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Speedrunning (or when referring to a race, a Speedrun) is the act of completing a game quickly. While there are many rules and sub-categories that can pertain to the act of speedrunning, it is generally understood to be playing the game from start to finish in as little time as possible. Many sites, such as speedrun.com keep official run records for various games, with the top player of a given game holding its world record. While it was once forbidden, players often make use of Glitches that allow them to run through the game faster, with the more severe ones getting their own categories.

Nearly every game in the Kirby series has been speedrun, though some more than others. Competing players will usually go for the world record for clearing the game as quickly as possible, without accessing any bonus material (referred to as an any% run), but there are other categories for runs that aim for 100% Completion and sometimes categories devoted specifically to extra material, such as The Arena or Meta Knightmare.

Speedrunning by title[edit]

World Record Table[edit]

All records taken from speedrun.com. World records were last fully updated on August 2nd, 2020. Please update this table if any records are out of date.

Game Any% Record 100% Record Other % Records Extra Game Records Arena/True Arena/Boss Rush Records Misc. Records
Kirby's Dream Land 10m 47s by speedman - - 10m 53s by PTO - 'All Items - Normal Mode' - 13m 38s by thomasyim99
'All Items - Extra Mode' - 14m 38s by PTO
Kirby's Adventure 44s 300ms by OldSchool_Richard 48m 37s by swordsmankirby 'Any% No Major Glitches' - 42m 47s by Wakaza - - 'Any% UFO' - 39m 49s by TheTerrificTracy
'Any% No Abilities' - 54m 02s by TheTerrificTracy
Kirby's Adventure (3D Classics version) 58m 58s by Demolition14 58m 58s by Demolition14 - - - -
Kirby's Pinball Land 5m 45s by LudwigVonKoopa - - - - -
Kirby's Dream Course 'Normal Courses - RTA' - 33m 20s by r0bd0g 'Normal + Extra - RTA' - 1h 13m 30s by 10ooki 'Normal Courses - Gold Medals' - 34m 15s by r0bd0g 'Extra Courses - RTA' - 36m 42s by 10ooki - -
Kirby's Avalanche 'Hardest' - 7m 59s by SurriSama - 'Normal' - 8m 39s by SurriSama - - -
Kirby's Dream Land 2 37m 44s by Rioyner 50m 40s by pletty 'Best Ending' - 42m 54s by pletty - - -
Kirby's Block Ball 40m 55s by LudwigVonKoopa - 'Best Ending' - 58m 13s by LudwigVonKoopa - - -
Kirby Super Star 33m 57s by Yotta 1h 09m 56s by Yotta - - - -
Kirby's Star Stacker 'Normal' - 2m 07s by swordsmankirby
'Hard' - 10m 18s by Rallis
'Very Hard' - 18m 12s by Rallis
'Super Hard' - 25m 52s by Rallis
'Insane' - 3h 23m 35s by crazeyawesome
'All Round Clear' - 4h 17m 35s by crazeyawesome - - - -
Kirby's Dream Land 3 59m 01s by DarkRiolu27 1h 31m 03s by DarkRiolu27 'Best Ending (97%) - No 2P' - 1h 19m 16s by DarkRiolu27
'Best Ending (97%) - 2P - 1:16:56 by DarkRiolu27
- - -
Kirby's Super Star Stacker 'Story Mode Amateur' - 5m 33s by Shiro785
'Story Mode Professional' - 6m 00s by Shiro785
'Story Mode Amateur' - 7m 07s by Shiro785
'Story Mode Professional' - 10m 01s by Shiro785
'Normal' - 3m 14s by swordsmankirby
'Hard' - 14m 24s by crazeyawesome
'Very Hard' - 38m 06s by crazeyawesome
'Insane' - 1h 11m 35s by crazeyawesome
'All Rounds Clear' - 2h 13m 26s by crazeyawesome
- - -
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards 58m 33s by Curtissimo 1h 07m 38s by swordsmankirby - - - -
Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 14m 31s by swordsmankirby 1h 38m 03s by swordsmankirby 'All Levels' - 40m 24s by swordsmankirby - - -
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land 37m 38s by Wakaza 41m 44s by Wakaza '200%' - 1h 25m 28s by Wakaza 'Meta Knightmare' - 29m 06s by Scrub_Busta
'MK 100%' - 32m 55s by SumoChess
'Boss Endurance' - 3m 31s by MKCocoon 'No Copy Abilities' - 50m 26s by Mr_Shasta
Kirby Air Ride 'Air Ride 100 Checkboxes' - 45m 41s 930ms by perry1853108
'Top Ride 100 Checkboxes' - 22m 41s by shirokirby
'City Trial 100 Checkboxes' - 49m 41s by Bluekandy
'City Trial 100%' - 2h 38m 18s by Bluekandy
'Top Ride 100%' - 59m 43s by Bluekandy
'All Modes 100%' - 5h 20m 23s by BlueKandy
'Air Ride All Tracks' - 19m 03s by 1davidj
