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Kracko Land

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Icon for Kracko Land

Kracko Land[1] is the middle of the three primary Pinball Lands playable in Kirby's Pinball Land; the other two being Wispy-Woods Land and Poppy Brothers' Land. As suggested by the name, this land features Kracko along with his juvenile form Kracko Jr., both of whom act as the boss who must be defeated to clear this set of boards.


Kracko Land consists of three primary boards stacked on top of each-other, in addition to a mini-game board and a boss board accessible via Warp Stars. When first entering, Kirby first lands in the middle board. If he falls through the gutter of the lower-most board, he will need to use the Springboard to attempt to return to the field of play.

Like with other lands, each main section contains a pair of flippers with two sets of lanes and a gutter. Passing through an inlane will cause an Energy Drink to appear on the outlane on the other side, which can stop Kirby from slipping through that outlane a single time.

Lower board[edit]

The lower-most board of Kracko Land features Scarfy and Bumpin' Boo.

The lower-most board is an open area with somewhat isolated upper corners. In each corner, a Bumpin' Boo can be seen circling a Gordow. Hitting each Bumpin' Boo four times will cause a Warp Star to appear which takes Kirby back to the warp room where he can access a different Pinball Land.

Additionally, a Scarfy occupies the center of the board. Hitting this Scarfy six times causes it to split up into three smaller Scarfies. If Kirby hits one of these mini-Scarfies, he will briefly float in its place until the other two push him away. If Kirby occupies the space of the uppermost Scarfy, he will be pushed up into the middle board.

Finally, in the lower-middle area of the board are three impressions of Kirby known as "Kirby Triplets". Passing over them causes them to change expression. If all three are made to pose, a Maxim Tomato will appear in the central gutter to stop Kirby from slipping through for a short time. If all three are made fully tumbled, the drain stoppers are removed.


  • Bumpin' Boo - 360 points per hit (+M when defeated)
  • Gordow - 240 points per hit
  • Scarfy - 480 points per hit (+B when defeated, 120 points on Mini-Scarfy)
  • Bumper - 50 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 10 points
  • Passing through outlane - 200 points
  • Energy Drink - 100 points

Middle board[edit]

The middle board of Kracko Land features clouds and a Big Kirby in the middle.

The middle board is a very open area, featuring a Nimbus up top, two Cloudys on the sides, and a large Kirby bumper (called 'Big Kirby' in the manual) in the middle. Hitting the Cloudys will cause them to pass various items to each-other, including a Maxim Tomato and the Warp Star to the bonus board. Hitting the Nimbus up top three times will cause it to start raining down on Big Kirby, prompting him to pull out a parasol. If Kirby is caught in this parasol, he will be launched up to the uppermost floor.


  • Apple - 1600 points
  • Bronto Burt - 3600 points
  • Cloudy - 300 points per hit
  • Gordow - 240 points per hit
  • Big Kirby - 600 points per hit (100 points for getting caught on the parasol)
  • Nimbus - 800 points per hit
  • Twizzy - 2400 points
  • Bumper - 100 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 20 points
  • Passing through outlane - 400 points
  • Energy Drink - 200 points

Upper board[edit]

The two different variations of the uppermost board in Kracko Land.

The upper board consists of a large rectangular area resembling an open sky, with four interspersed clouds and Mr. Bright moving back-and-forth between them. Hitting a cloud removes it from play, but only for a short time. Below this, a Chucky can be seen bouncing back and forth. Hitting Chucky three times causes it to turn into a Maxim Tomato.

Once Mr. Bright is hit three times, he is defeated. From there, the board changes to a night-time motif, with the clouds being replaced by a field of stars, and Mr. Shine appearing in the upper-left corner. Unlike the previous obstacles, the stars do not get replaced once they are destroyed, and Mr. Shine does not move from his position. In addition, Chucky is replaced by Hurly, who bounces much higher, but otherwise behaves the same.

Once Mr. Shine is hit three times, he is defeated, and a Warp Star appears which moves across the sky box. This Warp Star leads Kirby to the boss board.


  • Clouds - 450 points
  • Chucky - 1000 points per hit (cannot be hit while jumping)
  • Hurly - 2000 points per hit (cannot be hit while jumping)
  • Mr. Bright - 900 points per hit
  • Mr. Shine - 1800 points per hit
  • Stars - 100, 200, or 300 points (depending on size)
  • Bumper - 150 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 40 points
  • Passing through outlane - 800 points
  • Energy Drink - 400 points

Mini-game board[edit]

The mini-game has Kirby feeding himself while avoiding bombs.

The mini-game board is accessed via the Warp Star on the middle board. In this game, the player is given two Kirby balls and 60 seconds to hit various food items which move in a line along with bombs. Once hit, these items will move up to a deck up above, where a standing Kirby will move toward them and attempt to eat them. If the item passes directly over this Kirby or Kirby does not get to them in time, he cannot eat them and they will fall back to the line. If he tries to eat a bomb, he will be blown up and left stunned for a moment.

Unlike in other boards, if Kirby falls through the gutter, he will be spat back into the board after two seconds. Once the time limit is reached, the player will lose control of the flippers, and Kirby is taken to the uppermost board.


  • Kirby eats a bomb - +B
  • Kirby eats a cake - +M
  • Kirby eats a Candy - 3000 points
  • Kirby eats a Mint Leaf - 1000 points
  • Kirby eats a Superspicy Curry - 2000 points
  • Kirby is hit by Kirby or a food item - 500 points

Boss board[edit]

Kracko's boss fight takes place in two phases, the first pitting Kirby against Kracko Jr.

The boss arena consists of two small elevated platforms and a series of slopes which lead down to the flippers. Unlike on other boards, it is possible for Kirby to slip from one side to the other. Here, he must contend with Kracko Jr., who will attempt to ram him on occasion, and then Kracko, who can conjure Flappers which pursue Kirby and strike the flippers with lightning bolts.

After being hit four times, Kracko Jr. turns into Kracko. From there, Kracko must be hit five times to be defeated. Once down, Kirby can collect the Star Rod piece and return to the warp room.



  • There is an Easter egg in the upper board of Kracko Land where Meta Knight appears if Kirby breaks all the stars that appear alongside Mr. Shine. This can only happen when re-playing the board after defeating King Dedede at least once. Meta Knight's appearance is accompanied by Kirby's Mike shout, and the player is awarded with 77700 points when this happens. Meta Knight himself cannot be interacted with in any way.


  1. Name taken from Kirby's Pinball Land Instruction Booklet (American release), Page 11