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Screencap of Brobo in Kirby's Block Ball.
Debut Game Kirby's Block Ball
Last Game Kirby Star Allies (Stone sculpture)
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Brobo is a Boss who resembles a strange circular creature residing inside a robot suit. It serves as the Boss of Stage 10 of Kirby's Block Ball, and is the last boss Kirby will face unless all of the border line scores were met in the first 10 stages of the game.

Brobo is first seen in round 4 of Stage 10 as a simple-looking circular entity with disembodied balls for hands. It appears again inside a robotic suit in round 5, where it is fought as the boss. Brobo attacks by throwing its hands out as bombs toward Kirby and the paddles, causing the latter to shrink if they hit. Brobo is worth 5000 points in his simple form, and 50000 points in his boss form.

Brobo makes a cameo appearance alongside Gryll as one of Kirby's rare Stone transformations in Kirby Star Allies.