'Top Ride All Tracks' - 4m 21s by perry1853108
'Air Ride All Rides All Tracks' - 6h 35m 01s 780ms by Luka
'Triathlon' - 23m 51s by Bluekandy
- - 'All Tracks No Duplicate Rides' - 18m 45s 740ms (IGT) by 1davidj
'5 Hot Dogs%' - 1m 12s 470ms (IGT) by Pearstrike
'Max Stats (Slow Tempo)' - 5m 40s 750ms by drcGamesALot
'Max Stats (Normal Tempo)' - 6m 49s 450ms by drcGamesALot
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror 27m 37s by swordsmankirby 1h 08m 26s by swordsmankirby - - 'Boss Endurance' - 5m 10s by Makura_kirby -
Kirby: Canvas Curse 51m 00s (IGT) by Wakaza 5h 26m 47s (IGT) by Wakaza - - - -
Kirby: Squeak Squad 38m 54s by Wakaza 57m 30s by Wakaza - - - -
Kirby Super Star Ultra 'Beat RotK' - 51m 32s by takka 2h 03m 20s by Kinnin11 'Gourmet Race' - 1m 26s 470ms (IGT) by Nattooooo 'Meta Knightmare Ultra' - 23m 56s 010ms (IGT) by Kinnin11 'The Arena' - 4m 47s 570ms (IGT) by takka
'The True Arena' - 2m 56s 270ms (IGT) by moto
Kirby's Epic Yarn '2P' - 1h 30m 46s by Paperario
'1P' - 1:31:37 by inari80000
'NG+' - 1:20:57 by FunkyBilliards
5h 36m 09s by Paperario 'All Levels' - 2h22m35s by RubberDuckyAssassin
'All Treasures' - 2h 52m 22s by swordsmankirby
- - -
Kirby Mass Attack 3h 29m 05s by Wakaza 5h 47m 04s by Wakaza - - 'Survival Rush' - 17m 42s by NerdyBoutKirby
'Brawlball (Full Game)' - 8m 39s by Wakaza
'Brawlball (Boss Rush)' - 5m 08s by NerdyBoutKirby
Kirby's Return to Dream Land 'Main Mode' - 1h 36m 14s by shirokirby 'Main Mode' - 2h 36m 32s by shirokirby
'Kirby Master' - 5:42:20 by shirokirby
- 'Any%' - 1h 47m 36s by Demolition14
'100%' - 2h 44m 50s by shirokirby
'Arena - Solo' - 4m 59s 250ms (IGT) by LouisWu
'Arena - Co-op' - 5m 02s 680ms by LouisWu
'True Arena - Solo' - 6m 46s 250ms by LouisWu
'True Arena - Co-op' - 6m 46s 480ms by LouisWu
Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition New Challenge Stages 'any%' - 16m 30s by shirokirby 'All Challenges' - 21m 11s by shirokirby
'All Challenges - King Trophy' - 24m 37s by shirokirby
'Classic Titles' - 5h 38m 29s by Mileve - - -
Kirby: Triple Deluxe 1h 54m 29s by shirokirby 6h 34m 42s by shirokirby 'All Sunstones' - 2h 49m 52s by shirokirby 'Dededetour!' - 50m 40s 790ms (IGT) by shirokirby 'Arena' - 4m 52s 840ms (IGT) by Kahuhichirahu
'True Arena' - 6m 18s 320ms (IGT) by HSkirby28
Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe 'Normal Ending' - 6m 48s by swordsmankirby 'All Platinum Trophies' - 18m 41s by shirokirby - - - -
Kirby Fighters Deluxe 'All Abilities - Easy' - 1h 10m 15s by Clomy17
'All Abilities - Normal' - 1h 20m 26s by Clomy17
'All Abilites - Hard' - 1:38:13 by Clomy17
'All Abilites - Very Hard' - 1:47:52 by Clomy17
- - - - -
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 'No Level Skips' - 1h 39m 20s by swordsmankirby
51m 37s by * * *
'All Treasures' - 2h 09m 06s by swordsmankirby - - -
Kirby: Planet Robobot 1h 38m 52s by dk3 6h 11m 32s by Demolition14 'All Code Cubes' - 2h 31m 33s by dk3 'Meta Knightmare Returns' - 44m 30s 120ms (IGT) by Theguesst 'Arena' - 7m 34s 600ms (IGT) by dk3
'True Arena' - 11m 05s 020ms (IGT) by dk3
Kirby's Blowout Blast 22m 59s by shirokirby 'All Platinum Trophies' - 1h 02m 52s by Nakira_Nruff - - - -
Kirby Battle Royale 2h 14m 57s by sokuno 12h 17m 34s by sokuno - - - -
Kirby Star Allies '4.0.0' - 1h 21m 31s by sokuno
'Heroes in Another Dimension - Any Rank' - 27:39 by sokuno
'Heroes in Another Dimension - S-Perfect Rank' - 43:43 by Demolition14
4h 01m 28s by Demolition14 '100%' - 4h 01m 28s by Demolition14
'Crown%' - 5:57:36 by Craftygamers411
'Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! - 19m 28s 210ms by Demolition14 (using The Three Mage-Sisters) The Ultimate Choice - 'Soul Melter (Secret) - Solo' - 6m 19s 670ms by Cone
'Soul Melter (Secret) - Co-op' - 5m 22s 520ms by dk3, A box., Samidare, and のぞりゅー
'Soul Melter (Extra) - Solo' - 7m 43s 650ms by Cone
'Soul Melter (Extra) - Co-op' - 7m 46s 400ms by Apepeppe and Mariolupo
All Big Pieces and Switches - 2h 32m 42s by yanapppppu
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn 'No Level Skips' - 1h 32m 42s (Real time) by yutadon 'Any%' - 27m 40s by yutadon - - 'All Teasures' - 2h 40m 45s (Real time) by yutadon
Super Kirby Clash 1h 26m 26s (Real time) by sokuno - - - - -

