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Rainbow Drop

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Rainbow Drop
KDL2 Rainbow Drop sprite.png
In-game sprite of a Rainbow Drop from Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Use Forging the Rainbow Sword
Obtained Secret locations in each level.
Game(s) Kirby's Dream Land 2
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (as a Keychain)
Comparable to Heart Star, Crystal Shard, Energy Sphere, Sun Stone, Code Cube
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Rainbow Drops are key items in Kirby's Dream Land 2. A total of seven Rainbow Drops exist in the game, one being hidden on each of the Rainbow Islands. Once Kirby succeeds in acquiring all of the drops and defeating King Dedede, they combine into the Rainbow Sword, enabling him to fight Dark Matter and get the good ending.

In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, a Rare Keychain of a Rainbow Drop can be collected. It is found in Old Odyssey - Stage 4.


All of the Rainbow Drops in the game are located in secluded rooms, which are found in a certain stage of every level and usually hidden. Most of these rooms contain two or more special blocks, which initially keep Kirby from obtaining the drop. In order to get rid of them, a particular Copy Ability, or a particular combination of an Animal Friend and an ability, must be used.

Stage Location
KDL2 Rainbow Drop location 1.png
Grass Land
This stage's Rainbow Drop room acts as the third section of the level's third stage. Unlike most of the other chambers, it is not hidden, but simply accessed as part of the regular path Kirby must take through the stage.

To break the blocks in the room, the Parasol ability is required.

KDL2 Rainbow Drop location 2.png
Big Forest
This Rainbow Drop room can be accessed through a door in the second stage. To find it, Kirby has to drop down to the left at the beginning of the stage.

To destroy the blocks in the room, the Needle ability is needed.

KDL2 Rainbow Drop location 3.png
Ripple Field
The Rainbow Drop room is found in the third stage. Kirby must dive in the second section and enter a door that can only be reached by using Kine, which takes him to a small, dark chamber. Inside, another door is located, which leads to the Rainbow Drop room. It is hidden, but can be made visible with Kine and the Spark ability.

To shatter the blocks in the room, the Stone ability has to be used.

KDL2 Rainbow Drop location 4.png
The Rainbow Drop room entrance is found in the third section of the fourth stage. Kirby needs Kine and the Burning ability in order to reach it. The door is located in the approximate middle of the area, below a number of Star Blocks, which cannot be destroyed by Kine's Burning ability; to remove them, the ability has to be temporarily dropped, allowing Kirby to inhale the blocks.

To break the blocks keeping Kirby from reaching the Rainbow Drop, the Burning ability is necessary.

KDL2 Rainbow Drop location 5.png
Red Canyon
Its Rainbow Drop room can be accessed from the second, auto-scrolling section of stage 5. When Kirby reaches the door to the third section, he must continue to go upwards in order to locate the entrance to the room, which is guarded by three Spikeys on tiny platforms.

To destroy the blocks in the room, Kirby requires the help of Rick and the Spark ability.

KDL2 Rainbow Drop location 6.png
Cloudy Park
The Rainbow Drop room is found in the final section of the second stage. Its entrance is not hidden, but rather located in plain sight near the goal door.

To obliterate the blocks, the Cutter ability is needed. The ability can be obtained from Waiu in a room that can only be accessed with Coo, who can be freed from a bag in the previous area. To free Coo, Kirby must force two Shotzos out of play by breaking the platforms they are on - Rick and the Spark ability are required to do this; obtaining the Spark ability in this stage requires Kine to be brought in from another stage to swim against a current and enter a room to battle Master Green, who gives the ability. Blocky must then be defeated in another room to free Rick.

KDL2 Rainbow Drop location 7.png
Dark Castle
Its Rainbow Drop room is found in the seventh stage. In the second section, icons of Copy Abilities are hidden behind blocks, which can only be seen if Kirby illuminates the room using Kine and the Spark ability. The following five areas all require Kirby to choose one of two Copy Abilities to advance. Kirby has to pick and use the abilities in the order provided by the icons in the second section in order to reach the Rainbow Drop.

There are no breakable blocks in the Rainbow Drop room, but Kirby can only acquire the drop if he used his abilities in the right order in the previous sections. The order is as follows: Burn, Stone, Needle, Ice, Cutter.


  • Translations of the word "Rainbow Drop" in other languages tend to interpret "drop" as "teardrop", suggesting that they are the fallen tears of rainbows. However, the Japanese term uses the word for "water droplet" (しずく shizuku) rather than "tear" (涙 namida). The low detail of the original sprite makes it unclear which one it is supposed to be.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 虹のしずく
Niji no Shizuku
Rainbow Drop
French Larmes d'arc-en-ciel Rainbow tears
German Regenbogentropfen (Kirby's Dream Land 2)
Regenbogentränen (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
Rainbow Drop
Rainbow Tears
Italian Lacrime di arcobaleno Rainbow tears
Korean 무지개 방울
Mujigae Bang'ul
Rainbow Drop
Spanish Gota de arcoíris Rainbow drop