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Kirby's Block Ball - Stage 5

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Stage 5
KBBa Stage 5 selected.png
Stage 5 from the stage selection screen.
Border Line score 120000
Copy Abilities Stone
Boss Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
Stage order
Stage 4 Stage 6
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Stage 5 of Kirby's Block Ball is the fifth of eleven stages in the game, featured as a sun-shaped island in the top-right corner of the map. This stage features five rounds and the Stone Copy Ability, and hosts Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright as its boss. The Border Line score for this stage is 120000 points.

Intro cutscene[edit]

A portion of the intro cutscene, demonstrating the Stone ability.

After the stage is selected, a brief cutscene plays which demonstrates how the Stone ability works. Kirby collides into a Rocky on the stage to obtain the ability, then bounces up to a vertical line of blocks. Once directly above them, he transforms into a stone and crashes through the blocks, landing on the paddle below. From there, he reverts to normal and poses.


Stage 5 consists of three Block Areas, one Target-Shooting Area featuring Mr. Shine, and a Boss Area against both Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright. These rooms are lain out as follows:

Round Description
KBBa Stage 5-1.png
Round 5-1
The first area consists of a dense array of blocks jutting out from the right-hand side of the stage, with a slight incline on the upper side where a Broom Hatter and two Rockies reside. Spike beds and paddles occupy the other three sides. Kirby can obtain the Stone ability here and use it to quickly cut through the blocks in the formation to clear this area.

The area is cleared once all non-Ability Blocks are removed.

KBBa Stage 5-2.png
Round 5-2
The second area features a block formation which somewhat resembles a butterfly, with two Switch Stars and a Rocky inset. Paddles occupy all four sides, and spike beds occupy all but the top side. Both the left and right flanks of the block formation are made of Power Blocks, which can only be busted through by using Kirby in full form (Stone will not work). Once both Switch Stars are collected, a Bonus Chance will begin.

The area is cleared once all blocks (save Ability Blocks and Indestructible Blocks) are removed.

KBBa Stage 5-3.png
Round 5-3
The third area has a triangular block formation jutting out of the left wall, with paddles and spike beds on the top and bottom sides. The formation is reinforced on the bottom diagonal side by Ability Blocks and Indestructible Blocks, and a couple Score Blocks can be found inside as well. A Twister and Rocky can be found on the formation, and a hidden Warp Star can be uncovered in the lower-right corner which takes Kirby to a Sub-Game. The Twister drops a Block Flip item when defeated.

The area is cleared once all White and Gray Blocks are removed.

KBBa Stage 5-4.png
Round 5-4 (Target-Shooting)
The fourth area features several rows of Star Blocks amidst some Power Blocks, and three paddles and sets of spikes along the sides, sparing only the top side. Mr. Shine moves along the upper line of Power Blocks, stopping to unfold only occasionally. Hitting him four times will cause him to retreat, and make the Warp Star appear to take Kirby to the Boss Area.

The area is complete once Kirby touches the Warp Star.

KBBa MrShine.png KBBa MrBright.png
Round 5-5 (boss)
In the last area, Kirby must contend with Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright, who fight separately and have different moves. Mr. Shine goes first, and attacks by throwing stars at three of the paddles to shrink them temporarily. After six hits, Mr. Shine goes down and is replaced by Mr. Bright, who attacks by throwing three fireballs in a cone which can shrink paddles and remove star blocks. After he is hit six times, Mr. Bright goes down and the stage is complete.