Kirby's Dream Land[edit]

This is the most speedran game in the series, according to speedrun.com. Reasons for that may include its short length, and the fact that it is the oldest game in the series (thereby the one with the longest exposure time). Two major categories exist here; one for Normal Mode, and one for the Extra Game. More minor categories exist such as using the Configuration Menu, or trying to collect every item, but these are not as popular.

While there are no real glitches utilized in this run, top players are able to eat the Superspicy Curry in Castle Lololo and get to Lololo & Lalala's room quickly enough to defeat them with it. Another trick to save time involves the short prelude areas in Mt. Dedede. Instead of collecting the Kirby image to remove the Gordo from the door to the boss, Kirby could instead get hit by the Gordo, and use the post-hit invincibility to enter the door. For reasons of efficiency, this trick is only used in the Bubbly Clouds prelude. For one last trick, Kirby can hit King Dedede twice after a Super Dedede Jump if Kirby is willing to get hit to reach the other Recoil Star.

Kirby's Adventure[edit]

There are many different categories to run for this title, but the most popular by far is the Any% no major glitches category. The main reason for this is that the major glitch run causes the game to be completed in less than a minute, and is very tricky to perform. The 3D Classics version of the game is tracked separately from other versions.

In the most popular category, the Tornado ability is favored for most areas of the game, for its speed and its ability to quickly defeat Bosses and Mid-Bosses. In some areas, wall clipping is utilized to slip by certain tunnels. While not a glitch, it is also common during fights with Mid-Bosses to have Kirby drop his ability just as the mid-boss in question makes a Recoil Star appear, then swallow them both to get an extra powerful Star Bullet that can dispatch much more quickly.

Kirby's Pinball Land[edit]

Due to the game's simplicity, there is only one category which just involves beating all three levels the first time around, then defeating King Dedede.

To attain speed, the main aim is, instead of going for points, to reach the top area in each level as quickly as possible, then defeating the bosses.

