Kirby's Pinball Land

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Kirby's Pinball Land
Box artwork
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Game Boy:
North America November 30, 1993
Japan November 27, 1993
Europe December 1, 1993
Australia 1993

Virtual Console (3DS):
North America July 12, 2012
Japan August 29, 2012
Europe July 26, 2012
Platform(s) Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)
Game Chronology
Kirby's Adventure Kirby's Dream Course
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Kirby's Pinball Land is a Pinball game released on the Game Boy in late 1993. It is the first Kirby spinoff title, and it substitutes Kirby for the pinball. Kirby's Pinball Land is the first installment that focuses on Kirby being in the shape of a ball.

The game consists of three pinball tables (titled Pinball Lands) that are themed around elements and environments from Kirby's Dream Land, each with three floors and a boss floor. Each table also has a minigame on the second floor. Apart from containing elements from its direct predecessor, Kirby's Dream Land, the game also recycles many of its graphics.


  • The first stage with Whispy Woods features a Breakout-style mini-game where enemies and items move along the top of a series of breakable blocks. This would appear to serve as a precursor to Kirby's Block Ball.
  • The second stage with Poppy Bros. Sr. features a game where Kirby has to punt himself into a goal on a soccer-themed course with a Squishy acting as the goalie.
  • The third stage with Kracko features a game where Kirby has to bounce food items up to a copy of himself on a cloud deck who will eat them for points.





Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィのピンボール
Kirby no Pinball

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