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Wispy-Woods Land

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Wispy-Woods Land[sic][1] is the left-most of the three primary Pinball Lands playable in Kirby's Pinball Land; the other two being Kracko Land and Poppy Brothers' Land. As suggested by the name, this land features Whispy Woods as the boss, who must be defeated to clear this set of boards.


Wispy-Woods Land consists of three primary boards stacked on top of each-other, in addition to a mini-game board and a boss board accessible via Warp Stars. When first entering, Kirby first lands in the middle board. If he falls through the gutter of the lower-most board, he will need to use the Springboard to attempt to return to the field of play.

Like with other lands, each main section contains a pair of flippers with two sets of lanes and a gutter. Passing through an inlane will cause an Energy Drink to appear on the outlane on the other side, which can stop Kirby from slipping through that outlane a single time.

Lower board[edit]

The lower-most board of Wispy-Woods Land features Kaboo and Mummy Ball.

The lower-most board features a generally rounded shape with six Kaboos occupying the left and right upper corners, two Gordows which guard the Kaboos, a central Kaboo (referred to as Big Kaboo in the manual) in the middle of the board, and a Mummy Ball hovering back and forth over the Big Kaboo. Additionally, the board features three Kirby sprites in the lower-middle area just above the flippers called the "Kirby Triplets".

The following actions can be performed on this board:

  • Hitting Mummy Ball eight times will defeat it and call a Warp Star in which will return Kirby to the warp room to access other Pinball Lands.
  • Passing over a Kirby Triplet will change its expression. If all three are made to wake up, a Maxim Tomato will appear in the gutter. If all three are made fully down, all drain stoppers are removed.
  • Hitting the six Kaboos on the periphery such that they all retract will cause the Big Kaboo to disappear, revealing a star-shaped launcher that can launch Kirby in five different directions. Launching upward will allow Kirby to access the next board up, though it is possible to bump into Mummy Ball on the way and get intercepted.


  • Big Kaboo - 480 points per hit
  • Gordow - 240 points per hit
  • Mummy Ball - 360 points per hit (+M when defeated)
  • Peripheral Kaboo - 240 points for first hit, 180 points for hits while retracted
  • Bumper - 50 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 10 points
  • Passing through outlane - 200 points
  • Energy Drink - 100 points

Middle board[edit]

The middle board of Wispy-Woods Land features a slot machine.

The middle board is dominated by a slot machine presided over by a large solid Kirby bumper (referred to as 'Dancing Kirby' in the manual). Alongside this set-up are two Gordows and a pair of holes in the upper corners which link to each-other. To cause the slot machine to roll, Kirby must pass up and around the top of Dancing Kirby. Hitting the bottom of Dancing Kirby will change one slot, selected by a moving arrow. The results for each slot roll are as follows:

  • Three different images - UFO appears and flies between the holes.
  • Three Maxim Tomato - UFO appears with a Maxim Tomato in tow. Touching the tomato causes it to appear in the gutter.
  • Three Warp Star - UFO appears with a Warp Star in tow. Touching the Warp Star takes Kirby to the mini-game board.
  • Three Kirby - Dancing Kirby raises his hands. When Kirby passes over the top, he gets eaten by Dancing Kirby and then spat out to the upper board. For a while after this result, the slot machine will not roll again.
  • Three Waddle Doo - If a Maxim Tomato is present in the gutter, it will be immediately removed. Energy Drinks are also removed.

While the slot machine is rolling, the Gordows briefly become intangible.


  • Gordow - 240 points per hit
  • UFO - 1000, 1500, or 2000 points
  • Bumper - 100 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 20 points
  • Passing through outlane - 400 points
  • Energy Drink - 200 points
  • Rolling three Kirbys on the slots - +B

Upper board[edit]

The upper-most board of Wispy-Woods Land features many enemies, including Slippy and Cappy.

The upper-most board features many different enemies which can be interacted with in different ways. Along the walls, there are two Bounders and two Twisters. The Bounders act as bumpers, while the Twisters act as gates. In the middle are three Cappies, which act as bumpers and must be hit twice to remove. Up at the top, guarded by a small wall is a Slippy and another item, which varies between an Apple, a Candy, a Maxim Tomato, and a Warp Star. Slippy and this item routinely trade places, and if Kirby approaches Slippy, he may either hold position or move out of the way. In order to make the Warp Star appear, the three Cappies need to be defeated. Hitting the Warp Star on this board will take Kirby up to the boss board against Whispy Woods.


  • Apple - 1600 points
  • Bounder - 480 points per hit
  • Candy - 3000 points
  • Cappy - 600 points for first hit, 1200 for second hit
  • Slippy - 3000 points per hit
  • Twister - 100 point per spin, spin increases with speed
  • Bumper - 150 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 40 points
  • Passing through outlane - 800 points
  • Energy Drink - 400 points

Mini-game board[edit]

The mini-game is a timed Breakout-style mode.

The mini-game board is accessed via the Warp Star on the middle board. In this game, the player is given two Kirby balls and 60 seconds to break through a line of blocks three rows deep, in a manner similar to Breakout. At the top, an enemy or item patrols the block formation, but will slowly fall if a gap of two blocks or wider is made. Once the enemy is dispatched a new one will appear in its place and the blocks will be reset. The order of appearance is as follows:

Unlike in other boards, if Kirby falls through the gutter, he will be spat back into the board after two seconds. Once the time limit is reached, the player will lose control of the flippers, and Kirby is taken to the uppermost board.


  • Broom Hatter - 10000 points
  • Waddle Dee - 5000 points
  • Blocks - runs on cycle with each subsequent block hit as follows, then repeats after the last one:
    • 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, +B, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, +M

Boss board[edit]

Kirby does battle with Whispy Woods.

The boss board has Whispy Woods situated in the center, with the flippers positioned close together at the bottom at the edge of long gentle slopes. Additionally, it is possible to slip from one side of the board to the other. Whispy attacks by dropping Apples and Gordows from his canopy, and firing Air Bullets down the gutter. The Gordows are aimed at the flippers, and will disable them temporarily if they hit, but can be deflected using Kirby. The Air Bullets will push Kirby down into the gutter if he is caught in them.

To defeat Whispy Woods, he must be hit eight times. Once defeated, he sheds a single tear and Kirby is free to collect the Star Rod piece and exit the course.



Kirby makes some Twisters sing the Drawing Song.
  • There is an Easter egg in the upper board of Wispy-Woods Land. If Kirby manages to make the Twisters spin long enough, the resulting sound effects complete the Drawing Song; this is also accompanied by Kirby's Mike shout at the very end. When re-playing the board after defeating King Dedede at least once, the Mike scream is accompanied by the appearance of Blade Knight, and the player is awarded with 77700 points when this happens. Blade Knight himself cannot be interacted with in any way.


  1. Name taken from Kirby's Pinball Land Instruction Booklet (American release), Page 9