Kirby's Dream Course[edit]

There are many different categories to run in this game, but the most commonly run is the Normal Courses RTA. This involves completing all the standard courses in sequence from start to finish.

To save time, speedrunners will deliberately avoid getting holes in one, to avoid the fanfare. Runners will also save and quit to the menu whenever a course is completed to avoid additional fanfare.

Kirby's Avalanche[edit]

This game is not run much, with the only category listed being any% Hardest.

Timing begins when the difficulty is selected, and ends when the last opponent is defeated. The current world record speedrun for Kirby's Avalanche (according to speedrun.com) is 8 minutes and 19 seconds by user pogyo (6m14s in game time).

Kirby's Dream Land 2[edit]

There are three main categories run for this title; any%, Best Ending, and 100%. In any%, the Rainbow Drops are not required, and it ends on the last hit of Dedede. In Best Ending, the Rainbow Drops are collected, and it ends on the last hit of Dark Matter's second phase. In 100%, the file needs to be 100%, and the time ends when the 'The End' screen is shown.

In terms of strategy, the Burning ability and Coo are often utilized to gain the maximum speed. Some pit-stops will need to be made if the runner is aiming for the Rainbow Drops in order to go get them. Playing the 100% category also requires all the Bonus Chances to be performed, which can be done more quickly after the boss fight if the runner returns to the level hub just after dealing the last hit to the boss, rather than jumping on the Warp Star. During the last fight with Dedede, it is imperative to defeat him when he's standing as close to the center as possible, otherwise he will have to stagger over there before collapsing, potentially wasting a great deal of time (though this isn't necessary in any%, as time is called when Dedede is defeated).

Kirby's Block Ball[edit]

There are two categories for this title, one for any% and another for Best Ending. Any% involves getting to the end of the 10th stage, and Best Ending involves getting through the hidden 11th stage, then viewing the credits.

Kirby Super Star[edit]

Two major categories are run for this title, the any% and 100% categories. Any% involves getting through all necessary games to reach the end of Milky Way Wishes and defeat Marx. 100% involves completing every game with every objective met (such as collecting all the treasures in The Great Cave Offensive), then completing The Arena. There is a major glitch that allows Kirby to skip directly to the battle with Marx from areas like The Great Cave Offensive, but that skip is not allowed for these categories.

For most cases, the Jet ability is preferred for these runs, due to its speed and potential damage output against Bosses and Mid-Bosses. Wall clipping is used here and there to get through some rooms faster. The Jet ability can also be used to skip certain encounters if Kirby flies over the top of the screen. Intentional life-loss may also be incurred to 'death warp' back to certain areas.

Kirby's Star Stacker[edit]

There are categories for each round individually (from Normal to Insane), and there is a separate category for clearing every round in sequence. Strategy for this game entails little more than clearing the rounds as quickly as possible.

Kirby's Dream Land 3[edit]

Three categories exist for this title; any%, Best Ending, and 100%. Any% just requires a run through the game without regard to the Heart Stars, and beats King Dedede at the end of Iceberg. Best Ending involves collecting all the Heart Stars, and beating Zero. 100% involves doing the Best Ending, then clearing MG-5, Jumping and Boss Butch.

For most areas of the run, Coo is preferred, due to his supreme speed in the air. The Coo-Clean combo is also favored for Boss fights, due to its damage output. There are no real glitches utilized during the runs, but some unintended strategies will get used here and there.

Kirby's Super Star Stacker[edit]

There are four major categories, two devoted to the Story Mode, and two devoted to the standard rounds. The story mode involves 7 (or 8) opponents fought in sequence, and are themselves divided into amateur and professional categories. The standard rounds functions more like the original Star Stacker, and can be run either in separate difficulties, or all in sequence.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards[edit]

There are two main categories for this title; any% (which finishes the game with Miracle Matter and the False Ending) and 100% (which collects all of the Crystal Shards and beats ). Unlike most other Kirby titles, the 100% category is the more commonly run of the two.

Right off the bat, one of the quickest ways for Kirby to move is by utilizing the singular Burning ability, then cancelling and spitting out an Air Pellet to avoid losing altitude before the next burn. Whenever Kirby has to land, a Slide can be immediately performed to save momentum. In certain areas, a trick is utilized to allow Kirby to fly higher than he otherwise could. If he gets hit while in mid-flight, his flight stamina resets. Headbutts are also used here and there to negate certain enemies or projectiles. In the 100% category, it will sometimes be necessary to briefly jump back to previous levels in order to get the Copy Abilities needed to get the shards in a level ahead in a speedy fashion. The Curling Stone is also a good way to move through the courses quickly.

