all the foes to proceed.

Room 5 - The stairs continue upward past the midsection of the tree mural.

Room 6 - This is the third ambush room. Something is hidden in here.

Room 7 - The stairs continue upward past the canopy of the tree mural.

Room 8 - This is the fourth ambush room.

Room 9 - The stairs continue upward past the top of the tree mural.

Room 10 - This is the last ambush room. A crystal shard appears when all the foes are defeated.

Room 11 - In this last walkway, Kirby just needs to get to the other side, and not pay too much attention to the lingering darkness above.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • Ambush x5

Base Abilities

Stage 4 (Boss: Miracle Matter)

The sinister polygonal foe who rules over Ripple Star - in its default appearance.

Kirby faces off against Miracle Matter in a swirling dark chamber. Unlike the previous bosses, Miracle Matter is invulnerable to most attacks. It can fight in one of seven different ways, each based on one of Kirby's Copy Abilities. When it drops lingering elements, Kirby can inhale them and spit them back to deal the monster damage. Hitting it three times in a particular form will disable that form.

Once all of the forms are disabled, Miracle Matter explodes, relinquishing the last crystal shard for Kirby and Ribbon to collect.

Ending Cutscene

There are two possible cut-scenes that will play after the defeat of Miracle Matter. Which one plays will depend on whether or not Kirby collected all the Crystal Shards prior to the encounter.

False Scene

The crystal shines its light on Ripple Star, dispelling the Dark Matter from its skies. From there, Kirby and his party celebrate as fireworks fill the sky. The Fairy Queen sees Kirby and his friends off using a ship to send them back to Pop Star. Before they go, Kirby and Ribbon shake hands on a mission accomplished. However, after the heroes leave, the Fairy Queen gives Ribbon a menacing glance, suggesting something is not right.

True Scene

The crystal shines on Ripple Star, dispelling Dark Matter from its skies, causing it to explode out in space. Kirby and Co. celebrate, when they notice the crystal rising again. It then fires a beam at the Fairy Queen, dispelling the Dark Matter hidden inside her as well. That Dark Matter escapes and forms a new world, Dark Star. Seeing this, Kirby gets out his trusty Cell Phone and uses it to call his Warp Star down. They all ride it out to the new dark planet while the fairies tend to their queen.