There are a few more minor tricks which are utilized in these runs, but interestingly enough, there are no glitches known that can up the speed.

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble[edit]

There are three categories for this title; any%, All Levels and 100%. Any% Just gets to the end and defeats Dedede, using skips where it can be done. All Levels plays every level in the game, and 100% clears every level in both difficulty settings and collects 32 red stars and the one blue star in each mode.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

Many categories exist for this title, but the most popularly run by far is any%. This simply involves Kirby getting through the levels and defeating Nightmare.

As all the major exploits present in Adventure were fixed, there are no real exploits used in the run. In addition, due to the generally different pace of the game and re-balancing of the abilities, several abilities are used throughout the run rather than only a few dominating the scene. When it comes to Boss and Mid-Boss fights, however, Ball is the most frequently used due to its potential damage output.

Kirby Air Ride[edit]

Being a racing game, this title is ripe for speedrunning. There are many categories, covering one or more of the different game modes, but the most popularly ran is the 'Air Ride All Tracks' mode, which requires the runner to complete every track in Air Ride once. The tracks can be played in any order, and are played in Time Attack.

When it comes to racing the courses, most runners opt to use the Wheelie Scooter, due to its great acceleration and turning, and its uncanny ability to speed up while Quick Spinning into a wall (although the Rocket Star is generally preferred for Magma Flows). When the goal is to fill the Checklist, naturally the aim will be to fill as many boxes in as few sessions as possible. Unlike in standard racing, however, City Trial is heavily randomized, making getting a world record in any category to do with it a matter of good luck as well as speed.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

There are two major categories for this title; any% (defeat Dark Mind as quickly as possible) and 100% (explore every room, press every Big Switch, beat every Goal Game and open every Treasure Chest, then beat Dark Mind).

To gain maximum speed, the Wheel ability is utilized in most areas. Boss fights tend to use different abilities, however, and most of these, when used correctly, can defeat a boss within seconds. Against Dark Mind in particular, a nifty strategy involves bringing in a secondary ability, then shedding it as an Ability Star, swallow it along with the Master ability, then spit at Dark Mind with the right timing to defeat his first forms in one shot.

Kirby: Canvas Curse[edit]

There are two main categories listed for this title, but the only one with runs in it on speedrun.com is the any& category (which aims to play through the stages and beat Drawcia Soul at the end as quickly as possible).

Kirby: Squeak Squad[edit]

There are two major categories for this title; any% (defeat Dark Nebula as quickly as possible) and 100% (Collect all 120 Treasure Chests, then beat Dark Nebula).

While Squeak Squad looks very similar to its two main series predecessors, it does have a few key differences in how Kirby moves, and the Copy Abilities were rebalanced again. Sliding for instance, is much faster, and useful for covering ground when no quicker ability is equipped. Being able to store abilities in the Copy Palette also allows the runner to quickly and efficiently change Kirby's ability as needed, without any real back-tracking. The Wheel ability is still heavily favored, especially due to its ability to send Kirby even higher after a jump.

Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

This is the first entry in the series to have sub-games and modes more popularly ran than the main game itself. The most popular category to run is Meta Knightmare Ultra, with Gourmet Race and The True Arena following from there. There are a number of main game categories though, with 100% being the most commonly ran of these.

Meta Knightmare Ultra[edit]

This run involves clearing Meta Knightmare Ultra as quickly as possible, and uses the in-game timer. As this mode was made to be speedrun, it is no wonder so many runners play it. Among Meta Knight's tricks include the ability to temporarily increase his speed by consuming energy. He can also use Mach Tornado to quickly deal with certain Boss encounters if a lot of energy is saved up. As this run uses in-game time, there are also plenty of opportunities to take breaks during the run, and save time using the Mach Tornado (which stops the clock briefly when it is used).

Gourmet Race[edit]

This mode is also timed using the in-game timer, which is calculated from the sum of each stage. How much food collected is irrelevant to this category. The short nature of this mode makes it very optimized and painful to execute, so perfect movement and high concentration is needed in order to get a fast time in this category.

The True Arena[edit]

This category is also timed using the in-game timer. Naturally, due to its high damage output, the Hammer ability is favored for this mode. A good amount of luck is needed to get the best time in this mode, as Boss attack and movement patterns are somewhat randomized.

100% Category[edit]

This category beats every mode (unlocking Secret Stages in Dyna Blade, collecting all the Treasures in The Great Cave Offensive, and obtaining every Copy Essence Deluxe in Milky Way Wishes), then finishes off by clearing The True Arena. Unlike the above categories, real time is used.

Just like in the original Super Star, the Jet ability is preferred for most instances where Kirby has to travel, and is also useful against the bosses.

Kirby's Epic Yarn[edit]

There are a number of different categories for this title, but the most commonly run by far is any% (which beats Yin-Yarn as quickly as possible).

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

This title is not run very much, due in large part to its length (with even the quickest any% run taking over 4 hours to complete). The Survival Rush is run slightly more, however, and uses the in-game time.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

The most commonly ran category for this title is any% (which plays the normal game and beats Magolor at the end). Other categories include 100%, Extra Mode, and The Arena & The True Arena.

When it comes to the main game, no ability beats Wing in terms of speed. Any% runs concern themselves only with flying through the stages as quickly as possible, without regard to the Energy Spheres or the Super Abilities whenever it can be gotten away with. Condor Bomb is the name of the game whenever a boss needs to be fought.

Kirby's Dream Collection[edit]

Aside from the games featured in this collection, the main thing to run in this title is the New Challenge Stages mode. Categories include 'All Challenges' (which completes every challenge in the game as quickly as possible, regardless of score), and 'All Challenges - King Trophy' (which completes every challenge with a Platinum rank). Outside of these challenges, there is a category for 'Classic Titles', which is an any% run through all six games in any order.

The name of the game when it comes to clearing the challenges with Platinum is deft movement and consistency. An expert runner should never have to retry a stage even once. This can get difficult to achieve, particularly near the end in chambers like the Smash Combat Chamber EX.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Many categories exist for this title. When it comes to the Story Mode, there is 'any%' (which beats Queen Sectonia as quickly as possible), 'All Sunstones' (which collects every Sun Stone in the game, then beats Queen Sectonia), and 100% (which completely clears Story Mode, Dededetour!, Kirby Fighters, Dedede's Drum Dash, The Arena and The True Arena, and also collects every Keychain). The other game modes have their own categories, with Dededetour! and the arenas being the most commonly ran.

Story Mode any% & All Sunstones[edit]

Due to this title being largely similar to Return to Dream Land, many of the same strategies are utilized. The Wing ability is not as often used, however, due to general rarity, and the fact that at least some Sun Stones need to be collected, even in any%. For Bosses, Fire and Hammer are generally preferred, due to high damage output.


Much like Meta Knightmare Ultra before it, this mode is specifically made to be a time attack, and the category uses in-game time. When traveling through the stages, there are many warp shortcuts that runners need to be mindful of. An optimal route is necessary, as some warps will take Dedede further than others.

The Arena & The True Arena[edit]

These two categories also use in-game time. Like with the other Arena playthroughs, the Hammer ability is preferred.

Kirby Fighters Deluxe[edit]

There are two main categories, with 4 sub-categories in each. The two main categories are 'All Abilities' and '10 Abilities', with the only difference being whether or not the last two abilities (Bell and Beetle) are available to the runner. In each of these, the categories split into 'Easy', 'Normal', 'Hard' and 'Very Hard'. The goal is to clear all the rounds with all the abilities specified by the category on the specified difficulty as quickly as possible.

Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe[edit]

There are three categories for this title; 'any%' (clear the standard six rounds as quickly as possible), 'Secret Ending' (clear the standard six levels with at least gold medals, then clear the secret level) and 'All Platinum Medals' (clear all seven stages with Platinum, then clear all 7 EX versions with Platinum).

One important thing to note, particularly for the Platinum ranks, is that not all the bonuses are needed. For example, as long as King Dedede remains back-beat perfect, and does not get hit, he can clear the stage without grabbing every coin and still get a platinum score. Getting all the golden coins and sequence coins is still necessary, however.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

There are three major categories for this title; 'any%' (defeat Dark Crafter from a new save as quickly as possible), 'any%, No Level Skips' (same as any%, but without using intentional life loss to skip levels) and 'All Treasures' (collect every Treasure, then beat Dark Crafter).

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

This title is split into several different categories, in a manner much the same as Triple Deluxe. The most popular category by far is Meta Knightmare Returns, with the arenas following that, and the any% category following those. Use of amiibo is generally discouraged in these runs.

Meta Knightmare Returns[edit]

This category uses the in-game timer, and plays very similarly to Meta Knightmare Ultra. Much like that mode, using the special attacks temporarily freezes the timer. A few key differences include MK's new arsenal of standard attacks, which includes the Shuttle Loop - one of the most important skills for the run.

The Arena & The True Arena[edit]

These two categories also use in-game time. Like with the other Arena playthroughs, the Hammer ability is preferred.

any% and All Code Cubes[edit]

These modes play through the Story Mode as Kirby, and complete it as quickly as possible (and collects every Code Cube along the way in the latter category). Unlike the previous categories mentioned, these runs use real time.

Like with Triple Deluxe, the Fire ability is preferred for its damage output and fireball speed, but Jet is also a favored ability for its dashes. As most Robobot Armor modes have the same speed where a choice is even available, Spark Mode is preferred due to its huge damage output.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe[edit]

This game is the only significant one in the Kirby series which does not have any records on Speedrun.com. This could be seen at first as being due to the free-to-start nature of the game, though its successor Super Kirby Clash has records, so it may ultimately be due to general lack of interest in running the game.

Kirby's Blowout Blast[edit]

There are two established categories for this title - any% and 'all platinum trophies'. Any% involves completing the five main levels as quickly as possible, regardless of score. 'All platinum trophies' is the 100% category, involving getting platinum rank on every stage, EX stage, and the Secret Path.

Kirby Battle Royale[edit]

There are two established categories. The first is any%, which entails completing Dedede's Cake Royale as quickly as possible from a new save file. Timing begins when the game is started, and ends on the final hit of Dededestroyer Z. The second is 100%, which entails obtaining all Medals from a new save file. Online functionality is banned for both categories.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

This game has seen many category changes over the years, particularly as the game itself updated several times to include more content. The current categories are as follows:

  • any%: Complete the Story Mode from a new save file as quickly as possible without using amiibo or multiplayer.
  • Crown%: Obtain 100% Completion, complete Heroes in Another Dimension with a perfect rank, and complete Soul Melter EX in The Ultimate Choice.
  • 100%: Obtain 100% Completion from a new save file without amiibo or multiplayer.
  • Heroes in Another Dimension: Two sub-categories currently exist for this mode: any rank and perfect rank (all 120 Friend Hearts). In both, use of amiibo and multiplayer is disallowed.
  • Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!: Complete this game-mode from a new file with any character. Use of amiibo and multiplayer is disallowed.
  • The Ultimate Choice: Two sub-categories currently exist for this run. Runners can play on either 'Soul Melter (Secret)', or 'Soul Melter (Extra)'. The categories are further split into 'Solo' and 'Co-op'. amiibo are not allowed in this category.
  • All Big Pieces and Switches: From a new save file, collect every unique Picture Piece and hit every Big Switch in Story Mode. Use of multiplayer or amiibo is disallowed.

For every category, use of versions prior to the latest release (4.0.0) are not allowed.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

Four categories exist for this title, as follows:

  • Any%: Complete the game without any restrictions.
  • Any% No Level Skips: Complete the game without skipping any levels.
  • All Treasures: Complete the game after collecting every treasure in each level.
  • 100%: Complete the game after collecting all treasures, Furniture, Fabric, and completed Fuse Bead Mats, and completing all mini-games, including the neighbors' games, Slash & Bead, and Dedede Gogogo.

Super Kirby Clash[edit]

Despite similar issues to Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, a speedrunning category does exist for Super Kirby Clash. As of now, the categories are 'any%' (reach the first credits sequence from a new save file) and 'All Quests' (defeat Aeon Hero (Dark)). These two categories specifically ban the use of any online features or amiibo, including buying Gem Apples, using passwords, or playing Party Quests online. Use of local multiplayer is also banned in these categories.

Given how long it would take to accrue the power necessary to defeat Aeon Hero (Dark) without any Gem Apple purchases or online Party Quest boosting, it may be a while before any record is set in the latter category.

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